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The ordinary m/f . The critical masses are on their way to a peaceful revolution



What did you want to be when you were ten? I am a lawyer, but for the common man/woman in society. Which in my experience was hardly listened to. I saw that group suffer and survive in society and wanted to be a voice for them because I knew without any arrogance that I could speak well.

When I turned seventeen, I realized I wasn’t going to study law. Especially because I personally had only seen examples of people who wanted to earn a lot of money afterwards. In retrospect, I wasn’t strong enough for that at that age, but my heart also knew for a long time that I didn’t come to study book knowledge. After high school I mainly wanted to learn by feeling. I’ve never stopped doing that either.

The inhumane way we have interacted with each other over the past two years in society has triggered an old feeling in me that I apparently haven’t made room for before to feel through. I regularly feel blazing anger and the accompanying old sadness, although my head doesn’t quite understand why. That sometimes takes me a while.

In the meantime, I’ll just give it time. I know that now that I’ve got the feeling up (recognized among all the other feelings) I finally find all the answers in my heart. But it also means that I am walking around with it until it is dissolved in love. And encounter it in my body as soon as I start listening to my heart. And at least I do that in my weekly message in our newsletter.Do you ever read articles by people who are especially angry at what is happening in society right now? I don’t always find anger without insight very attractive.

Anger is a great source of creativity . I once set up this website with it. When I started writing yesterday I just had this article down on paper. Judge for yourself whether the insight outweighs my anger (I’m still working on it after all) and feel free to leave a comment! It’s about the common man/woman in this world.

And how that peaceful mass is increasingly connecting with others, in walks, in convoys, and online, to speak out loud and out. Stand up for themselves and their fellow man. With which they all immediately became our lawyer. That of freedom and unity.

Being open like never before

Let’s be ‘Open like never before’, Coca Cola said in a global advertising campaign at the beginning of lockdown time in 2020. By which they meant that we ‘must move forward together to change the world and make it better’, at least according to the man who conceived this ‘poetic campaign’ for them.

Let’s sell more than 100 billion!¹ plastic bottles a year. Lobbying against deposits and against plastic soup measures for years. To be the absolute number 1 plastic polluter in the world , and at the same time “have no intentions, policy goals or agenda to reduce the production of single-use plastic bottles”¹

It is just one example of how marketing has been used all your life to influence, manipulate and mislead you as a consumer. That starts in primary school.

Isn’t our current school system at its core a marketing machine for our current way of living together, focused on shareholder capitalism? You know, the one where the 1 percent earns money without hesitation, the middle class is dying rather quickly at the current rate, and where the ordinary m/f has to survive as always. Where you become estranged from yourself and your own unique qualities just to fit the mold?

How it’s supposed to be

At school, in our courses, you learn “how it should be done” in your country. And which conditions you must meet to participate. Nowadays you even hear what and how to think. Which is absolute truth and that science is established. If you’ve been lucky enough to experience unconditional love from your family, the fun ends right here.

Welcome to the BV Netherlands… Where if your parent legitimately applies for an allowance for you, you run the risk of not growing up at home. Especially if you grow up in a neighborhood that has so little income that most policy makers can no longer associate themselves with it in any way, except if there are votes to be won or money to be made for shareholders. And there it is. baking.

So many shareholders earn money from what we call the low-skilled, with their higher poverty and associated debt and interest, that it is an economy in itself. The debt economy. Our students are also actively invited for this. Welcome to the bottom of society where survival is number one.

Where shareholders earn many times more from you than you receive as income. Where you lose >90% of your lawsuits in the subdistrict court because you have no idea what you are getting yourself into and how much this all costs, but the bailiff does.

Where your health care premium disappears in the “free market” instead of in the salaries of the people on the floor Where the artificial intelligence actively discriminates against you because this is the nature of an unfeeling algorithm that only and exclusively comes up with increasingly inhumane solutions to a problem.

And where in recent years the distance from what we have come to call rich has paralleled the exponential growth that is necessary to maintain this way of living together. The Top-Down society (from top to bottom) where you learn that together does not apply to everyone, but that you have to earn it first.


Sywert van Lienden is a good example of how shareholder capitalism works out and the hypocrisy about it , who made the news because he earned 9 million euros with unused mouth caps. We’re still pretending this is the exception (genius marketing by the way), while it’s the number 1 rule from all major corporations, banks, pharmaceutical companies, big tech, television channels, newspapers and investment companies etc, etc, to first fill their own holy bank account and straighten out what is crooked.

It’s like Coke. Capitalism, lies and associated marketing.With the exception that Sywert is “caught” (and can’t spend hundreds of millions on marketing to sell himself as the sympathetic Santa Claus. And so is a “dick”. But after that we all just get on with business and the most there do exactly the same as Sywert. Namely filling the pockets of themselves and the shareholders. but not yourself anymore feels . Let alone ask critical questions. Or not? Because somehow a limit seems to have been reached. Partly by Sywert as a shining example.

The people who can still feel.

The ordinary m/fLet’s ‘Close’ like never before’!. This is what governments said in 2020 in a global campaign that had been planned for years in advance, for which they had even been trained. By which they meant that we ‘must move forward together to change and make the world better’, at least according to the organization that conceived this ‘psychological campaign’ for them.

Let’s make the central banks print trillions a year, create new debt for the common man, ruin the middle class and entrepreneurs and continue to grow the debt economy. Years of lobbying and changing legislation in favor of the largest investment companies in the world and for the exclusion of your fellow man.To be the absolute number 1 cause of anxiety and depression, and at the same time have no intentions, policy goals or agenda to invest intensively in healthcare².

You know who worldwide is seeing this for the marketing that it is?

The people who can still feel.

But you know who worldwide is seeing this in large numbers for the marketing that it is?

The ordinary m/f!

Why does the ordinary m/f have so much more feeling in his or her thunder than the average highly educated Dutch person? Spent less time in school! Less alienated from themselves. Still dares to ask critical questions and has long seen the ugly face of this economy and its way of living together. Has felt excluded much more often and less trust in governments than people who are financially better off.

It is the ordinary m/f who stand with their large numbers next to the other people who can still feel that we are connected.

And thus form the critical mass.

Together they go peacefully and together on the street, on the road , on the internet.

To let their hearts, feelings and voices be heard: “Let’s be Open like never before”!!!

A real together, towards the Down-Top society (from bottom to top)

Where you learn that together applies to everyone without having to earn it first.

Will you join us?

¹ (according to Greenpeace data)

² ( according to the AD,  many more journalists, and people who still dare to ask critical questions )


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