The Obsession With Gurus And Influencers: Why No One Is Fit To Be Someone’s Guru


In summary: We all have people we look up to. And while that’s incredibly useful in some ways, it can also be worrisome if you blindly trust them as a guru or influencer.

To think about: Which people (if you have any) do you see as an influencer that you look up to? Do you find yourself automatically supporting and believing everything they claim?Regardless of whether you use the word “guru” on a daily basis, we all have people in this world that we look up to – and for good reason.

Other people can be one of our biggest sources of inspiration, they can be one of the most helpful when we need help, and they can save us a lot of time by giving us the experiential knowledge about something they have a wealth of experience with.

But even someone who can give you all those three things regularly, in my opinion, can be a role model for some things or goals, but still should n’t be your guru.

Before I go into this further, perhaps I should define the word ‘guru’ first. According to the dictionary, the non-spiritual definition of the word “guru” is an influential teacher or popular expert.

I’ve italicized the word influential because I bet the vast majority of those reading this right now are exposed to the term influencer much more often than guru . And I’m also willing to bet that at least some of you see yourself as an influencer too .

Whether you want to call it influencer or guru, the first reason no one is fit to fill that role for anyone is that we are all human .

Being human means we all make mistakes, we all change over time, have bad days, get frustrated and struggle with something far more often and with far more things than we will ever care to admit. That is why I argue that no one has figured it all out and thus does not have the qualifications to say that you have to believe what they do.

The second reason is that I believe that no one is a suitable guru is that in that relationship there is always someone who is deprived of their power . You may know that you are far from getting everything in order, but you are still fully capable of discerning what feels right and what doesn’t.

So feel free to take their recommendations and give it a try, if you’re interested, but do so with your own strength and critical thinking skills, and don’t just assume it’s fantastic (and worse, pass it on blindly to others), just but because a young woman with 1.2 million followers said so. Your strength must always be kept intact, and their strength must never reach the point where they drastically and instantly shape other people’s opinions.

The third reason I believe that no one should be anyone’s guru is that any claim, vision, and opinion anyone shares should be viewed as completely separate from all other claims that person has made up to that point.

By this I mean that someone has to continuously prove themselves† I say this because it is incredibly easy for someone with a lust for power to gain your trust and support for very vague purposes, or by using widely loved material, such as stories or music, differently.

One minute we’re loving the person passionate about cleaning up the oceans, the next we’re buying a pendant necklace they wore and recommended in an Instagram post a few weeks ago. I’m not saying that everyone has a hidden agenda, just that we shouldn’t let anyone get to the point of blindly trusting what they say; that’s exactly how a cult is created… And we all know where that usually leads.


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