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The Orion System and the Pyramids of Giza

French-born Robert Bauval, structural engineer and writer, worked as a project manager and strategic engineer on construction projects in Saudi Arabia from 1974 to 1985. He is a specialist in Egyptian talismans, physical objects believed by magic and ritual to convey the powers of the stars and the gods.

He has also developed a theory that shows a connection between the position of the stars in the Orion system and the position of the pyramids at Giza. He co-wrote a book with Adrian Gibert in 1995 entitled “ Orion Mystery , Unlocking the Secrets of the Pyramids”.

Time recording of the Orion system showing the three evenly spaced bright spots that form the belt from which the great sword of the hunter hung, as the ancient Greeks believed. The Egyptians thought that this system, along with its nearest star, Sirius, was the home of the gods. They came to Earth and created life and man.

Every Egyptian king wished his soul to return to Orion and Sirius. The leftmost object is the Horsehead Nebula, also known as Alnitak (Zeta Orionis). Its center object is the star Alnilam, and at the top is the star Mintaka.

The Greeks looked at the pattern of the bright stars dominated by Betelgeuse and Rigel and saw a great hunter claiming dominion over all terrestrial beings. Nearby stood the brightest star, Sirius in Canis Major, one of two faithful dogs the Greeks said traveled with Orion. The other is Canis Minor. The Egyptians regarded Orion and Sirius as the home of Isis and Osiris, the gods who came to Earth and created a kingdom in Egypt where mankind also originated.

After Osiris and Isis left Earth, every Egyptian king wanted to follow them and return his soul to Orion and Sirius after death. The pyramids of Giza were built in a strict line corresponding to those stars and Sirius was the star counted on for the revival and resurrection of the kings. Mummification was part of the intricate magical ritual that linked extraterrestrial life with eternal life with the gods Osiris and Isis.

The relationship between the pyramids and the Orion system is reinforced by the shafts in the largest pyramid at Giza. Two tunnels cut out come from the Queen’s Hall and two from the King’s Hall. At first, the archaeologists thought that the shafts served for the ventilation of the pyramid.

The fact that the two shafts coming out of the Queen’s Hall are blocked refutes this theory. Other theories suggest that the shafts served to observe stars from the pyramid. However, the shafts go from a horizontal line to an upward curved line, so that there is no good field of view.

In 1981, when Bauval was working with other engineers in Saudi Arabia, he suddenly got the idea that the three pyramids of Giza were in the same pattern that was also shown by the Orion system.

He says: “I saw three stars that looked exactly like three pyramids and that changed my life. It’s that simple. I worked in Saudi Arabia as a structural engineer but I started out as an engineer responsible for the construction of buildings.

I was particularly interested in my work. I immersed myself more and more in it and thus became very fascinated by ancient monuments, especially pyramids, and I tried to explain their arrangements. One thing leads to another and that’s how I came up with the idea of ​​the stars.

A schematic overview of the Orion system and the star

At one point I was trying to explain the arrangement of the three pyramids at Giza when the following happened: I was visiting some friends in Saudi Arabia who had just returned from Egypt. They had brought a book with beautiful pictures of the pyramids.

One of the texts next to the photos was a translation of the text that was found on the pyramid and that I had not yet read. I am now talking about the year 1981. That text simply said, I now know it by heart, that the king had become a star and gone to Orion. Those words stuck in my head.

A few days later I was in the desert with a friend. We chatted about the stars and he happened to be a navigator. That was one of the coincidences. He stated that if he had no maps he would have to determine his course from the stars.

The easiest way to do this was to look at the Orion system, from there you could draw a line to Sirius to determine your position and as a comment he added: “The three stars of Orion are not in a straight line. One of them is a bit out of line.” And, eureka, that’s when everything became clear to me.

There are people who say that you can’t see the position of the pyramids from the ground, and you can. But a lot of people forget that you can climb to the top of the Great Pyramid. You can see it from there. It’s amazing, the higher you go the weirder it gets.

But why would the Egyptians have had a certain feeling about Orion’s system?

In simple terms, you could say that Orion is a remarkably bright and clearly observable galaxy. During the time the pyramids were built, the system appeared at important times of the year. It arises about 20 to 25 days before the summer solstice and an hour or so before the appearance of Sirius.

