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The New Age is born at Standing Rock

Standing Rock

Many will have noticed that there is a movement going on right now that has been able to build enormous momentum in just a few days. From a tented camp that had been standing in Dakota for some time and suddenly the whole world knew what was happening at Standing Rock.

The pipelines are being built to transport crude oil from the sites to refineries. These pipelines are notorious for leaks that contaminate drinking water supplies and nature reserves 1 .

Protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL)

In April, a protest by indigenous peoples against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) began. It was planned through an area where an ancient burial place of ancestors is located. In addition, the pipeline would almost certainly contaminate the Missouri River, their only drinking water supply.

The protest has grown in a short time into a large movement that receives a lot of support worldwide. There was a lot of commotion in the media when more than 100 protectors were arrested by militarized police units on October 26.

Protracted protests are common, after the banking crisis we had the Occupy movement. Yet something very special is happening here on several fronts. Standing Rock is not a hype. I believe it is the first serious manifestation of the New Age, right in the face of the old rulers. What makes this so special?

Indigenous peoples stand up en masse to protect Mother Earth

Traditional peoples, indigenous peoples or First Nations , have always had a stronger bond with the Earth than the colonial rulers who conquered them. For centuries the indigenous peoples have been overrun, exploited, their culture destroyed. Now they are rising en masse to prevent the further desecration of their soil.

The North American tribes receive massive support from other indigenous peoples, such as the Maori from New Zealand.

Tribes that have been in conflict with each other for centuries make peace. This issue is more important than personal feuds. In light of the gross violation of ancient, sacred cemeteries, it is suddenly not so clear what exactly it was all about.

The protest against DAPL is a driver for peace between tribes.

The Resurrection of the Divine Feminine

It was women who were the first to shout: “We can’t take this!” and lined up to stop bulldozers. The Standing Rock movement is greatly nurtured and inspired by women as decisive protectors of Life itself.

‘Women are central to this struggle’
– Amy Goodman

Women muster the courage to stand on the front lines collecting tear gas, rubber bullets, bean bags and tasers. They are beaten and arrested. And they go back. And back again.

‘A nation isn’t defeated until the hearts of the women are on the ground’

The female primal force manifests itself here in a way that we have not often seen such a scale until now. They don’t accept no. They continue.

The whole world is conspiring to support this project

Everyone feels that something special is happening here. Crowdfunding projects are emerging. People send relief supplies. Philanthropists donate footage to record what happens. They ransom people who were wrongly arrested. The resistance is spreading to other places. 2 Celebrities use their influence to draw attention to this. They use their wealth to help.

Judges and lawyers are being called upon to call on the company behind DAPL to abide by treaties made with indigenous peoples over land rights. These treaties are often errored. 4

Mainstream media pay little or no attention to the protest

The attention for it has been generated via alternative media and social media. We no longer take in what the ordinary media – which are an extension of a conglomerate of banks, governments and multinationals that have more to say on this planet than those in power – serve us. If we want it to get attention, we put it on the map ourselves

It’s a good idea to provide yourself with news through alternative channels by default. In today’s world, what is not said on the news is often more meaningful than what is said. I mean, of course it is and remains very bad for Kim Kardashan that she was robbed, but on a global scale DAPL does matter a bit more.

The monstrous supremacy of business and the actual power they have becomes painfully clear here

The ‘protectors’, as they call themselves rather than protesters, strive for a non-violent protest. They are met by militarized police with firearms.
The company behind DAPL has deployed a personal armed unit to break the resistance.

Young women get tear gas injected into their faces, horses are shot at5 Prayer groups are disrupted. Sacred objects are taken away. The police are tracing participants via Facebook. People are wrongfully arrested and treated unnecessarily roughly.

Detainees are not getting the medical help they need. Human rights are being violated on a large scale. Amnesty International6 and the United Nations7 are already working on the issue. Journalist Amy Goodman has been wrongly arrested and has since been acquitted.   

All things that are not new in themselves, but that come together here in one mighty, planet-spanning event. The energy is felt everywhere. Everyone picks it up. Everyone wants to help. And we all need to help too. Here it becomes movingly clear what happens when we all say: “we can’t take it any longer!”

It’s taking effect: Norwegian government is considering withdrawing Norwegian Central Bank and Norwegian Pension Fund as investors following Norwegian population protests against human rights violations at DAPL 8

Activism as a new global attitude to life

It already happens often and will happen more often: something harmful to people, animals, the environment, peace or all of them happens, and the whole world shows that they do not agree with it.

In the New Age it will become very common to make activism a part of everyday life. It doesn’t have to be very radical. Activism doesn’t have to mean catching tear gas and rubber bullets on the front lines – although there are those who feel called to do so, for which I thank and respect you. You can do it daily.

Support actions of human rights organizations, sign petitions. Practice activism with your debit card. So, so you let kids work on your plantations? Well, then I won’t buy your product again. You will notice it automatically in your turnover.

When we hear the word activism, we automatically think of individual heroes, the people who appear on the news and are arrested. Those are the most visible, but a protest is just as well made by countless unknown drops eroding the stone. Everyone plays their own role in it.

Some are indeed on the front line. Others tell the story in an independent way, separate from the big media corporations. Still others are part of the huge, anonymous army that circulates a story on the Internet.

Others pray. They support the Field that creates the momentum. Still others arrange logistics on the spot. It will not get off the ground without meals and tents. Others give money.

A global protest like this is created by a lot of people in a lot of different ways.

What can you do to help?

The Native Americans are very poor and the camps are in dire need of anything and everything, especially now that winter is just around the corner. Just pulling the bank card and buying an extra thick sleeping bag is simply not an option. The protest is heavily dependent on donations and will only increase during the winter.

Names of banks involved in financing the project. (CIVILIZED) You can also respond by email or telephone. ‘Our’ ABN AMRO and ING are also included . If you already had plans to switch banks, this might be the deciding factor. Most institutions reply with a standard e-mail that they do not finance DAPL, but that is a joke.

Not sure if it really works, but you can try:

Call the White House at (202) 456-1111 or (202) 456-1414. Tell President Obama to deny the Army Corps of Engineers’ Permit for the Dakota Access Pipeline, and remind his administration of their commitment to combating Climate Change, and to implementing green/renewable nrg solutions — and that fracking and fracked oil are NOT clean nrg. 

Tell them that Bakken oil extraction pollutes our air and water and yields millions of gallons of radioactive water and waste that is destroying our region’s future in the name of nrg security — which is meaningless without water security in the arid Northern Plains.


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