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The origin of twin souls

In this article I would like to explain something about the origin of twin souls. Contrary to what many people think, twin souls do not arise from one soul, but it is a process that takes a lot of time and many lives.

When two souls feel a lot of love for each other and are ideally suited to complement each other, they can decide to become twin souls. This decision is usually not taken lightly, because a twin soul connection is a very special one that the soul will retain for the rest of its existence.

You can never stop being twin flames because the love a soul feels can never be erased.

The process

When two souls decide to become twin souls, many earthly lives are needed to achieve this. At the level of the soul, just like with humans, it takes time for love to grow. The souls will first spend many earthly incarnations together in which they will share a lot of energy with each other. This is what we always do in human interactions, but nowhere more so than in a love affair .

When we have finally shared so much energy with each other that a substantial part of the other is present in our own energy field, you can speak of a twin soul connection . So this is not something we achieve in one lifetime, but something that is a lengthy process.


When we choose a twin soul, we usually take a good look at the properties that the other soul has and whether it complements those of our own soul. We do this because the role of twin flames is a very special one. Twin souls bring out each other’s suppressed part. We all have a part in us that we suppress, this can be out of fear, shame or other pain.

When we incarnate with our twin soul, we make sure that our twin soul carries out the energy that we suppress within ourselves. We humans so long for the part in ourselves that we suppress, because we always long for unity. In order to feel that unity well, it is necessary that all parts of ourselves become fully integrated.

When we meet our twin soul on earth, the longing for this person will be enormous. This is because our twin flame offers us the opportunity to feel and experience the energy we crave so much. Because we long for the energy of the other person, falling in love arises, because falling in love is essentially longing.

This is why twin flames are so often said to be love at first sight. It’s not so much about the face, or the appearance, it’s about the energy that forms the other.


Knowing the reason what twin souls can do for each other, it is important that the soul chooses another soul who is strong on the parts where the own soul is hurting a lot. Because of that pain, man starts to suppress that part of himself, because man naturally suppresses his pain. Often it feels dangerous to leave that piece to the light because we have been damaged so much in past lives.

When we choose a twin flame that has the same energy that we find so difficult to propagate, we are able to help each other on the road to wholeness. Above all, this is what twin flames do for each other and that is an essential difference from the dual image that exists about twin souls.

When twin souls would be one soul, split into a male and a female part, it means that we can never experience true wholeness in ourselves, but always need our twin soul for that.

This is a very old view that we owe to our own sense of separateness. We are not separate, but connected at all times and it is the twin souls who want to heal that feeling of separation together by mirroring what we still keep hidden in ourselves


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