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The New Age Child Lecture

We have been hearing about the phenomenon of “the new age child” for several years now. This concerns both children and adults, but the latter group was not yet known about this phenomenon.

From the eighties of the last century it began to be noticed that other children were born – children with different characteristics, a different behavior and a different attitude to life. It became clear that these were children with a new human consciousness.

The older generation has the number 9. The children who are now born the number 1.

9 is the last of a series. This series now ends and a new series has begun.

Its deeper meaning is that the “numbers 9” are to let go of the old. The old is dying, allowing the new to be born. The “numbers 1” have new images, new thoughts and new insights. The “numbers 9” have the task of fulfilling a bridging function. They will let go of the old images in order to allow in the new images. This transition time has begun. It takes place step by step. It will be realized in us.

New age children need a lot of help from their grandfathers and grandmothers. They are able to look at the children more from a distance, because they have already let go of their egos more and more.

A 25-year-old woman says the following:

“I felt like an outsider because I was different. At school I was considered strange. I didn’t get it. My parents didn’t realize it, so I started to feel more and more lonely. I resisted what I had to learn in school because it had nothing to do with real life. I was always bullied, which caused my self-confidence to drop to zero. I felt that I was one step ahead of humanity. I was taken for a fool. I have constantly tried to adapt. That led to me losing myself. I found comfort in nature, because there I could experience my inner sense of the great reality.

When I first heard of New Age Children, I immediately recognized myself in it. Through my therapist, I have slowly come to understand that I came to earth to fulfill a mission.”

star child light content

How did it start?

From the 1980s, it began to be noticed that more and more children were born with a different behavior and a different attitude to life. These children were not sensitive to punishment and guilt. They sought it more in respect and equality. This led to all sorts of problems. These problems were combated with medication, among other things.

The question is whether our society should adapt to these children. Yes, because society needs to work on itself.

The problems of these new age children

Many of them suffer from ADHD or ADD or PDD-NOS or some other designation. They have attention problems and are often hyperactive.

How come they have such a lack of concentration? Because they are such hypersensitive kids. They sense everything, like the headaches of others, thoughts that people have. So they are bombarded with information. That drives them crazy. They also have a strong ability to sense things from others.

For example, they feel that the master is sad. When the master says, “I am not sad,” it leads these children astray. They feel it, but the other denies it. This is where the great confusion begins. With these children it is therefore very important that you are honest. So as adults you have to expose your buttocks, even if you feel caught.

If the perception of the child is taken seriously, this is of great importance for the new age child, because a new age child feels responsible for others, they want to solve problems. As an educator, you reassure the child when you say: “It’s true what you say, but I’ll solve it myself!” These children are thus bombarded by information from the for them chaotic world.

The reactions of New Age children to this information bombardment are:

  1. To withdraw into oneself to come to oneself. This makes them inaccessible to others at such a time.
  2. They release their tensions through hyperactive behavior.

Their concentration is very poor, they are easily distracted, they touch everything and it is difficult to get in touch with them.

It is important for these children that they learn to shut themselves off from the enormous information that comes at them.Who does your Inner Child look to for protection and love


How can educators help?

  • Develop self-confidence by rewarding the child for what they do well. They experience a lot of rejection from the outside world. If children are allowed to stay with themselves, their energy flows out less.
  • Setting clear boundaries and being consistent in them.
  • A new age child needs a clear structure of his environment. No structure increases the chaos of the child. The child does not know how to deal with the amount of stimuli that comes at him.
  • Make a difference between the behavior of the child and the person of the child. Address only the behavior of the child: “You are acting annoying now” is better to say than: “You are now a annoying child”.
  • Make sure there are as few sudden changes in the child’s life as possible. Therefore, announce in advance what will happen.
  • Provide recurring patterns
  • Teach the child the technique of closing off by, for example, visualizing a golden circle around him. In that circle, the child is the boss. For example, if the child shows busy behavior, you can ask the child: “Have you visualized the golden circle around you? No, then I’ll help you do it together.”

Visualizing a golden circle around oneself brings the spiritual body closer to the physical body. It is precisely the spiritual body that is more detached from the physical body in the new age child. This needs to be linked more to the physical body.

indigo children

The indigo child and how to recognize them

In the eighties, the American writer Nancy Tappe noticed that every person had their own color with them.

She divided people into color groups. She discovered that 2 colors: fuchsia and another red was disappearing and that a new color was returning to the newborn, namely Indigo. Thus she came to call the newborns who carried indigo indigo children . She examined this phenomenon in all population groups and concluded that it is a global phenomenon.

