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The Pre-Child Choice of Adult Indigos

One of the most surprising aspects I find in the many adult Indigo lectures I do is in the area of ​​children.

So many women and men, all adult Indigos, in this life are childless or have children they are separated from or feel disconnected from. This is a life of intense karmic ‘cleaning’ and their problems regarding children have strong karmic consequences.

If they don’t understand karma, they may feel left out of children’s joys or wonder why they chose children who are disappointments because the normal parent-child relationship is not there.

Some men have an unresolved guilt of being responsible for the deaths of children in past lives . Many women have cared for children throughout their lives, and have endured the sorrow of losing them to war, disease, famine and poverty.

In this life many women have decided to have children because they did not want to bear the burden of this pain. With this ‘soul promise’, pregnancy becomes impossible.

On a ‘soul level’ you have chosen to spare yourself from another lifetime of unbearable grief and your body is simply cooperating. The promise can be changed with inner work and forgiveness, if you so choose.

For others, arrangements were made to bring children into this world, but not necessarily to have a normal parent-child relationship.

In these situations, one or both parents may feel separated from their child, who needed to share their energetic imprint. But the basis for the relationship is the strong karma you share as a former parent/child, lovers or husband/wife and you want to dissolve them in this life.

These relationships are complex, challenging and very frustrating because while you are a mother, father or child, the dynamics of your relationship resonate on different emotional levels.

Whether you have children or not, it is not an accident, unfortunate circumstance, or twist of fate. You have agreed to the details of your life and you have strong karma that you have agreed to resolve.

Whatever anger or sadness you feel can be resolved by understanding why you have chosen this path and to do the healing that you have decided to do. If you don’t have children, look inside yourself and find out why.

If you have children with whom you are in conflict, what is the purpose of your being together in this life and how can you resolve it? Knowing this will take you out of the emotional aspects of your togetherness and into higher levels of joy and understanding.


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