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The power of words

Everything you do and what is around you is energy. We are all connected. Everything you think or the emotions you have has an energy frequency. You send out these energy frequencies. Every person has a personal experience of his or her reality. Your own ideas, your unique vision of life and your personal beliefs. What is your reality and what thoughts do you have every day? When you change, the whole world around you changes. In this article I will take you into the power of words and give you 3 tips so that you experience more positivity every day.

Jasmine takes a few deep breaths in and out. Her heart is beating in her throat and she feels deep emotions of sadness rising. The words you are not good enough entered Jasmijn deeply. She is out of balance and she feels the pain in her heart. It reminded her of her father who used to say every day: ‘You are worth nothing!’ Jasmine lets go of the thought and the emotion. She decides: I am more than good enough. She repeats the positive thoughts several times in her head. Her body relaxes and she feels the power of her own words: she feels more positive.

The power of words

Every emotion you feel has its own frequency

Everything in the universe is made up of energy. As humans, we are tiny particles that vibrate quickly or slowly. Every part of our body is made up of vibrating particles. These particles behave like energy and can be measured in hertz. This means that the emotions have their own frequency. There are different kinds of emotions. Emotions that we want to hide and have a lower frequency. Think of guilt, shame, anger and fear. There are also positive emotions that have a high frequency. Think of love, gratitude, enthusiasm and freedom.

Why is the power of words so important?

Everything in the universe is vibration. This vibration is physically measurable. There is a law of resonance. That is, similar energies attract each other. Imagine someone telling you a personal story. The beliefs and words come to you. As a human being you have stored situations that you have experienced in your system and you have unconsciously attached a conclusion to them. The moment the person who tells you a story touches an emotional chord with you, as in the example of Jasmijn, this can influence your feeling. You may be out of balance and don’t know what to do anymore.

You cannot see the emotional vibrations that touch you. However, they broadcast frequencies just like a radio station. The radio station broadcasts frequencies and you can turn the radio on to any frequency you wish. Everything you send out resonates with similar words, thoughts and emotions in your environment. You then pull these frequencies towards you.

This means that when you are out of balance, you can choose words that have a higher frequency. In Jasmijn’s example, she chooses the positive sentence: I am more than good enough. This puts Jasmine in an acceptance, which increases her frequency. Jasmine immediately feels more positive.

Your higher consciousness and your inner wisdom

Right now, your personal experiences and reality are all your thoughts, words, and emotions from the past. You have drawn this to you through your own thoughts, consciously or unconsciously. The emotion you radiate influences the situations you attract. When you vibrate at a higher frequency through positive thoughts, you access a higher consciousness.

The advantage of experiencing a higher consciousness is that you can better listen to your inner wisdom. All wisdom is in you. By living from the inside out, you can use this inner wisdom whenever you want. The advantage when you use your inner wisdom is that goals can really be achieved.

The power of words

Your thoughts and attracting what you want to put down. Become aware of the words you say to yourself and others throughout the day. Are these words positive and focused on possibilities or are these words focused on negativity and shortcomings?

Why doesn’t the power of words always work?

In my coaching practice I teach people to use as many positive words as possible on a daily basis. That starts with becoming aware of which words you think on a daily basis. Often you unconsciously use negative thoughts, while you are convinced that you have positive thoughts. What I also see is that people are holding onto old emotions.

People find it difficult to feel these emotions because they are afraid of the pain they contain. Don’t hold onto your emotions, feel them and then let go. The advantage of letting go of the emotions is that you no longer attract this frequency of emotions.

3 tips to increase your frequency

The power of wordsWhere do you start when it comes to the power of words? Besides becoming aware of the thoughts and emotions you are sending out, you can start raising your frequency. Below I give you 3 tips on how to increase your frequency every day.

  • Make time for yourself and use the power of silence. Listen to how you feel.
  • Gratitude is the highest frequency: it lowers your heart rate, it renews your cells and thus you increase your frequency. What are you grateful for?
  • Surrender: live the way you want to live your life and follow your heart.

Can you make a difference today with the power of words?

All your emotions and thoughts have a frequency. There are low and high frequencies. Everything you think, you as a person also attract to you. When you become more aware of this, you realize that the power of your words is great.
The more positively you think, the more higher frequencies you attract into your life. What steps are you taking today to experience more positivity?

Closer to yourself through life coaching

What I experience in my coaching practice is that people keep turning in circles around a theme. This theme could be, for example: uncertainty. These people have really pulled out all the stops to make sure and yet the theme keeps coming back despite their positive thoughts. My experience is that the core problem is in a past life. It is my specialty to remove the core problem in a session.

This is experienced as special and liberating, because you can continue in a short time. Go to for a no-obligation consultation.


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