The pain of your inner child: this is how you can free yourself from suppressed emotions

Dealing With Your Depression Or A Depressed Person
Chronic physical complaints, but also depression and anxiety. They can be the result of old emotional pain. Holistic coach Immy  shows in this article how you as an adult can heal the wounds of your inner child. “If you keep running from your emotions, they will only knock on your door more often.”

The emotions that arise are a message from your inner child. The physical aches in your body are an accumulation of emotions that want to be released.

Dark periods

We all have difficult moments. Periods of darkness, in which (old) emotions pull hard on us and we are overloaded with fear, doubt and uncertainty. Sometimes there seems to be no end to the gloom. The light breaks through, but before you can really enjoy it, the next challenge presents itself. Especially highly sensitive people can have trouble with mood swings. In this article I will give you tips on how you can lovingly comfort and carry yourself when you are going through it.

Heal the pain of your inner child

I know what it’s like to feel and heal old pain. I have made my work from my own lived experiences. I now guide others to go the way in. Let them experience how they can heal the wounds of the inner child from their loving heart, their inner adult.

We are confronted with situations that stir up the emotions of the past and of past lives. We manifest from the parts that we often pushed away at a young age because we couldn’t bear them then. It is a natural survival mechanism: as a baby or small child we had no choice but to suppress the intense emotional pain. At a later age we continue to manifest from this unconscious hidden part in order to survive and we can suffer from that. The emotions that arise are a messenger from your inner child. The physical aches in your body are an accumulation of stress and emotions that want to be released. Fortunately, as an adult you can now heal the pain of your inner child.

Experience sadness fully

When I’m feeling emotional or restless, and see myself looking for distraction and cushioning, I usually lie down and breathe into my stomach. To the emotional pain. Sometimes deep sadness is released when I give space to self-healing. I feel the pain of my baby self lying alone and abandoned in the incubator, powerless to change the situation. Her basic needs such as safety, love and attention from her parents are not met.

I still deal with this deeply rooted programming of fear, lack, lack, abandonment, loneliness on a daily basis… Life mirrors this time and again, because as a baby I learned that these feelings are part of my earthly existence. I go back to the root of my pain. I let the tears flow, placing one hand on my heart and one on my stomach. Knowing that the intense pain I want to run from will pass on its own. And that afterwards there will be room for love from my heart. I can fill my whole body with this energy, I experience security and support and I feel connected to the Source of oneness.

Listening to your inner messengers

The key to liberation is to become aware of your inner messengers. Don’t judge yourself when you act from survival patterns. This is how you’ve done it all these years. You have taken on a belief as a baby or child, separated yourself and adjusted yourself to gain approval and validation. To not feel the emotional pain. The emotional or physical turmoil you are experiencing right now is an inner messenger to bring back that child part of yourself. To send love, understanding and compassion there from your loving heart, your mature part.

Physical complaints and depression

All situations that come your way and that cause an emotional or physically unpleasant sensation in you, are gifts that you can unwrap. Even if it doesn’t feel that way at the moment… It’s the invitation to breathe through it, so that you can be loving to the hurt part that separated long ago because it couldn’t bear the emotion. Now it’s time to shine light on the dark and make the most of your shadow. It can be uncomfortable in the moment and it is tempting to run away from it every time, but then the emotions only knock on your door more often. Stored emotions that are not released can eventually develop into chronic physical complaints or psychological imbalance such as depression, fears or personality problems.

Do you dare to come to a stop?

You can seek help in the outside world, but I have found that the way inward ultimately leads to liberation from pain. It’s about connecting with your breath and your body and having the courage to come to a stop. Often we only do this when life forces us to. When we have gone beyond our limits in such a way that we end up at home with physical complaints or a burnout.

I’ve experienced it myself several times. I couldn’t sit still, do nothing and not feel it. I wanted to do something so as not to feel the uneasiness and the deeply buried pain. But each time I got stuck and there was no choice but to look the pain straight in the eye.

A belly full of emotions

Mental beliefs that we have stored over the years and old emotions get stuck in your chakras (energy centers). They hinder the flow of your life energy and dim the loving light of your spiritual being. It is therefore important to connect to it. You can put a hand on your heart chakra . This chakra is the bridge between cosmos and earth and from this point love can fill your body. Place your other hand on your lower abdomen, consciously breathe here and invite healing light here. The oldest pain is stored in your abdomen and pelvic area; we carry here the emotions of early childhood (0-7).

A healing ritual in 3 steps

You can do the following healing ritual when old pain is triggered in you.

1. Place a hand on your heart and on your lower abdomen and focus on your breathing. You can do this anywhere. If the emotion becomes too intense, calm yourself with some deep breaths and spend time on self-healing later. At a moment when you feel the space for this.

2. Stay focused on the emotion or body part where you feel tension. Send love there. Tell your inner child that you are comforting and carrying it and that it is safe to let go of the pain now.

3. Continue to breathe consciously, preferably deep into your lower abdomen, while connecting with your loving heart. Do this until you feel love flowing through you from within. Suppress any urge to flee until self-healing is complete. Thoughts that distract you can be welcomed in love, but you don’t have to react to them or act on them.

The road to inner freedom

When you make a habit of this healing ritual, you will notice that experiencing the pain is less heavy than expected. And that you can wear it now and it’s really old pain of a child part that couldn’t handle it then. Freeing yourself from the pain and experiencing that you can comfort and carry yourself at all times reduces the need for external appreciation, comfort and confirmation. You experience the safety and love more within yourself and therefore the patterns of seeking safety outside yourself change. Think of seeking confirmation, attention and love from your partner, friends or colleagues or losing yourself in a job to gain appreciation.

You may now focus less on achieving goals or making a lot of money. You experience more and more happiness from within and discover that you don’t really need that much. That the present moment is perfect! You can enjoy everything that presents itself and what makes life so beautiful. You experience beauty and abundance and radiate from within. You feel powerful and balanced, because you can carry everything you encounter in yourself. Because you turn every challenge into an opportunity to heal and grow. This is spiritual maturity and the way to inner freedom!

You can seek help in the outside world, but I have experienced that the way inward ultimately leads to the release of your pain.


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