This phenomenon is increasing. 90% of all new born children have the color indigo in their aura. These indigo children can’t handle the answers of the older generations. They reject those answers and want to find their own answers.That requires parents to consider their children as their ownto see teachers.

See book: “The Indigo Children” by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober. ed. pete.

There are 4 types of indigo children:

  1. The humanist
    The humanist has come to work with the masses, as a doctor, lawyer, teacher, businessman or politician. The humanist is hyperactive, sociable, has charm and charisma and is very gifted at talking to others. He has strong opinions and is clumsy with the body.
    Furthermore, humanists are avid readers.
  2. The artist
    The artist is very sensitive. He works from his inner life and has no logic. They can always pick up different things, because their feeling moves them to do so, and just as quickly they can leave it again. Today they want to play violin and 3 weeks later trombone. They are always trying new things. They find out what suits them. They have a wide range of interests and many possibilities. The artists become artists, teachers of the future, researchers and actors. Often they are physically smaller than others.
  3. The interdimensional
    The interdimensional are just a bit bigger than others. From the age of two they say: “I already know” or “I can do that” or “Leave me alone”. The knowledge is already contained within them. The interdimensionals have come here to bring a new philosophy and a new religion related to an inner life. They are the leaders to make a transition to a new religious consciousness. Existing religions will collapse more and more.
    They can be very rude and blunt, this is because they are considered outsiders and don’t belong. They see that we are so close to the inner world and feel the impotence that others do not see it.
  4. The conceptual
    The conceptual is more interested in technology than in people. They are children who have fewer natural verbal abilities. As a result, they often have authority problems. They want to dominate their parents and that is difficult for parents. They are tomorrow’s engineers, astronauts, pilots, IT and military officers. They often have an athletic body. They are prone to addictions. These children come from Atlantis where there was also a lot of addiction.

The Purpose of Indigos

What is the characteristic of new age children?

  1. They think differently: creatively.
    They see possibilities and solutions that the older generation does not come up with.
    So say: “We can do it differently, your way”.
    These children need their creativity to build a new world.
  2. They think visually.
    So they see images, they react to them. We think more in words. When New Age children are cold, for example, they see snow.
    This has fundamental consequences, because in a second you can see 32 images and think only 2-5 words.
    So they think in a different language.
    They are therefore ideally suited for the computer, because it works in visual language.
    In human development we will move from word language to image language.
    In the spiritual world you see that communication is also done in visual language. We will therefore come into contact with the spiritual world more and more through this ability.
    This development is revolutionary.
  3. They think associatively.
    For example, the new age child sees someone with glasses. Thinks: the master also has glasses. At VenD I also saw someone with large glasses. It wasn’t much fun there, because then I was on the escalator and it jerked up. They respond to the person with the glasses with an exclamation: “Oh, how scary”
  4. New age children learn intuitively and not rationally.
    That’s why learning times tables is a disaster for them, because they don’t understand the language of logic. They only learn something that they feel comfortable with. So they pick up a lot in a playful way through story form. Dry logic, they can’t do anything with that.
  5. They need venting opportunities, such as walking around the classroom.
  6. The IQ of newly born children is going up by leaps and bounds. More and more intelligent children are entering the world. The innate subject matter is too simple for them, it is not challenging enough.
  7. Reality and fantasy are intertwined.The New Age Child Lecture by Hans Stolp (1)
    This is because New Age children listen differently. They hear more of what you mean than what you actually say. It is therefore not wise to ask the child, “Have you heard what I am saying?” Because they can’t actually repeat that.
    They mainly hear whether someone is telling the truth, they mainly hear the hidden messages. Their world is confused because in their eyes so many people are not telling the truth. They respond to the truth they feel. They feel what is really meant by the other. They pay more attention to what lies behind words.
    A child once said: “My mother wishes me dead”.This will be denied by that mother, while there has certainly been such thoughts in the mother.
    So be great to look within yourself and experience what your real truth is.
    New age children see through roles, they immediately experience who is real and who is not.
    This is very difficult for the educator to deal with.
    New age children are able to pick up on the being of the other and to feel it. They absorb, as it were, the essence of the other and then experience what happens to the other. They can make their aura very large, they can even encompass a whole group with their aura. We, the older generation, have much less of this ability. We remain more in our individuality.
    New age children have the ability to feel one, with which they are able to break through the separation between people.
    This is because they live in a higher energy layer. They are therefore further than the “9’s”. In fact, the New Age children come to make a sacrifice. They are the trailblazers for the new age. The 9’s have to face this, in order to let go of their own thinking patterns.
    The New Age children have such a great sensitivity that they cannot properly guard their own boundaries.
  8. They often have paranormal experiences, such as out-of-body experiences, that mainly occur in their dreams. They would like to tell you about this. They also see the dead. For them this is normal. They see auras, are clairaudient and clairvoyant.
    The curtain to the spiritual world is pulled open by them. The coming generation will be more and more connected with the divine world. They will also need less and less religion because they already know it.
  9. They have a sense of belonging to all living things.
    That’s why they often don’t want to eat meat, especially pork, because it draws their energy down.
    They often intuitively know what kind of food they need.
  10. They live from an equality. In their view, no one is above them. People are not worth more than animals and trees. Trees are also living creatures, you don’t just cut them down.
    They can not tolerate authority , especially if people have no expressiveness from within. An outer authority will fight them. They cannot play a part themselves.
    They came into this world to bring out the real patterns.
  11. They are wise.
    They are connected to their inner source. When they feel unsafe, they lose that connection and can then behave very “grumpy”. That is also the problem of the new age children, because they often feel unsafe and insecure in this world and are often rejected. They then seek attention in a negative way.
  12. They want to be adults.
    They hate childhood because they have an inner urge to work on their assignment. They are keen on their own freedom. They can therefore be independent and independent from a very young age. They want respect and will not tolerate any impairment of this ability. They are really a step further in this than the older generation. They can stand on their own two feet much faster.
    This independence and independence ensure that the Christ power can be born in someone. Independence and independence are the channels for the spiritual energy to be lifted into a new world.
    That’s why New Age children seem headstrong and opinionated.