Orion was thus in one sense the herald of great events such as the solstice and the rise of Sirius associated with the overflowing of the Nile. Orion in the sky was thus the signal for the rebirth of Egypt. So it is easy to explain why this primordial image in the sky, the symbol of the rebirth, was fused with the god of the resurrection and rebirth of the Egyptians.

It is important to realize that all Egyptian monuments, especially the pyramids, are built and arranged according to astronomical rules. The pyramids, especially the Great Pyramid, are arranged according to the main directions.

That means North, East, South and West. The setup is so precise that to achieve this they must have had their measuring instruments pointed at the stars during construction. So the monuments are arranged using the stars, and that is also the connection with the stars.

What is more important about the Great Pyramid is that there are two rooms; the King’s Hall and the Queen’s Hall. Two shafts lead out from these two rooms. In each room are two shafts, one to the North and one to the South.

Based on the fact that the pyramid has astronomical connections, both in the sense of its arrangement and symbolically in the sense that belief is based on it, belief in the stars such as Orion and Sirius, it is tempting to assume that these shafts had a ritual function.

There is a huge misconception about these shafts because it has long been assumed that they served for ventilation. However, this theory is outdated, because why should one ventilate a place where dead bodies were lying.

In any case, the shafts in the Queen’s Hall were closed on both sides. They cannot therefore have served as ventilation shafts. So we have to look at another target. And because these monuments had enormous astronomical significance, it may well be a good idea that the shafts had an astronomical purpose.

The fact that they show an ascending line, each shaft at a different angle ranging from 30 to 45 degrees gives an astronomer the idea that they are overlooking an area of ​​the sky that is enormously rich in the galaxies that the Egyptians talk about. A quick calculation shows that the shafts in the King’s Hall had an astronomical significance. The southern one points to Orion’s belt and, in particular, to its three main stars.

What was the purpose of this? The shaft in the south direction is known to be related to the mummification rituals, the rebirth rituals and the fact that the King wanted his soul to return to these stars. The northern shaft had meaning because the Egyptians thought that the Arctic Circle stars were not stars. were to be destroyed.

Who would always stand?

Which never rose or set, and therefore would stand there for them forever. The line in which the northern shaft is located points almost exactly to the North Pole and it seems that the pyramid is anchored to the imaginary axis in the sky. In short, it means that the pyramids are one with the universe. It’s exactly as I think; these structures are integrated in a cosmic whole together with the stars of Orion, the North Star and so on.

Later I also worked on the arrangement of the lower shafts and found that the southern shafts pointed to Sirius, the star of Isis. The northern shafts probably pointed to one of the bright stars in Ursa Minor that the Egyptians called “He who reveals the way.” Ursa Minor is also known as “Little Bear” but in Egyptian hieroglyphic script he is shaped like a jackal. This again has to do with a ritual use from the pyramid culture.

We’ve heard about a ritual called “The Opening of the Mouth”. The mummy was then ritually re-infused with life air by inserting an object into the mouth. This object was shaped like the Little Bear. We know this for sure because the object had the same shape and name as the galaxy, the shape of a curved spoon.

The pyramid thus becomes more and more integrated with the starry sky for the rebirth process and the return of the breath of life. Sirius is, of course, the star of rebirth with which the king was associated at birth on Earth. We know that the Egyptians had linked the birth of a king to the appearance of Sirius at sunrise at the time of the summer solstice.

They are not, as many people have claimed, astronomical shafts. They are not meant to be seen through. You can’t even see through it. Parts of it are laid out horizontally and then walk up. It’s impossible to see through it. They are ritual, magical things and must be understood that way.

Why Magic?

Because the rituals were magical. The whole process of the Egyptian belief – that point needs a closer look, because the Egyptians had no faith. There is not a single word in ancient Egypt that means faith. The closest word to it, which we would call faith today, was a word that meant magic.

They believed that the powers of the cosmos could be brought down through rituals and the arrangement of buildings. They thought that they could draw down the powers of the stars, and therefore also of the gods, and store them in physical things such as statues and pyramids. The pyramids were for them the epitome of the power of the stars. This is the kind of magic they practiced. There are also other words for it.

Some people have also called it astral magic. My favorite name is magic with talismans. it means; to realize that spiritual ideas can be conveyed into physical things, just as we are spirits in a physical body. In the same way, other things in nature can also have a spiritual power, the pyramids themselves also received a soul through these rituals. These matters need to be more understood because there is still too much talk about the Egyptian religion when it does not exist. There is, however, Egyptian magic.

