The Pig’s Spiritual Message: What Makes You Really Happy?

The Pig's Spiritual Message

Do you feel trapped in a situation where you are not happy? Then let yourself be inspired by the message of the pig. We can learn a surprising amount from this sensitive animal! “Realize that you are now making your life film. So take care of the curl in your tail: add joy to your life,” says nature reader Karen Bos in this article. Find out how to be a birthday girl….

The pig asks you to ask yourself: what is essential for my happiness in life?

The Little-Valued Task of the Pig

We know the pig especially in the pink variant. But there are many more varieties: brown, black, spotted and dwarf varieties. Then there are also pigs living in the wild, such as the aardvark and the wild boar. They are beautiful animals with a very important job. They dig up the ground nicely. They eat almost anything that we consider to be waste and can also digest it. They feed much of humanity by sacrificing their lives. But instead of showing our gratitude, we see the pig primarily as a product…

Out of balance: the world revolves around numbers

The most famous external features are the funny muzzle and the curl in the tail. If the tail is still attached, because in industry it is often removed preventively. Why? Because the pigs in the much too small stables are starting to eat each other’s tails. Out of boredom. Out of displeasure. It so clearly shows the imbalance in the animal, but people think that making money is more important.

It is a sign of this time. The world has changed in numbers and based on statistics it is going well or not. The soft side is pushed aside too much and too often. Healthcare calculates in the number of patients, the number of treatments, the number of occupied beds that must be available to keep the ‘company’ of healthcare going.

The industrial farmer calculates in yield (milk quota) and weights (meat). His administration is about earmarking, read: numbers. Hopefully the cows [Link to article about keeping cows standing?] are still called Bertha and Truus. And horticulture and floriculture should not be skipped either. Here it is mainly about as much yield as possible from a plot of land or greenhouse. Regardless of whether it is healthy and what damage is done to the earth.

Lots of hidden suffering

Finally, the Dutch economy is also only about numbers. What if almost the entire population does ‘produce’, but feels deeply unhappy? There is so much hidden suffering that cannot be expressed in numbers. The result: people, from young to old, from rich to poor, who get stuck. Who only feel insignificant, but in a group believe they are safe and ‘belonging somewhere’ and are therefore susceptible to any ideas whatsoever. Who even dare to cross the line, because everyone else does too. While deep down they have a gaping hole in their being and a bleeding heart.

Gross National Happiness

Where is the leadership that focuses on the soft side of our being? That strikes a healthy balance between gross national product and gross national happiness? Everything seems to be stuck on this now. All over the world, in all layers, in all dimensions, in all chains. Of people, animals and nature.

What about the tiny economy that is your household? Whether it consists of one person or an entire family. Ask yourself: what is your or your ‘gross household happiness’? How can you improve this? Do you trust that if you act from your loving being, it will affect everything around you? Or do you have a gaping hole and a bleeding heart, causing you to pull your environment into low energy frequencies? Or is someone close to you pulling you down? These frequencies do not feed you and result in a negative spiral effect.

Time for honesty and vulnerability

Where is your openness? Do you really have a listening ear, without going into the ‘solve the problem immediately’ mode, which we have become so accustomed to? Sometimes just listening with your beautiful pig ears is enough. Being quiet to give the other person space to express themselves can make a world of difference.

It’s time for change. Time to share. Communicate openly about anything that bothers you. Speaking for yourself, without pointing at others. Use your ‘pink pig vulnerability’ to invite others to do the same. Without coercion, without duty, without fear that you will be ‘judged’ for what you say. If that is the case, then the other person has something to learn there. In any case, you have acted from your honesty and you can look yourself in the eye in your own mirror of the soul.

Always be positive

Here we can learn from the pig. Although her circumstances are often dire and her tail is eaten, she still lovingly takes care of her piglets. It is the turning point to always be able to be positive. Not fake and feigned, so don’t say with a fake smile on your face that it’s going great if it isn’t. To know that better times are always coming. Maybe not in your lifetime, but at least you have contributed to the well-being of the next generation.

Curl in the tail: what makes you happy?

The pig asks you to ask yourself: what is essential to make me happy? How much space do you allow yourself? Are you in a tiny cage with iron gates, where you can barely turn your butt? And do you also let all kinds of piglets – read: other people – suck you dry?

The worst is yet to come. You say you can’t help it, because well, you’re locked in that cage. Unfortunately, this is indeed the case with pigs, but for this animal too, probably for future generations, it is better to be on the road. Thanks to farmers who realize that the pig is an honest and sensitive creature.

It also applies to you that you do not have to lie there. It feels a bit like voluntarily spinning around in your own poop, while you can also play outside. Add joy to your life. Make sure you get a curl in your tail, because it’s the curl that shows if the pig is feeling good.

Rooting: space for yourself

Do you want to make a pig happy? Then two things are essential. First, it must be able to root in the soil. Not on a small piece of land, but on a large site, so that it can roam around and there is always something to get somewhere. An additional advantage is that the earth does not become exhausted. Boars (family of…) cover entire routes through nature. In every season they know exactly where to find what. Now that is not possible for our domestic, garden and kitchen pigs due to the allotment of the land. Nevertheless, it is useful to consider whether more space can be created for this animal.

The Pig's Spiritual Message

Mud bath: getting rid of old pieces

In addition, mud is a favorite. Pigs with little hair have a delicate skin. Taking a mud bath doesn’t just get rid of potential parasites, it’s their way of grooming themselves. To nourish and protect their skin, for example from the sun. Because as a bright pink pig you can burn quickly.

Here too we can learn from the pig. If you open up, you have to be selective so as not to be “drained empty”, as mentioned earlier. You may wallow in the mud to get rid of parasites (old pieces), but don’t lie in it. Don’t get caught up in the victim role. Just as it makes little sense to keep rooting, while deep down you already know that there is nothing left in the ground.

Open the gate and free yourself

It is your own programming that has trapped you. You may break open the figurative gate you placed in self-protection. You forget to live! Life means: doing what makes you ‘permanently’ happy. What you feed your soul with. And where you are completely satisfied with who you are – regardless of whether you meet the ideals that the world presents you. Just imagine, what would happen if the pig looked into this deceptive mirror? But it doesn’t! It just grunts nicely and consciously lies down in the mud again.

Be the birthday girl in your own life

To live means to think about what you have done for good when you leave this life behind. How you contributed. Inner knowledge that you have left something good and that you have grown as a soul. Bet that all those restaurant visits, stuff and time you’ve spent on your phone suddenly turn out to be nonsensical? What will be reviewed then? Which movie is set for you?

The beautiful memories and encounters, the happy faces when you did something good for someone else. Your talk or friendly greeting that brought a smile to many familiar and unfamiliar faces. The loving experiences you have had, with people and animals. The care you have given to the nature around you, so that life there too became a party. The moments when you could experience love in mutual touch and caress. The moments when you doubled over with laughter. The gratitude you showed daily that led to possibilities instead of impossibilities.

You are not dead yet, dear one. Realize that you are now making your life film. So take care of the curl in your tail. Be the birthday girl in your own life, no matter what situation you find yourself in. Things can only get better if you manage to realize this turnaround in yourself.

Do you want to become the best version of yourself? Are you stuck somewhere? Karen Bos is a natural reader, medium and energetic coach and is happy to help you:



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