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The New Earth is coming. But when…


We long for that New Earth that has been promised to us. We’ve been hearing about it for so long. 2012 was the magical date when everything would change, we were told through the many channeled messages from teachers, archangels and masters from other dimensions and the ancient prophetic writings of the Maya.

But everything went on as it always was and now, ten years later, it seems that New Earth is only further away than ever. The polarization between groups of people has increased enormously due to the corona measures. People have become more anxious, more self-centered and more divided than ever before and there is a war going on not far from us.

Where is the transformation, which would be brought about by the increase in the energy of the earth and which would bring about a period of peace and loving association with one another? A period when we would cherish the earth and stop exploiting it, we would have learned from virus outbreaks and wars that we have to do everything differently. That the way we live today is unsustainable and must change if we want to survive at all.

Many spiritual leaders promise us: it will all work out in the end, that’s for sure. But when that will be, opinions differ quite a bit. We grow impatient and so desperately long for a different kind of society, one that is quite the opposite of the one we live in now, where self-interest, injustice and materialism are rampant and the naked struggle for existence is their daily reality for many.

Everything is brought to light

Yes, I know that the violent things we experience are meant to awaken us en masse. The ever-increasing influx of light from the cosmos is literally bringing everything to light, becoming visible to anyone who will watch. My guides tell me regularly (see article What my guides have to say about the corona crisis ) .

I do believe they are right. And, indeed, if we look more closely, beneath the surface of daily media coverage, we see an ever-growing group of people who crave change and are actively involved in shaping it. They try to live more consciously and to apply and shape the ideals of the New Earth in their own lives.


That group is growing and has more and more influence. Thanks to social media, among other things, new ideas quickly find their way to a much larger group that is sensitive to that influence. The standards of what’s okay and what’s not are changing rapidly.

Both the views on transgressive behaviour, the role of women, gender issues, the climate, the environment and everything related to it, the inequality and injustice that affects large groups of people. Thinking about it is changing rapidly. And that always precedes the creation of a new reality, because we create it ourselves through our thoughts and actions. The daily reality in which we still live does not yet reflect that in concrete form, but that seems only a matter of time.

Recently, I had a dream after talking to a good friend about this subject. I had a pretty gloomy feeling about the transition that is going on and I wondered if all the positive sounds about this from a spiritual angle were correct. The dream turned out to be the answer to that question.

The transformation of C&A

I walk into C&A and don’t look around. I see a piece of clothing that I want to try on and only then notice that the store has been completely renovated and renewed. I am stopped by the staff because I have to wait for the official, festive opening , which can take place at any moment .

The space is very large and round and there are at least twelve saleswomen arranged in a circle against the walls. They are eagerly awaiting the upcoming opening. They’re excited, it’s all going to be wonderful! The women talk about recycling, new techniques and other things that are good for the environment .

The concerns about climate and the environment seem to have led to a completely different, holistic approach to the clothing store concept. I can see through the floor and see that the space is built on the skeleton of an old wooden ship that acts as a kind of foundation. It ‘s just under water .

What I gather from the dream is that the upheaval is imminent. That in the new society everything will really be different and the feminine principle will dominate. Round instead of rectangular symbolizes this, as do the saleswomen who really believe in this new approach and enthusiastically promote the philosophy.

The ship that is under water and on which the store is built, represents the old world that is simply used as a foundation to build the new one. It reminds me of the sunken continent of Atlantis, the highly developed civilization that disappeared under water long ago. Many of us have unconscious memories of that time, when we were also on earth. Hopefully we can now use our experiences from then and make it better this time…


The dream shows that we have to be patient for a while, but it is really coming!

A new world with different priorities. Even a run-of-the-mill store like C&A will change radically. I need to be more aware of what is already changing and draw hope from that.

The time aspect is relative

The time aspect is, however, complicated because in the world to which the dream also belongs, different laws apply than in earthly reality. Just because something is about to happen doesn’t mean it will be anytime soon. That reminds me of the first contact with my guide in 1994, where I was told, among other things, that I would be writing books.

When I asked when that would be, I got the answer: soon. I was shocked at the time, because I was not prepared for it at all and had no idea what to write about. Fortunately it took another ten years before I really got the ‘assignment’ to start with the first book ( Featherlight – living and working with spiritual guides ). So soon is a flexible term. We will probably have to be patient for a while…..


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