These matters need to be more understood because there is still too much talk about the Egyptian religion when it does not exist. There is, however, Egyptian magic. These matters need to be more understood because there is still too much talk about the Egyptian religion when it does not exist. There is, however, Egyptian magic.

In a way, they were with the gods both in life and in death and in their efforts to get mummified in order to resurrect in the same environment they had here on Earth, but then in another place. Do you think the ancient Egyptians forced themselves to believe that mummification was a guarantee of life after death?

Mummification is closely associated with the myth of Isis and Osiris through myth-making. The Egyptians firmly believed that the gods had once descended upon Earth and that they were the descendants of these divine beings. Osiris and Isis were the example of the distinctive king and queen who had come from the stars and formed a kingdom on Earth in Egypt.

This story is the basis of the Egyptian magical religion. Subsequently, certain events had taken place in the lives of Isis and Osiris that resulted in the body of Osiris being mummified. Osiris was killed at the age of 28, or so the lyrics would have us believe. Here too we see the astronomical symbolism, the phases of the moon.

What follows is that Isis, who was left without children and heirs for the kingdom founded by Osiris, brought back and mummified the mutilated body of her husband murdered by Seth, and then returned the mummy to the realm of the living. And in order to bring Osiris back to life it was necessary for her to conceive him. After Osiris was temporarily revived, his soul was released so that it could return to the stars of Orion.Advice angels

This story is, as it were, recorded in the stars, where the story of Isis and Osiris is recorded. The kings of Egypt were convinced that they were an outright reincarnation of the son of Isis and Osiris, born after the death of Osiris with the name Horus. The kings of Egypt thought they were the kings of Horus.

Isn’t this equivalent to the reincarnation of the soul in the Buddhas?

absolute. The Egyptians held the sacred belief that their kings were part of an eternal system of reincarnation passed from son to father, meaning that when the king was alive he was a reincarnation of the son of Isis and Osiris.

At his death, however, he was released from his physical body, left his earthly role to his successor and became Osiris himself. The whole process is aimed at creating an Osiris, a mummification.

I hate this expression because it means that a body was taken, then dried and then wrapped in rags. We’re looking at this too disparagingly. The best term to describe this process would be “Osirization of a body”. The king was turned into a new Osiris, the same way Osiris was made.

And by repeating this process step by step, the king’s soul was released to ascend to the stars and take its rightful place there. This was the absolute belief of the Egyptians. They believed in it as much as we believe we exist on Earth. It was a fundamental aspect of their faith world.

Is it possible that the Egyptians had such views about the universe and especially about the stars of the Orion belt because it was literally taught to them by extraterrestrials who came from that part of space. Just in the same way that the Sumerians had a conception of those who came from the stars and taught them?

If we accept the content of the literal texts of the Egyptians, it says exactly what was just asked.

They told that the gods came from the stars and brought civilization to Earth, then they returned to the stars to prepare a place for us there. In a strange way, this is a metaphor for what the astrologers are trying to tell us. I remember Carl Sagan’s famous statement saying that we are the property of the stars.

We are indeed made of star material, whether we like it or not. We are children of the stars. Our Earth is the product of a star. The question that could follow is: “From which star”. The Egyptians have not said anything that we cannot accept as modern thought today.

But what if it’s true? Perhaps the Dogon tribe has its esoteric knowledge of the stars from the same extraterrestrial intelligence as the Egyptians and the Sumerians? Perhaps they had their knowledge of mathematics and astronomy from exactly the same source?

There the magic words have just been ghosts: “What if it is true?” We could say a lot of things to this, but let’s assume that something similar might have happened.

If it could have happened, our aim should be to prove this too, although there are some people, including myself, who oppose this theory. But if it’s true, then the truth will come out on its own. After all, the truth always comes out.

Perhaps all the studies we do from various points of view lead to this one conclusion. I would be extremely excited if this turned out to be the truth. But right now it’s just an academic question. It is important that the ancient Egyptians were convinced of the truth as they saw it.

I know this hypothesis is growing in strength. That there are more and more scientists who consider the possibility of extraterrestrial intelligences and the fact that they are using Earth as a testing ground plausible.Exercise to encounter yourself in the fourth dimension (Tik tok, tik tok)

I am open to the possibility that if comets can carry the seed of life into other parts of the universe, they may also have been used as a means of transport for life bringers. So if this visit actually took place I’m a proponent of the comet theory as opposed to the way others envision – the use of spaceships.