The above characteristics are especially focused on the newly born.

The indigo child and how to recognize themSome children say, “God wants me to do this.” They have, as it were, a line with the spiritual world. They have a strong sense of self, they are not easily walked over unless educators do not recognize and respect this feeling and label them negatively. Then they become insecure and lose their mental faculties. Remarkably, the idea of ​​Guilt and Punishment means nothing to them.

They don’t feel that way, it doesn’t suit them. That’s why it’s important not to talk to them about their person, but only about their behavior. They pick up on everything that has to do with real love. They are also quite capable of making things right again. The difficult thing is that these children sense exactly your weak spots and respond to them.

Different ways of thinking where New Age children come from:

  1. They come from another part of the universe .
  2. They come from Egypt and Atlantis . Many New Age children seem to have spontaneous memories from this time. The same issues from Atlantis reappear at this time on a different level.
  3. They are souls of aborigines or Indians. New age children seem to have a deep connection with these cultures and peoples.
  4. They are old souls. They no longer need to incarnate for themselves, but have come to help make the leap into the new age. So they come back voluntarily. Nelson Mandela is one such person. He is karma free and has come to help us. He knows no hate. He has remained sensitive, touchable and vulnerable after so many years of captivity.
  5. They are children who have been “schooled” with Mary Magdalene, John and Michael in another dimension. They have been enlightened as a result and have come here to help the world in its transitional situation.

What do new age children come to do?

Ø They pave the way to the fourth dimension, the great change. Because of their increased energy, they are able to lift the lower energy on Earth into the fourth dimension. This will be a world where we communicate telepathically and live in unity.

Ø They hold up a mirror to us. They awaken us to come to our own inner knowing.

Ø They force us to be honest and vulnerable. They help us in our growth towards awareness.

Ø They show what is to come, because they themselves have a feeling knowing. They know what is going on in the other person.

Ø They teach us to overcome separation. Everything is one. The individuality will disappear. It will be about real contact.

Ø They no longer believe in guilt and punishment and sin. Essentially this does not exist. Mistakes are tryouts to learn. They put us in a new development in this area.

Ø They teach us to listen to our own inner knowing. No other authority is needed. We are different flowers of the universe and each flower has its own meaning. It is no longer about more or less.

Ø They teach us to face all forms of manipulation.
They know what we think, what we feel, why else say what you think or what you feel?

Ø They teach us to live in connection with the spiritual world, with them our inner knowledge will grow and we will learn to rely on it.


Tips For Raising New Age Children:

1. Respect their own being. This is very sensitive with new age children. This is an attitude to life.

2. Understand their mission in this world. The “1s” are the forerunners, therefore it is very difficult for them to give shape to their assignment.

