The processes after the full Moon of October 2019


This is an additional article about the current processes. It’s the comma after the Full Moon article I shared with you last week. In this article you can read about anger and the primordial field of the Earth, fire in your grounding, the highest cosmic light and at the same time enormous power. About how we lost our connection with the primal force and how you can now restore it.

This time I would like to share my experience and insights with you from the webinar I organized on Monday 14-10 around full Moon. The energy of the full Moon was quite intense and there is a lot of anger very present in and around us right now. I hope this information can give you insight into this process within yourself.

Recalibrating cosmic light

Just like with the New Moon webinar , the energy was again very crystalline , opening, unconditional and super loving. This I think is really the influence of the Source influx that is now connected to the black Moon in Pisces in conjunction with Neptune (Neptune is at the uncorrected black Moon, this is the silent point of your deepest Core/God Spark). This energy makes that the cosmic connection, the cosmic light, the unity, whatever you want to call it, is recalibrated and can be experienced in a very pure and pure way. And that is really noticeable in the webinars.

softness and strength

What was different than during the new Moon webinar, was that in addition to the unconditionally loving Source Energy, there was also an enormous power. For many participants, the grounding felt full, warm and gave a deep bed of fire and at the same time was not heavy and coarse. These two forces next to each other and so in unity with each other was really very special to experience. With so much softness, peace and unconditionality, we were offered this integration of the energy, each encountered his or her own blockages and had unique experiences.

Fire ground again

This firebed in unity with the primal force in the Earth was already there in May and June (around Pentecost) of this year in my own process and this also became available collectively. This primal force opened up in the webinars as a new way of grounding connected to the instinct (and the Gal). This fire ground was then connected to the energy of Mars, this is our masculine and combative side.

Around Pentecost 2019 Mars stood together with the black Sun (energy from the Source) and we were allowed to meet this power in its optimal form of Unity and Wholeness and let it unfold within ourselves. And with the Martian and wounded Aries energy once again so intense, we see this force becoming more powerful again.(Cheiron in Aries in conjunction with the Black Moon in Pisces. And Mars opposition Chiron in Aries. Priapus in Virgo conjunct Mars in Libra in the 4 th house . And early this month it was Mars in conjunction with the survival mechanism in Virgo.)

Astrological Reference

Astrologically speaking, at this time, the fire grounding that many people experience is connected to Chiron who is now in Aries and will remain there for the time being until April 2027. Chiron is in conjunction with the influx of Source (black Moon) in Pisces. You can read more about this in my article on the Full Moon

Pure power

Chiron in Aries asks us to focus on yourself in a healthy way and not to let the cheese eat your bread. For many people have had enough and as a result there is enormous power, impotence and anger . (Saturn conjunction Diamond commencing Pluto in Capricorn.)You can let the anger flow out to get your “gram,” but you lose a lot of power in doing so. What the energy shows is that if this sometimes raging force can flow into the Earth and be received by the primal force in the Earth, then there is warmth, unconditional commitment and an enormous solidity in your base.

The energy is then confirmed with a sense of unconditional commitment, by yourself and the primal power of the Earth. The otherwise destructive instinctive force, projected outwards into destructive fury, can be received with ease by the vast primordial field of Earth. This instinctive power then comes into a soft, warm bed. Then when you step out, it is from clean power and the power that is warm (fire), solid yet high frequency, will

Lost primal power

This clean force, which makes itself feel like a warm grounding full of fire and commitment, is connected to our Gal and instinct. Once this beautiful force (from anger to clarity and strength) was connected with our instincts and in unity with the primal force in the Earth. When our consciousness came into the duality of the Matrix, we allowed ourselves to be seduced (fall?) and the connection with the unconditional loving primordial field of the Earth was lost.

We have let go of our instincts and fell prey to manipulative forces, operating through guilt and shame (Cheiron). This created the duality in us and the subconscious and with which all forces that did not belong in the ideal picture and the pain about that became separated in ourselves. And so projection was born.(Priapus survival mechanism in Virgo.)

Practice for Mastery

Right now we have the opportunity to restore this warm firepower within us. The power of the instinct and the Gal is received by the primordial field of the Earth. This great primordial field of the Earth is made to receive this instinctive power. This brings this power into its proper proportions and reveals its true nature. This gentle yet powerful firepower in the earth connection allows the high frequency cosmic light to be present at the same time in a safe and powerful manner.

Then it is protected. What we can practice in the coming time is to experience when we lose this connection with the fire ground. Are there any interests or are you not true to yourself? In this we may acquire Mastery. Here is a lot to learn and to make aware in and for yourself. It’s a mega fast way to really practically ground and shape your creations. And this probably also provides resilience to withstand the 5G radiation violence. I hope this description can help you a bit.

The webinar field

I am curious what the energy in the next webinar will bring us and what everyone can make aware in his or her own way through the experience of this energy. The webinar is a field of equivalence, in which my Being Essence and minerals (crystal network) makes the frequencies multi-dimensional and practically available down to the matter. This Being Essence in me takes care of the connections in the energetic group field in a transparent way and because of this everyone stays in his or her own energy field, connected with their own experience and perception of what unfolds inner will.

Group field for the Age of Aquarius

In addition, the field is truly a new age field where equality and the new energy of the Age of Aquarius assert themselves. Each participant also contributes to the entire field, by letting his or her own inner process unfold. When a participant’s Being Essence (God Spark) is opened in the body, this Being Essence Force flows more and more consciously into the collective field of the group.

That alone is a special experience. As a participant you learn to recognize this power in yourself better and better and to unfold it in a practical way. In this way we contribute step by step to the unfolding of the new group field of unity for the Age of Aquarius. And also a contribution to the bigger picture and the integration of the current collective and individual forces.


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