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The Primal Power of Desire  

Everything that is there has a desire to be there. It begins with a desire that wants to manifest and form into matter. This process arises as a web spun layer upon layer and takes place on a non-physical level through our own thoughts.
This is a fascinating and, for those who haven’t realized it yet, a magical process. The driving force is thus the desire! Your desire… It is the seed from which life is possible.

Listening to Yourself

For many, their own desires are still unknown or are mistrusted or even feared. We have often learned to suppress our will and wishes, to put aside what is expected of us. Beliefs play an important role in this.

For example, it is a common idea that one’s own will must be curbed; we already do it with our children, usually out of fear that they will become antisocial or spoiled. Having one’s own will and desires would even be something bad, selfish, narcissistic; you should not think about yourself, or at least only after you are busy with others and take into account. Or it is seen, in spiritual circles, as the so-called ego that should be purged…

They are all ideas that block the flow of life. Knowing who you are and knowing your desires is an inner discovery regardless of the other person, your environment and circumstances; it is a dialogue with Yourself or your Higher Self. Listening to your feelings and what drives you in life is essential. If you know that your life takes shape from this; that you create your life from your desires, that Will, then you deal with it very consciously. It then becomes a wonderful game, a magic indeed…

Desire vs. Needs

Learning to listen to what arises in yourself, and especially to relax and practice yourself in feeling well , make room for a deeper feeling. When a basis has been laid in this, you will be able to distinguish what needs are, which are more superficial in nature, and what you essentially want.

For example, a piece of chocolate cake is very desirable, but is it a desire? Does it bring you deep fulfillment and pleasure that remains unburdened? (so enjoy without feeling guilty) Or do you want to suppress an emotion such as sadness? The choice is yours! So there’s nothing wrong with giving in to that pie provided that desire is there and you resonate with it. You will notice that you become more playful and free when you have left your own musts and prohibitions behind.


Under a layer of virtue and (self-) condemnation we often live our lives quietly, not listening to what drives us, what we are passionate about. The mostly unconscious and limiting idea that there is no room for our desires, that they have no right to exist and are only dreams, holds us back; “Be real”, they say… And in fact we are working very unreal.

Realism is a matter of perception; there is no single reality, we create it ourselves. So go ahead, start manifesting your wishes and dreams! You are already continuously creating only you do not know it and you always manifest the same, unwanted, reality. It’s time for a change! And now that is easier than ever given the transformation we are in as a collective consciousness…

New Age Prayer

We now live in a time of “getting lighter”; of more space, transparency, clarification and Love (with a capital letter yes). That which kept us from being who we really are is being broken open, liberated. It was there all along and now wants to shine completely. You can’t even stop it, eventually all resistance dissolves because that’s what it is most of all: resistance! all the pain , the suffering, the trouble, the frustrations, negative emotions…

It’s all resistance to what you really are and what you really want, what you desire. Flowing with this feels good, and that indicates that you are on your way. So listen to this and talk to Yourself; asking and receiving is what matters now.

You could say it is a new form of prayer. No pleading and hoping towards a God outside yourself with the necessary inhibitions, guilt and humility. It is recognizing Yourself as a guiding force, as the God who flows through everything and everyone. Honoring your desires and following your Will is the most loving, wise and altruistic thing you can do for yourself and the world!

Higher Heart Meditation

Do you want to make the connection with your Higher Self, your desires and that which are your essential motivations in this life? Then focus on your heart energy; called the Higher Heart or Sacred Heart. It is the area around your physical heart and above. This is where the Christ energy resides, an energy that now revives in the New Age and integrates into our bodies. It is about unconditional, divine love and being connected to all that lives.

This Higher Heart Energy is therefore not limited to the body, and radiates very far. Pay attention to this area, breathe into it, nourish it, and radiate from here. Visualize and experience the connection of your body with your being, your core, soul , All That Is, the cosmos, God; whatever name you want to give it. Align yourself, as it were.

Feel that you are present in everything and everyone from this Heart energy. You are spacious and vibrant, you feel that you are alive. You know what you want, what feels good, what makes you happy and enthusiastic, you see it, you feel it, you experience it in your body. Your desires flow, they ‘talk’ to you as inspiration, ideas, insights, encounters, opportunities, flow… And that’s how you create your life.


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