3. Surround them in an atmosphere of safety.

4. Approach them equally. Make sure you stay in charge, provide structure. New age children are boundless and easily cross borders. They want to know where they stand, so be consistent in the boundaries you have set.
Parents ultimately have to decide. New age children derail if they are allowed to do everything. Consultation is important. Parents remain responsible, the children cannot yet take that responsibility.
Show a willingness to learn from them. If they see that willingness, they will treat you with respect. They are patient when they see that you are willing to grow in your own vulnerability.

5. Help them stay aware of their special assignment. Support them in their calling. Help them expose the patterns they encounter by articulating them for them.

6. Don’t force them to eat or drink anything. They intuitively know what is good for them.

Indigos and their purpose

Rules for the education of new age children:

  1. Teach them how to think, not what to think, with respect and love. It’s about morality, how you look at things.
    Don’t trap them with your beliefs.
  2. Pass on wisdom above all, knowledge is less important. What wisdom have you conquered in life? Pass this on to the children, especially try to articulate it for them. Reflect on your own acquired wisdom, because you can pass this on to the child.
  3. Approach the children in love, not with guilt and punishment. With guilt, shame and punishment you invite hatred and resistance. Don’t burden them with it.
    The boundary between thinking and doing has become blurred in the new age child. We have a lot more control in between. That is the downside of new age children, if they are too much squeezed into a pattern of guilt and punishment they will live out of a feeling of hatred and also follow this by, for example, displaying aggressive and even criminal behaviour.
  4. Help them develop critical thinking. Let them stay true to their inner standard. For example, say; “You know it yourself, listen to your inner voice.”
  5. Help them to solve problems as they encounter many conflicts. Ask them, “What could you do now?”
  6. Teach them how to deal with their anger, because they are especially angry because people are so rude and rude to each other. They are allowed to be angry and don’t let it go underground. Give them the opportunity to understand through their anger. The other person can’t help it either, he does the best he can at that moment.
  7. Encourage them to trust their intuition. Let them make the connection there by asking, “How are you? How does it feel?”
  8. Body massage helps to connect the mental bodies with the physical body.


Older New Age Children

You used to not know about yourself that you had other abilities. Now there is the recognition and the recognition, there are words for it.

There are problems with the older New Age children . They often feel lonely . Out of the sensitivity that is not understood, they have adopted the neuroses of their parents. They have adapted to what their parents taught them. It’s not really theirs, it’s the other person’s problems. In fact, you are vicariously working out and dissolving your parents’ karma .

It’s a good thing to find your own deep self again.

This is also important for the parents of today’s new-age children: you can make your own sadness and frustrations clear, but keep them to yourself. Don’t saddle your children with it, because children unconsciously adopt these patterns. Name your problems and recognize them, so you keep the boundaries.

New age children have a lot of respect for people who want to grow in authenticity. Recognize when you run into a roll. For new age children it is a confirmation that they have sensed something right.

Many New Age children suffer from allergies. Dynamic organic food is very important to them. Cow’s milk can cause hyperactivity. Many children cannot tolerate shampoo and soap.

In the future we will cross the threshold to an organic food chain.

Also keep an eye on the school system . Many schools have become so big, so that the child has become more of a number. New-age children can develop better in small groups, where there is personal attention. A school system that consists of rules from above is crippling for these children.

Following the question round:

Ø A child predicts a major flood. How to deal with that? Be laconic if children are fearful of the images they see. Teach the child not to let fear rule his life. We are helped with this. Prayer is a powerful means of making fear disappear.

Ø Time, money and competition are not important for the new age child. In the current age of acceleration, our feelings are stifled by our hectic existence. We hardly have time left to calm down and stay close to our feelings. Forces of evil are at work to keep us from our feelings. New age children, on the other hand, bring us back to our sensitivity, because time is of no importance to them.

Ø Many New Age children release their tensions and aggressions through computer games that contain a lot of violence. It doesn’t make them violent themselves.

Ø Many new-age children cannot tolerate radiation from electrical appliances. There are devices for sale that absorb this radiation.

Ø       Autistic children are preparing for the next incarnation. They are souls that have not incarnated for a long time, they have lost their connection with the earthly. That’s why they don’t understand the codes that exist here. They feel otherworldly. They get used to the energy field of the earth, which allows them to better fulfill their mission in their next incarnation.


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