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The power of Connection with your Self

The connection with your Self

The connection with yourself is the most important connection we have. And as mentioned in the previous article , this connection also determines the connections that we make ‘outside ourselves’. But to what extent are we really aware of our Self and the connections we have with our Self?

More and more , the vibrations on Earth are increasing, making us more and more aware of the Multidimensionality that we are. We now know and feel that we are much more than our earthly bodies or personality. Many are becoming or have already become more and more aware of our emotional world, thought world and energetic inner world. These are the 3-dimensional and 4-dimensional fields of our consciousness.

Some, however, also know and feel the higher dimensional layers, beyond the 3D and 4D, and are in touch with themselves and also with 5D or higher fields of consciousness. That which we call our Higher Selves or Light Bodies. And perhaps even with much ‘higher’ realities that ultimately all belong to us as Divine Beings in manifestation.

Okay, you then have a lot of awareness that you are not only your body and personality, but that you are ‘bigger’, you are more than that. But is there also a form of awareness of the extent to which you are connected with all these layers? To what extent are these their own director, or are you in charge as a conscious Soul?

Old layers and patterns

As we awaken deeper and deeper in our consciousness, more and more layers are being exposed from which we have been separated for a long time, or at least had no consciousness on them. This means that these layers and fields have often developed structures of their own on a 3D and 4D level (often survival or defense mechanisms) to keep us standing in the world.

These fields or layers of our Self are often damaged and colored and contain many colored views, usually resonating with pain, judgments, old experiences or old beliefs. Not related to our ever expanding consciousness in which a much greater reality of consciousness becomes visible and palpable. That means that the layers of consciousness that are awakening contain many old paradigms, views and experiences that we have pigeonholed and labeled as painful, lonely, unsafe, etc.

Such layers also contain many old strategies of defense, poverty awareness, defense, survival, struggle, reacting and acting from pain or lack of overview, patterns in ourselves and with the outside world that resonate to separation instead of Oneness. And with that they also contain an old way of connection: connection from unconsciousness, resonating to pain, scars and wounds that are stored somewhere in your unconsciousness as alarming memories.

As our consciousness opens further and we become more and more aware of what lives beneath the surface within us, more and more of these old patterns come to the fore. Patterns first of all in ourselves that can have an extremely limiting effect on ourselves, but also on our connections in the outside world. How many patterns and structures do you not see that you have set up together with your partner or family from unconsciousness, which have a limiting rather than liberating effect? Think of upbringing, norms, values, convictions, vision of life, and so on.

As your consciousness becomes more open, you will begin to recognize more of these patterns. These have been unconsciously agreed upon and created in response to each other’s blind spots, pain points and survival. Structures that to a certain extent provide a piece of safety, so that you know where you stand. However, whether these structures are still of service once you awaken deeper in consciousness is another point.

The same naturally happens first of all in your Self: when you awaken more deeply and your consciousness is touched further in vibration, such patterns also come to light in your Self. This provides food for growth, to learn to see through, heal or let go of patterns that limit you rather than liberate. Or internally decide patterns that you still need to maintain. That is the path of consciousness growth that we are going.

However, the question is: to what extent are we aware that such layers may become visible and palpable, but that no real connection is made with them at a conscious level.

Free yourself from the old

We can only really connect with these layers if we dare to allow ourselves to fully connect with them. If we really go into those pains and scars, from neutrality of the heart without getting dragged into it. Only from there can we really see through, heal and let go of such themes and patterns, or whatever the intention is. Only then do we really free our Self from the old, and make a new connection with our Self on those layers.

However, it is often the unconscious fear and defense layers within ourselves that prefer to keep us from making real contact with the pain, fear or emotion that underlies the scar. And on a subtle level we keep ourselves thus continuously on layers out of connection with our Self.

By connecting with your Self I do not only mean those layers of our Self that are beautiful, radiant, powerful and of a higher order. Because that is relatively easier and can lead to an escape from reality and grounding. But I’m also talking about the layers of pain, emotion, old energy or whatever. We often find it much more difficult to connect with these layers, because then we can really fathom the depth of the pain.

