The price of beliefs and judgments


Every thought, word and did reflects a conviction and they all have their energetic price in our lives. If we look at our beliefs and the judgments we derive from them in the sense of how they either expand or limit the flow of energy in our lives, we can also look at our lives in terms of value and see if we are subconsciously limiting our energy flow. .

We do think of cost, price and value when we talk about money, but we must also apply this to energy because it is through our beliefs and judgments that we waste our energetic resources.

On a recent visit to the eye doctor, I spoke to the technician about the benefits of coconut oil after she told me how dry her hands were. I saw that she was unhappy, that she was struggling with something, and that she felt very limited in her life.
She said “I can’t afford it” four times during our conversation.

She talked about her mother’s chronic lung disease, and attributed it to second-hand smoke, but I felt there was more to it than that, that she had spent a lifetime feeling limited, suffocated and blocked and that has its price.

If you feel you don’t have enough room to breathe into the fullness of your being, your body will mirror that belief for you. I tried to explain these principles to her, but I knew she wasn’t ready, her beliefs about the limitations in her life and the judgments about what was possible were too ingrained to allow her to open up to other options. Maybe one day she’ll be able to, but she wasn’t that day.

I wondered in what other areas of her life she continued those inherited patterns of limited beliefs and judgments that she had inherited from her family.
These beliefs are always part of our energetic lineage, we believe and think as we have been taught, but we also have the opportunity to change them.

Our desire for something else is followed by a thought that either limits its expression or expands our ability to receive enough energy to empower it. With every belief and judgment we amplify our joy, or we limit its expression, because it all revolves around the flow of energy. Our beliefs, especially those surrounding our victimhood, can take a heavy toll when they create judgments that cost us joy, peace, love, serenity, security, and movement.

judgeJudgments restrict the flow of energy around what we judge, and they absolutely reflect our limiting beliefs. ‘I can’t afford it’ reflects the belief that we don’t deserve it. “I can’t have that” reflects the belief that we are not worthy. ‘It won’t happen to me anyway’ reflects the belief that we are powerless.

And they all reflect the erroneous belief that we need to do something to extend our lives. It is a false belief because our job is to receive energy and then use that energy to become our most powerful selves and create the reality and world we want. Everything we want is part of our field of potential, but we have to want it to receive the energy to create it,

What limiting beliefs do you hold that hold you in a reality that is unhappy, confused, uncertain, and has no energy of expansion?

Do you feel like a victim in your life? Can you accept that all the limitations you experience are only there because you are convinced that it is and that you create it that way?
What is the price of your beliefs in your joy, peace of mind, love and happiness?
What do your judgments cost in terms of energy flow in your life?

To keep the energy flowing you need to shift your beliefs and let go of your judgments, including your victim consciousness, and empower yourself to know that you have the power within you to accomplish anything you desire.

Then you can receive the energy you need to expand your life so that it reflects the desires of your heart and your life becomes more like heaven on earth.


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