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The only way I can help others is when I am at my core and in balance


One of humanity’s greatest fears is to be rejected by groups we identify with. The biggest of all is that we are not good enough. A perception that kings, church leaders, merchants and politicians have gratefully used for many thousands of years.

That is why we constantly compare ourselves with others, nowadays preferably with social media as a benchmark. In addition, our materialistic society struggles to understand how one can survive without hard work, and criticize those who show they don’t have to. And this together makes many people, especially young people, deeply insecure and very unhappy.

You learn it from kindergarten that you first have to be able to do something in order to continue through life. Ask the 70% percent of people who don’t get satisfaction from their work because they don’t see the point. Who do not believe and especially do not feel that what they do makes our earth a more beautiful place. Survival is the biggest part of their identity for many.

Our entire existence apparently revolves around hard work, about doing. School teaches us that we need society as it is today. The history books we read there are largely colored by capitalism, not by objective truths. And society tells us that on the condition of conformity we can live inanimately in a limited number of boxes. We learn that unity comes from uniformity, that God is dead, and that we are not unique. You would just start to believe it.

Most of the people around me have by now internalized this prison and accepted it as a reality. It still pains me to see this. And sometimes I would like to wake up and shake other people to see the world of love, beauty, truth, connection and abundance that I see.

But then I suddenly realize:

Others are projections of the one and infinite self.
The only way I can help others is when I am at my core and in balance.
If I don’t reject myself, but embrace.
If I don’t compare myself to others and think I’m good enough.
If I don’t judge myself for who I think I am.
Then I am a loving example.

By being in agreement and oneness with myself I effortlessly share my passion for LIFE.
And maybe then that spark will fly.

So the best I can do for the world is:



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