The mind-body connection: how you can improve your health

The mind-body connection: how you can improve your health
With your mind, you can influence the health of your body, both positively and negatively. “You probably know how a placebo drug works: someone feels better because they believe the drug helps. Emotions, thoughts, and beliefs can have the same effect,” says Eveline Bodenstaff. Discover in this article how closely your mind and body are connected!

The more you become aware of the interplay between body and mind, the more benefits you will experience for your health and well-being.

Healthy living and still getting sick

You probably know the following advice: exercise a lot, go out into nature often, avoid stress, watch your weight, drink enough water, and eat healthily. But why is it that people who do their utmost to be and remain healthy, such as top athletes, for example, still get sick?

The reverse also occurs: grandfather Peter who is 90 years old and who has been eating white sandwiches with jam three times a day all his life, has never been in hospital and can still stand upside down. What’s the secret? What makes a big difference to your health?

Everything is energy (so are you)

You may not realize it, but everything is energy. Everything is made up of vibrations. By everything, I really mean everything: who you are, your body, what you eat and drink, your thoughts, feelings and emotions, nature and animals, but also devices. Everything around you and in you is energy. In short: this energy makes you feel worse or better.

I myself have had various health problems, from chronic, unexplained to recurrent ailments. Regular medicine couldn’t help me, so I went to investigate. After various training courses, personal guidance and a lot of reading, my conclusion is: you (unconsciously) influence your health, both negatively and positively.

The mind-body connection: how you can improve your health

Working with your energy

I started working with my energy and started listening to my body. That made me feel better and more vital. The essence is: learn how to use your energy in a healthy way. How do you do that? The first step is realizing that you have a physical body and a mind. Your mind is how you view life: it is your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and emotions and your attitude. Body and mind have an interplay, which often takes place unconsciously. The more you become aware of this interaction, the more health and well-being benefits you will experience.

Your mind influences your body and vice versa

You can influence the health of your body with your mind. You probably know how a placebo drug works: someone feels better, even if there is no active ingredient in it, because he/she believes that the drug helps. The same positive (and negative) effect can have emotions, thoughts and beliefs. They can cause you to develop health problems or even get sick. And influence whether or not you recover. And whether you do that faster or slower than the statistics indicate.

It works the other way around: what you do with your body (think food, drink, sleep, exercise) influences your mind. If you have slept poorly for a number of nights, you feel tired, you are more irritated and you see situations less rosy than usual.

Questions for you

The mind-body connection: how you can improve your health

Become aware of your body and your mind. You do this by answering the following questions: what do I often feel in my body? What do I often think? What do I often do? Which emotions do I often feel and which situations precede them? Find out if you are aware of your beliefs. And are those beliefs about yourself or about someone else? Do you dare to name both the positive and the negative things about yourself? Do you dare to write them down? Taking notes helps you to become aware of it. And do you experience a lot of stress? What causes you stress and why?

Accept your beautiful and ugly sides

It is known that negativity and stress lead to or worsen health problems. But only focusing on the positive and ignoring or suppressing everything that is annoying or negative eventually also leads to (an aggravation of) complaints.

The only efficient solution is: to accept that you have both beautiful and ugly sides. It is important to accept all your emotions, as well as your physical and psychological health problems with the disadvantages but also the advantages. That also applies to your positive and negative thoughts, your light and dark sides… Everyone has good and less pleasant sides, even if you may get a different impression from the photos and stories on social media.

Stop fighting and relax

The mind-body connection: how you can improve your health

You notice the effect when you face all facets of yourself and you stop fighting. Most experience relaxation and a lot of fatigue is released. Ignoring parts of yourself costs a lot of energy.
If you actually take steps, you notice more and more changes. It’s amazing what effects energy has on your sense of well-being and health. Keep in mind that after years of stress suppression, you naturally need recovery time. Give yourself this! And be surprised by what this fascinating journey will bring you. You get to know yourself better because you become more aware of yourself and embrace your total reality.


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