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The Need for Love of Indigos and Crystal Children

Indigos and Crystals, while they can express their energy in very different forms, share a common need, the need for love. Whether they are the adults who first introduced the Indigo and Crystal energy or the current generation, they have a need for love that drives everything they do.

This is why they seek confirmation and acceptance from the world, and they will do anything to make sure they get it. If they don’t get that, they can respond by withdrawing from their energy, from themselves and from their love.

They try to get this love in one of two ways, or they choose to “turn the other cheek” for a lifetime and are kind, considerate; thereby absorbing the energy of others and acting as the healers of the world.

Or they become the mirror for other people’s unloving thoughts and behavior, indulge in the same behavior and sometimes even become physically ill and form disorders in a cry for compassion. The most extreme form of this mirroring occurs when Indigo commit suicide or when crystals completely withdraw into their own world.

Indigos and Crystals can experience deep sadness that arises when they feel in others that they are disconnected from themselves and others and take this energy as their own. They get frustrated with people who can’t see what they’re missing in life by not connecting with love and how the concept of love could serve.

Indigos react with anger and depression, crystals react by withdrawing into their own center of love. And both turn off the flow of love for others and sometimes for themselves. This lack of self-love leads to the despair that makes Indigo consider suicide an option.

Each new generation will refine the way they wake up the world to fulfill their mission to bring love into the world. They will learn how not to take in the energies of others and just continue expanding the energies created by the generations that preceded them.

Each generation creates energetic opening, which can be further developed by those who follow. As mature Indigos and Crystals, your awareness of your need for love can help you manage your energy and find new ways to express them that are not so difficult or challenging for you.

Above all, remember that your mission is simple, to lay the gift of love at the feet of the world and wait for it to be recognized and accepted, as you receive the comfort, support and validation you need from the source of love. you get .


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