Some examples of these themes are: inner child reactions, warrior mentality, (self) rejection, fears, insecurity, self-judgment, disproving yourself, lack of strength, not giving space to yourself, responding from survival, feeling of guilt, shame, insecurity, lack of love for yourself, not having (insight) sight, destructive patterns, you name it. These are just some of the many examples of such patterns.

Create openings

In order to connect more and more deeply with our Self, we really need to embrace and accept all the layers that we are. That is only possible from the Unconditional neutral Heart, from Unconditional Love.

From an embrace and acceptance of our Self we lay the right foundation to open ourselves even more deeply, to our Self. To create openings and the right support to heal all damaged parts of our Consciousness and thereby liberate ourselves deeper and deeper from the old and the new grander consciousness of who we Are really deeper to experience.


The energies of this time are increasingly inviting us to explore our Self in all possible facets, on all possible (already accessible layers) in how we are connected with it, or not. What are you trying to get around in your Self? What do you connect with? That can also be views, beliefs, beliefs that either limit you or set you free from the old paradigm of limited consciousness.

With which layers do you identify yourself and which ones do you reject, condemn or reject within yourself? Those are layers on which you do not enter into real connection with your Self. And why? What is it that makes you prefer to stay away from it? What makes you prefer not to associate with it?

In order to become more and more deeply aware of who we really Are, related in the now-moment, in our human earthly being and in our ‘greater’ Being (Divine Being and everything in between those facets) we can deepen our Self reconnect with ourselves.

As long as we don’t connect with all that we are, in Light and Shadow, there will remain blind spots that keep us from our Self. Do patterns persist that continue to take charge of our lives, at a subconscious level, and that remain at the wheel. As a result of which we cannot fully consciously walk our Mastery and Ascension/Awareness path on more and more layers.

Your own shadow

It sounds paradoxical: also connecting with your own shadow and unconscious fields , yet it is the only way to gain more insight into what lives in the basement of your Being.

Because when we also dare to connect with our shadow and pain sides from the connection with our inner Light or Consciousness, we can use our Conscious, healing, Light qualities to heal our Self. We really get the piece of healing and mastery from our Self. From care for our Self and taking responsibility for our Self.

We are often so afraid of our pain, fear, ego, sadness and emotion that we prefer to stay away from it. Even if we are on the path of awareness. But with that we maintain the unconscious layers and with that we stay out of the real Connection with our Self.

When we connect with all layers of our Being, we get a deeper overview of where we are in Connection with our Self and where we are not. And a clearer overview is created in where there is still work to be done in growth, healing and awareness. It offers more practical handles and deeper insight into our Self.

In addition, it offers a faster detection mode to let us feel earlier where and when we are disconnecting from our Self, where energies are present that do not serve us but rather pull us further out of balance or influence us on the blind layers of the old separateness.

If you experience that you still lose connection with your Self at times, because old patterns play up or are triggered , you can recognize and recover them faster. Because you can claim your conscious connection with ‘higher layers’ of your Self, even if you can’t feel it for a while because you have been shot into a lower vibration. And you can therefore raise yourself faster to a more conscious level and see what is going on.

Growing in consciousness

At the same time with all this I also feel the importance of really reclaiming your own layers and consciousness, to connect with it. Consciously or still unconsciously. Because that ensures that you can grow with faster steps in the awareness of who you really are, beyond all scars and old patterns, and at the same time you protect yourself more consciously when it comes to influencing energies from outside (which can destroy the old scars). and nurture and thus amplify pain or anxiety patterns).

On the other hand, you can recognize more strongly where old patterns and emotional reactions are still present in you that resonate with the old paradigm of your unconscious self. Where do interpretations, expectations, inner child reactions, personality layers come to the fore? You become more aware of what is still alive and expressed in you. Which is the first thing in you that reacts to any situation.

In the power of Connection with your Self you can again bear all the responsibility for who you Are, with conscious and still unconscious layers. But with the piece of Mastery that you can also convert all unconscious layers and pain structures more deeply and more effectively during your Consciousness growth. You then really take Divine Responsibility for your path and your Being!


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