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The night as parallel existence – what happens when you sleep?

Few who walk the spiritual path realize how important the hours we spend in deep sleep are. During deep sleep we are detached from our physical body and we travel with our astral body to other dimensions and do all kinds of things with it: in fact you lead a kind of double life, especially if you are a Lightworker.

Working while you sleep

You can be active in guiding other people who are present in their non-physical body, for example while they are sleeping, or when they have (recently) died. You have contact with your own guides, your guides and mentors and members of your soul group who may or may not reside in a physical body on Earth.

You can also follow courses and therapies if you need or want to. Together with your counselors you may do therapeutic work with others (especially if you are also a coach or therapist in your daily life) or you help souls pass on during their death process. You are helping to raise the consciousness of people who are about to awaken, opening them up to a more spiritual way of life.

You also work on your own development, for example by following (group) therapy sessions that often consist of reliving traumatic events from this life or a previous existence. Often these have not yet been sufficiently processed and they hinder your development.

Those experiences are so lifelike that you may be so scared that you want to escape the situation by waking up. That could be one of the reasons that you keep waking up at the same time, in the middle of the night, and can’t go back to sleep.

Not falling asleep easily can also be related to the unconscious fear of being confronted with traumatic events from the past that you would rather avoid. Of course you don’t have to be aware of that at all.

Fortunately, you can do something about it if you know this, for example by committing to cooperate instead of fleeing, and regularly express that intention before going to sleep. Even if you regularly wake up tired and with confused dreams, it can therefore be related to an insufficiently processed re-experience session during your deep sleep.

It is indeed the intention that you do not notice it too much during the day, especially if it concerns past lives. If you cooperate well, you will undergo a treatment with healing energy at the end of a session and you will wake up refreshed, no matter how intense and emotional it was.

work with meaning

It may be that your dreams contain information about what you have experienced, but often you do not remember your dreams during such a period and that comes later as a kind of processing afterwards. Then you can have extremely vivid dreams nights in a row that you remember well.

These will usually also have to do with your current existence, while the theme can go back to past lives that you worked on at night. Dreams are therefore not only a processing of what you experience during the day, but also of your nightly existence.

Cry Babies and Nightmares

Babies and young children can also suffer from unprocessed traumatic events from past lives. I personally think that this is often the case with so-called cry babies and that nightmares of young children can also be related to this.

You can help your child very well by telling them that you will be with him or her at night (in your non-physical body) to help them get through this, whatever it is that he or she has to deal with. You can also tell that to a baby, on a soul level he will understand. Then, before you go to sleep, you resolve to be there for and support your chaos

In my book Light on your life path, view on your soul planI give a good example of this. It’s about the baby of the daughter of a good friend of mine. They came to me because the baby absolutely did not want to go to sleep, even when the mother was around.

They had been to a psychic, who saw that the girl was suffering from unprocessed traumas from a past life that he did not name. It was good to know that, but it didn’t change the situation. My guides gave through me the suggestion I mentioned above.

The mother followed the advice and had a special lucid dream the first night in which she saw her daughter as a victim of napalm during the Vietnam War. This made her very emotional and motivated her even more to help her child. Within a few days things got better and in a short time the sleeping problem was solved!

What I regularly encounter in people who come to me for a consultation and who are themselves coaches or therapists, is the tendency to want to work too much and too hard during the night. Of course, someone is usually not aware of this, but it manifests itself in waking up tired and the feeling that you have been working very hard.

It is the need to be of service in which you can go too far, at the expense of yourself. You usually recognize this in your daily life. By becoming aware of this and committing to slowing down, you can help yourself and have more energy for your daytime life. Your guides will never ask you to work too hard, on the contrary, they will slow you down. Sometimes it is difficult to know if you are tired of your own emotions during a reliving session,original blueprint

Learning while you sleep

What you can also do is express the intention that you want to learn certain things while you sleep. In this way I once became proficient in painting techniques that I had not yet mastered. It was striking how quickly I made progress, also in the visual sense.

My guides, with whom I had not been in contact with very long at the time (1994), told about this possibility and I immediately enthusiastically applied it to my work as a visual artist. You can be taught in the spheres in any field, often from souls who were among the best at their craft on Earth. Of course you can benefit much more from this if you know that this is possible.

All of this usually takes place in the atmosphere closest to Earth that you basically go to when you die. But there are also more and more souls who travel to other dimensions where they have encounters with non-terrestrial beings from all regions of the universe and who are often much further in their evolution.

They visit other worlds and so-called cities of light, where they are taught by highly evolved entities who act as a kind of guide or teacher. Usually you will not be aware of such outings. However, there are people who are aware of this and who, even if they are not asleep, can get out of their bodies and go on a journey with their astral body. We will all be able to do that one day and use that ability quite naturally.2021 from the fifth dimension

experience of time

Because time works completely differently as soon as you are no longer in earthly reality, you can experience an incredible amount in the hours that you sleep. Even in a few hours of deep sleep you can experience a lot and it can seem like you have been on the road for days.

I myself do not have a conscious memory of what I experience at night, but I do experience my nocturnal existence as very rich and valuable and perhaps because of this I find that my life lasts a very long time, contrary to what you usually hear about it.

When I heard people say that life is so short I never understood it. Until my guides told me it has to do with my active existence at night. Although I am not aware of it, I do experience it on another level of my consciousness and it affects my daily existence.

I also attach great importance to my dreams, which are a rich source of inspiration and consciousness development for me. From a very young age I was captivated by my dreams and over the course of my life I learned to interpret them and use them for myself.

Later, it was my guides who taught me further and pushed me to use my dreams in contact with them. Now I am teaching others to work with their dreams and use them as a means of communication with their guides.


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