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The Pleiades. Characteristics of those who have the Pleiades as their Planetary origin

the Pleiades

Those with the Pleiades as their Planetary origin are sensitive, loving and kind.

They have a deep and abiding desire for peace and happiness for all.

If you ask someone from the Pleiades ‘what do you want from life?’ they will probably say: Be happy!

Pleiadians have a pleasant, soft energy that others around them enjoy.

Pleiadians are emotional and loving, but they tend to suppress it by the desire to please others.

They are sensitive and respond quickly to criticism.

Pleiadians have a tendency to sacrifice their own wants and needs in an effort to please others.

This can cause inner resentment.

Rather than expressing resentment and being openly angry, Pleiadians may exhibit passive-aggressive behavior, hoping that their feelings will be noticed and reciprocated by others without the need for discussion.

They must learn to understand that whoever they are trying to please will usually prefer to hear those feelings and needs.

Pleiadians can become physically ill in situations where there is anger, tension and arguments around them. They can take over the emotions of others through their unconscious attempt to mitigate or mediate situations.

The tendency to suppress one’s own emotions and the adopted emotions can form energetic blocks if these emotions are not released from time to time.

Ultimately, this can lead to physical illnesses.

A large part of their learning experience consists of learning to allow other people to experience for themselves what they have chosen and not to get personally involved.

Pleiadians can learn to become aware of their desire to make others happy and realize that everyone is responsible for personal happiness and fulfillment.

They may learn to allow others to be responsible for themselves, and for their growth and learning situations.

In the Pleiades, they learn that they cannot decide when others are happy or what others need to be happy and can instead focus on their own happiness.

When real responsibility is accepted for oneself and for personal happiness, Pleiadians will prosper and their physical bodies will glow.

Pleiadians can work on developing self-esteem and on third-dimensional communication skills.

It is important for them to regain personal power, communicate freely and become stronger from within.

At times, it may appear to others that Pleiadians are overly reserved and aloof.

This is due to their tendency to criticize their own thoughts and thereby stop sharing their thoughts. Which in turn causes problems with self-esteem.

Often Pleiadians feel that their thoughts are not ‘worth’ to be shared, they will have to work on that too.

They may develop patterns of using various 3D pursuits as a temporary escape from reality, or through improper confidence building and communication skills.

It can be risky adventures with drugs and booze, creating sexual or romantic dramas, or simply escaping into other realities by reading, watching television or movies.The Pleiades. Characteristics of those who have the Pleiades as their Planetary origin

People of the Pleiades let go by crying.

Matching their tendency to suppress emotions, they build up to a point where they have to let go.

This can result in a crying fit that occurs as an overreaction to a situation. It is a release of much more than what has actually happened.

Matching the communication breakdowns that may be worked on, Pleiadians experience different ways of letting go in the throat chakra area, such as crying.

Pleiades-7 sisters
the Pleiades are also called the 7 sisters. Named after seven sisters from Greek mythology who were placed in the sky by Zeus

It can also be recurring physical problems or difficulty speaking such as hoarseness, coughing or a pinched feeling in the throat chakra.

This will no longer happen once Pleiadians have learned to trust in the free expression of emotions and needs and be able to apply this in daily life.

Disturbances can be seen as a signal to examine within yourself what still needs to be expressed.

People from the Pleiades are very strong in faith and trust.

From an early age they have a strong determination, a deep knowing that there is a relationship with God and a purpose and plan, even in their darkest moments.

There is an inner desire to seek spiritual answers and to find the relationship with the Divine Power.

Once they start searching and learning, growth begins.

When they remember their relationship with God and love themselves as a perfect human being, many of the old feelings, emotions and self-doubt fade away .


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