We have ample evidence of impacted meteorites. We have even found evidence in the form of fossilized microbes and the fact that microorganisms have come to Earth. We have proof of that and that is enough.

However, we have not yet found evidence of spaceships. We have found no evidence of travel through the universe.

Some people, like Sitchin, think they have this evidence. What is your take on the work of Zecharia Sitchin and his translation of a Sumerian writing that tells in detail about a non-human alien species that lived with humans and taught them everything known in their culture?

The same can be said about the Egyptians, for they said the same thing. However, you have to accept that before taking the plunge. The question is whether you want to take the plunge. Do you really want to accept what is written in those ancient texts and how do you want to accept them?

Cydonia and Mars

In your work with Graham Hancock on Mars, the face and the pyramids on Mars, have you found evidence of any kind of connection between Mars and Earth?

What we are dealing with here is that an artificially constructed monument may have been sighted on a nearby planet of our solar system. These monuments resemble pyramids. So it would be nonsense to assume, if the monuments are real, that there would be no connection with the pyramids on Earth.

So we’re going to look into this further. We are open to the possibility. We are not afraid to look further in this direction. I call this a platonic inquiry. If the clues and the evidence are there, it’s the only right thing we can do. However, you must be brave enough to investigate further in the event of a negative result.

Did you think that the pyramid that is part of the Cydonia complex looked like a real pyramid during the analysis? To be fair, yes. We are becoming more and more convinced that we are dealing with artificial structures. The only other way to investigate this is to send in a new probe, or go there yourself.

As it turns out, however, after analysis of the latest recordings, it turned out that we are dealing with natural structures here. But that was just the face. Wasn’t that aimed at the pyramid complex described as the city?

I can well imagine that for many people the case is not yet closed. It has been explored as far as it could, as there is currently no way to go there. If there is a connection between the pyramids on Earth and Mars, would that support what the Sumerians and Egyptians were saying about a non-human species?

The simple answer to this question is yes. But it has been said “if”. The eventual discovery of artificial structures on Mars would overturn the whole meaning of our existence. If the structures were real, we would have to consider a visit from outer space. There is no evidence against the presence of man-made structures on Mars?

I admit that. What I just said is that we are in a position to take the next step and that is, go there ourselves. We wrote in our book that based on the evidence from NASA, we assume naturally formed structures.

However, this does not mean that this is the final conclusion. If there is even a possibility, it would be nonsense for us as Earthlings to ignore the existence of an alien civilization on a nearby planet. Where I stop with my studies, others continue. Could it be, for example, that we come from elsewhere and are adapted for existence on Earth?

The more we think about this, the more we see its logic. We are extraordinary creatures. We seem to be outsiders in the nature that surrounds us.If that’s really the case, then we are from elsewhere and sooner or later this will be discovered. We may have a gift that we don’t use to the fullest, but the ancient Egyptians there and against do.

At least if this knowledge is in us. If we carry this information with us. We may carry it with us encrypted, without being able to crack this code. We look into the universe with the help of probes. Perhaps there we can find the knowledge, and this knowledge does not require proofs as science requires.

Could we translate it using meditation? There are several ways. I try to master the language of the soul in the same way as the ancient Egyptians. I have told a lot about the language of the talisman of wisdom, but I believe that we can use any language if we start working with symbols that express the sensation and feelings.

In our next book, Talisman, which I am co-authoring with Graham Hancock and due out in 2003, we express the belief that there was a science based on the use of the talisman. Our brains think in those terms and react to symbols and signs. We “read” naturally using a talisman-based language.

We incorporate the knowledge of nature and of course also of the stars. So we have tried to explain what this entailed, how it was practiced by the Egyptians, how it was revived in the texts of Florence, how it served as the basis for various reformation movements and its use in modern times by the Freemasonry and other movements .

We now have the puzzle pieces of it and are now trying to fit them together. That’s what we’re trying to do in the new book. There is a language of the soul, a language of the inner man, the language of the talisman, and people will feel that they must search within themselves to find it.

There will also be other aspects involved such as meditation and the like. We must learn to understand what the monuments, symbols, stars and rituals were for. I don’t believe it was all hokus pokus. I believe it was part of a highly developed science of the soul.”


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