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The power of affirmations – bending limiting beliefs

Affirmations are phrases that you think or say. These phrases influence your thoughts, actions and behavior because our thoughts create our reality . Affirmations are an end and a means. The goal is to have positive thoughts and it is a means to become more aware.

You use limiting phrases throughout the day, such as “I can never do that” or “He’s much better than me.” You often don’t even realize it’s happening. Just as you apply this to yourself, we also use affirmations to others, such as ‘Watch out, don’t fall!’, or ‘You are still too small for that’.

If you use the affirmations (consciously or unconsciously) in a negative way, you are in fact calling on the meaning of the words. If you think you can’t do something, you start to believe it. In psychology this is called a ‘ self fulfilling prophecy ‘; because you have a certain expectation, it will also come true. By affirming regularly you influence your thoughts in a positive way.

Reprogramming Limiting Beliefs

affirmationsBy consciously and positively thinking, speaking to yourself and others, you change your thoughts about yourself, others and your life.

The affirmation is used as confirmation. You convince yourself with what you want to be fed. This influences and strengthens your thoughts , your feelings and your beliefs on a conscious and unconscious level .

Affirmations that you consciously use to change patterns or promote healing should achieve desired results through their specific statements. You repeat the affirmation one or more times a day for at least three weeks, replacing negative beliefs with positive beliefs. The repetition of an affirmation is necessary to penetrate the unconscious, allowing reprogramming to take place

Pay attention to the words you use

An affirmation is a powerful thought. You use strong words. You don’t use ‘not’, ‘none’, ‘a little’ or ‘about’. When you say, “I want to feel myself stronger,” the affirmation is not as powerful as when you say, “I feel strong.”

When negative thoughts are no longer fed, they will disappear. The positive thoughts are, as it were, a new seed, which is rooted in your unconscious.

It is very well possible that you cannot pronounce a certain affirmation because it does not match your feeling. You can also get angry or sad with a certain positive affirmation.

In such a case, change the affirmation. For example, if the affirmation “I’m a super cute girl and I’m loving” provokes resistance, change the affirmation. Put other words to it, for example: ‘I’m completely fine the way I am and I can be there in my own way’.

So look for the correct meaning of words, but keep the sentence strong and positive.

An example

Sam is a 12 year old boy who wants to get rid of his allergy. He sneezes all day, his nose is itchy and his eyes irritate him daily. When testing during an NEI session, we encounter the emotion ‘loss of confidence’ and ‘distrust of the future’. He will soon be going to high school. Sam is highly sensitive and psychic and in his current class he is accepted as he is. The insecure feelings about his new school are very logical.

On a subconscious level he had been playing around with the thoughts ‘What if they don’t accept me?’ and ‘Will I be part of it later?’. By bringing this to light, he became aware of it. To reinforce, an affirmation was needed: ‘I am always grounded and stand firm,A few days later I got an email, in which mother told that the allergy was completely gone and that her son was going on holiday relaxed. Sam wasn’t worried anymore. He spoke the affirmation faithfully out loud every day. He could feel the words better and better and it felt good to say the words out loud.

When a limiting belief stubbornly sabotages your development and you are aware of it, you can positively influence it yourself with the help of an affirmation.

For example, you don’t feel balanced. Then an affirmation can be: I am 100% in balance, I feel sure of myself and fully trust my feelings.’

Learn to affirm

Find the right words, shorten the affirmation and keep repeating. If you keep forgetting it, write it down, hang it on the mirror, or put it on your nightstand. Say the sentences out loud when you are alone so you won’t be disturbed.

Writing it down helps to find the right words. But also to keep an eye on your own process, because you see that certain words keep coming back, you see the common thread. That gives insight. And when you write down what keeps you busy, think about what you are grateful for. Because gratitude has a healing power.

Affirming in combination with deep breathing

An affirmation is always accompanied by conscious breathing. As you say your affirmation, breathe in deeply through the nose and out through the mouth. You repeat this at least three times. The positive feeling in combination with positive thoughts and your conscious breathing ensure optimal energy distribution in the body. This reduces stress and the associated stress symptoms.


Affirmations for specific complaints

A number of affirmations in a row [3] , intended to be used for specific complaints:

Migraine: I relax safely in the flow of life and take what I need
Crying: I am at peace with all my emotions and love myself
Intestinal problems: I let go of the old and embrace the new with joy
Back problems: I trust the process of life and am safe
Neck: I am at peace with life and flexible with adversity
Shoulders: all my experiences are joyful and loving
Nail biting: it is safe for me to grow up

Affirmations to the Chakras

The word chakra comes from Sanskrit and means wheel or vortex. Chakras are energy centers in the human body. The chakras are not physical, but energetic . They are the energy vortices of the human aura.

Each chakra has a specific influence on the organ functions, the blood circulation, the hormone balance, but also the emotions of the mind. The life energy is absorbed by the chakras and made available for spiritual processes. All chakras are connected with colors, sounds and symbols that correspond to the energetic frequency of a particular energy vortex. easy said; they each have their own vibration or resonance.

Chakras can also be positively influenced with the help of affirmations.

Root chakra – ‘I am’ – I am firmly grounded and worth being there
Sacral chakra – ‘I enjoy’ – I feel balanced and happy with myself
Solar plexus chakra – ‘I can’ – I trust my gut and accept myself as I am
Heart chakra – ‘I love’ – I can do anything I want and I experience love
Throat chakra – ‘I communicate’ – I tell the truth from rest
Third eye chakra – ‘I know’ – I am in touch with my soul and think positive
Crown Chakra – ‘I am in touch with the universe’ – Life is beautiful and I am one with everything

Affirming as an end and a means

The purpose of affirming is therefore to turn negative, hindering thoughts into positive, helping thoughts .

By affirming regularly you consciously send a signal to yourself. You affirm yourself with a positive statement. You influence your unconscious and with that you ‘re-program’ your own thoughts. By repeating the affirmations you break through obstructive patterns that are converted into new positive thoughts. Affirmation is the means to increase your awareness.

By affirming regularly, you become master of your own thoughts. Affirming influences and strengthens your thoughts, your feelings and your beliefs on a conscious and unconscious level.


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