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The power of gratitude (+exercise)

One of the most powerful life attitudes to becoming a happy person is when you walk the path of gratitude. Gratitude is a pure energy with a very high vibration. Not only will you get many more things on your path through a grateful attitude to life that you can be grateful for, gratitude also has a healing and soothing energy. It’s a feeling that you should take a deep breath.

The ego thrives on ‘not good enough’

Gratitude is a feeling that belongs to the soul rather than to the personality. The ego is not fond of gratitude. In order to survive, the ego just needs that reality is not good at all. You are also a constant improvement project for your ego: you are never good just the way you are. Let alone that you could experience gratitude towards yourself.

The ego has to step back when it comes to gratitude. It is a feeling and/or a thought that cannot be used. Gratitude is a lens through which you look: you look at your life from a distance and look for those things on which you can stick an ‘ok sticker’. And let this realization now be of great importance in your spiritual journey.Thanks to gratitude we enter the realm of the light master.

Exercise to do daily:

  • 1. Relax, take a deep breath and rest. Let you breathe.
    (even better is to meditate beforehand , so that you have already calmed things down a bit)
  • 2. Look back on your day while continuing to breathe deeply and calmly. Look like a scientific researcher: seq lets you pass the events before your mind’s eye. You also view all feelings/emotions that cause this from the perspective of this scientific researcher.
  • 3. Choose 5 to 10 events or moments that deserve your gratitude.
  • Breathe these thoughts into your heart and explain why you are grateful:
    “I am grateful for this moment because…”
  • 4. Repeat 3x after each event/moment: ‘Thank you.’ (in your mind or, even more forcefully, aloud) Stay in close contact with your heart.
    Perhaps you can feel a sense of gratitude from the observations you make from the position of scientific researcher. Fill your heart with it and let the feeling flow through your body.
    If you cannot feel this gratitude, imagine that gratitude has a certain color: breathe this color through your heart and very slowly fill your body with it.
  • 5. You end this exercise by saying “Thank you” again (x3)

Gratitude is always there

There is always something to be thankful for. As miserable as some living conditions may be, you can always find something (very) small to be thankful for. You may not feel this way, but nevertheless I invite you to do it anyway.
Perhaps you can be thankful for the smile your neighbor gave you as you passed. Or for that lady who let you go ahead at the cash register or the train conductor who waited for you before departure.
Think of it as a seed that you plant: it takes a while before it starts to grow and you actually feel it. But if you give it contentious attention every day, you will be amazed at what is happening in your life. Not only will abundance come your way, you will also feel happier and richer – in every sense of the word -.

Forced gratitude

“So what do you say?” the parent with something threatening asks in the voice and compelling eyes.
Then dare to refuse to say ‘thank you’ as a child 😊
Some have therefore come to hate expressing their thanks. That lack of freedom of the past that comes into play with it is another invitation for a nice feeling exercise. Feel the resistance and let it pull through you from the viewer’s position. In the Now, this old trigger can dissolve simply by feeling it. Because feeling is healing, remember?

The longer you can be in a state of gratitude, the more that will heal in your system. You become softer and your field becomes lighter; in short, gratitude is an essential part of your spiritual path.

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