The power of Connection


One of the aspects that seems to be very much the order of the day at this time (in the energies of the now) is the energy of Connection. Connection in many forms and on many layers, but also the opposite of course undeniably comes up for discussion: the lack of connection.

In all the global, collective and personal changes and vibrational elevations that serve to help us awaken more consciously beyond the illusion of separation, it seems now more than ever that the emphasis is on this theme: the Power of Connection, or the lack thereof.

This theme is working out on many layers at the same time and this time period with all the awakening energies emphasizes becoming more and more deeply aware of what we connect with. In ourselves, as well as in the outside world.

Where are we connected with ourselves and where not

The higher in consciousness and vibration, the more sensitive we become. With that, a piece of new awareness comes into play, whereby it is important to become increasingly aware of what we do or do not connect to our Self. What feeds us from those connections or, on the contrary, negates it. Where we are in connection with our Self and where we are not.

It is not only about a much deeper awareness, but also about a bit of responsibility (for our own choices, energy, connections) which we can take back with that.

The Connection with your Self and the Connection with the other

An essential theme and growth process that currently seems to be fully addressed on many layers and within many different ‘playing fields’ at the same time: the Connection with your Self and the Connection with the other. This can also be seen in the many questions and themes that are discussed in practice and during workshops. But also in everyday life around me I notice that it is the order of the day.

Many relationships are currently in the rut or stranded. On the other hand, more and more people are getting new relationships, Soul Relationships, that connect more strongly with the growth processes of awareness. It seems like a solid wave that is going on and that turns many lives upside down.

After all, relationships are the ultimate reflection in where connection is or is not present, and where the old or the new is lived, in your Self and in relation to each other.

The Divine Feminine Potential

I recognize these pieces as a cyclical recurring thing, with several such ‘waves of change in connection’ having passed in recent years. In this too, as with any other consciousness process, we personally and collectively go further and further and went deeper in growth.

With the Venus transit during the 6-6-2012 portal, reawakening the deeper Divine Feminine Blueprint, this process has started deeper than ever. And since then waves of new influx of frequencies have been occurring regularly, activating the Divine Feminine Potential more deeply.

This is one of several reasons why so much movement and shifts are actually taking place on a three-dimensional relationship plane. The collectively suppressed Feminine Power aspect is awakening and needs space to take its place again in each of us and to grow and rise again in power.

The feminine aspect is present in each of us, male and female, and resonates with the qualities of the heart. The receptive, emotional aspect, the power of healing and forgiveness, acceptance, softness that also carries power. The power of intuition and the transcendence of all that is old from the Power of Creation that is seated in the Feminine aspect. Just a few of the many facets of the Female Blueprint Field.

For many thousands of years, the female field has been disrupted, disempowered, raped and abused. It was part of the Creation of Duality, which we are all a part of and responsible for. The male strength and separation could thus be enjoyed to the fullest. As in the thousands of years before the same happened with the Feminine aspect.

But the tide is turning, the energies of the Feminine have been awakened, so that it can first of all recover its potential. The Feminine also carries the Keys to Healing of all facets, also in the balancing with the Masculine Blueprint Potential. And the Higher Purpose of this New Age is to reunite both of these Blueprints in Oneness.

Clearing the Blueprint Fields

To get there, however, both Blueprint Fields need to be purified as deeply as possible of old wounds and scars, imbalance, ballast and separation. Yes, we live in a special and interesting time, but also an extremely challenging one! Because everything is moving at an accelerated pace.

Both Polarity spaces or Blueprint spaces are played out with each other. All the old may come to light to heal, allowing the two Polarities to merge again, with the Purpose of fully remembering our true Divine Potential on all planes of consciousness.

To get there, the Female Blueprint Field had to be awakened and awakened further and further in strength, otherwise both Blueprints cannot grow any further. These Blueprints reside within each of us, they are simply the way Home in Original frequency, when both can merge in complete equality and harmony.

To get there we can walk the path of healing in our Self, in both facets:  male and female qualities again. Only from there can balance arise. This happens in us, and is reflected in the (conscious or unconscious) connection with our Self and with the outside world.

The fire of remembrance of the true you

Because so many pain scars are touched by this, many old patterns are being shaken up, so that more awareness is created internally, there is often a lot of movement and shift in our Self and therefore also in our outer world mirrors: our relationships.

All layers of connection with our Self and therefore also with the other come under attack. The fire of re-membering the true you beyond all scars, duality and veil.

The You who in its completeness is Oneness and Divine. And anything that doesn’t resonate with that will be allowed to be scrutinized. In our Self, and in all our connections in the ‘outer world’, the earthly ‘playing field’ in which we as Soul wish to remember our True Self.

The Power of Connection

When we talk about Connections, a distinction can be made in the nature of connections. But all these different compounds have one thing in common; it stands or falls with the connection we have with our Self. The connection with our Self is the most essential formula and foundation that flows through everything, in any other connection, and that is also the direction in other connections that we make or meet on our path.

The more aware we are of the connections with and within our Self, or the lack thereof, the better we can become aware of the connections we have with others or that we encounter on our path of awareness.

But also: the more consciously we can choose from responsibility to our Self to enter into certain connections or not, or  to let go of old connections when they negate rather than contribute anything to our growth.

In this series of articles within the topic ‘The Power of Connection’ I will try to explain as clearly as possible how this theme works, where there are bottlenecks and pitfalls, and what exactly that connection with your Self is within you and in all your connections. ‘outside you’ causes. What is the influence and effect of the energies of this time and what Purpose with regard to Consciousness is behind it.


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