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The next step in our evolution (With meditation video)


The Evolution of Pachamama

Mother Earth, or pachamama in Quechua, is a living being that has a soul plan just like us. Her soul plan is one of unconditional love for us humans. We are her children, her sons and daughters. She loves us so much that she has allowed us to hurt her and partly destroy her outer beauty.

But just as winter is replaced by spring, so this time is replaced by new beginnings . A time when mother earth calls us to awaken from this dream of being separate. It calls us back from the illusion we have created ourselves with ever-increasing profits, products and technology . Everything that we are so attached to and that we have thought up so as not to have to feel the feeling of being separated from our mother.

She calls us to free ourselves from our fear. For it is this fear that pachamama no longer wants.

The ‘Pachakuti’

We are in the middle of the pachakuti , according to the latest reports of the Inca elsewhere from Peru. It was they who trained me around the year 2011 and told me this was coming. They also told about the previous pachakuti . According to them, that was the time when Europeans discovered South America. Many died from viruses carried by them and to which the natives were susceptible.

2012 passed and the world breathed a sight of relief. The prophecies of the Incas had not come true and their wisdoms were relegated to the realm of fables. But… the feeling of ‘something is coming’ did not go away for me. I followed my heart and continued to strip off my old skin. For letting go of the genetic and karmic inheritance was the assignment we were given in preparation for the next step in our evolution.

And then came the year 2020.

The process of alchemy

The pachakuti is the exercise of the cosmic laws in the world in which we live. According to the Inca elsewhere, at this time the pacha (time and space) is being reinstalled on Earth and that is accompanied by chaos. Meanwhile, a conscious energy is circulating and examining us to check if we are ready for the next phase.

This energy can take any form and follows our thought patterns . If you think badly about this period and you have a lot of fear, then you manifest fear and a world full of misery. If you look at this period lovingly and are willing to let go, then you will have a loving experience.

Fear is a bad counselor, but a wonderful teacher especially right now.

This conscious energy knows us and knows where we are holding. It knows where we as a person, but also as humanity, are not aligned with the cosmic order. How we deal with that is up to us. If we decide to resist, the lessons get tougher and tougher. If we decide to surrender and accept the alchemical process , we will be rewarded with a golden age. But make no mistake, that era is coming anyway. How we get there is up to us. Because mother earth is patient and gives us new opportunities, but not every time. She too has a plan to follow and she is ready for the next step in her evolution .

Preparing for Ascension

Many people have gone through arduous initiation processes such as the Hatun Karpay , sweat lodges or other spiritual training in recent years. They have already prepared for what is happening now. Often they have already gone through the processes of letting go and transformation.

This means that many also experience this time as calm and peaceful. Completely opposite of how some others experience it. However , as human beings we do have the same task .

We need to discover that our enemy is inside and the pachakuti shows us what it is. For the pachakuti touches you at the deepest level that we know as human beings, namely our cellular level. It is a vibration that releases all the tension that is present in our cells.

With this we can let go of our fears , because those fears ensure that we cannot use our full potential. Because we as humanity are not in line with the plan Mother Earth had for us, we get help. A push to show us where we still hold fear.

The darkness in this world allows us to practice unconditional love.

By letting go of all fear, we gain access to our entire DNA codes and our memories are activated. The pachakuti therefore aims to awaken our Inca seed, our unique talents that are now mainly latent. Because of this, we remember who we are as people and how we once gave away our power.

next step in our evolution2

How do we support the next step in our evolution?

Self-examination is the magic word. Self-examination combined with respect for the elements and light beings around us. We are invited to take our responsibility. In addition, we are challenged to connect with the elements around us. According to the shamans, these are the building blocks from which we are built.

  • Fireworks. Connect with fire every day. No matter how small that fire is.
  • Water. Thank and honor all the water you use.
  • sky. Smudge regularly with sage or Palo Santo .
  • soil. Place some soil on an altar in your house.

“Connect with the light beings around us. They have always been there, some just chose to forget them. Connect with Mother Earth. Talk to her. Surrender to her power and feel how she takes away fear and gives you back peace and strength.”

Let love and peace be your way in this time of challenges.

How to connect to pachamama

In this video we teach you how to connect with Mother Earth. Through a simple technique you awaken the rainbow snake and you enter into harmony with the mother earth and the cosmos. Feel what it is to be human. Surrender to the next step in our evolution and that of the Earth.

to Q’ero shamans from Peru for their training and wisdom,
to Rob van den Berg from Yoga Chara for the basis of this technique,
and pachamama for being here in this special time.

Tip :  Our online Earthkeeper training . The training lasts a year and a half, but can be completed faster if you decide not to use the extra support via Zoom.


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