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The Puzzle Pieces of Transformation


Chaos. change. transformation. These are keywords that are characteristic of our time. These movements are not only visible in the world on a large scale, such as in the refugee crisis, but can also be felt in our personal lives. What’s going on?

Humanity as a collective is raising its consciousness to live from a more heart-based consciousness rather than from the ego. This transformation is immense and affects us all. There is a major clean-up action taking place in all areas of our lives. Be it work, relationships, money, or even in politics.

Anything that doesn’t fit the vibration of love, both on a global and personal level, may be released. On a global level you see old power structures falling apart, revelations being made about the unethical practices of companies such as the use of child labor or corruption within large multinationals.the earth

More and more is coming to light and there is a movement going on in ourselves that calls us to stop accepting loveless ways of living and working such as exploitation of third parties or corruption, this is the way of the heart that becomes more and more more is on the way and highlights all the dark sides.

For you personally, this process of transformation manifests itself in great change and perhaps unrest;’ You are busy making more space for your Authentic I, this is the I that lives more from love instead of fear.

You can also think of it as the voice of your soul or your heart. In order to do this, you must raise your vibration and it is not an easy process.
The unrest you feel has to do with that all certainties disappear. Everything that was supposed to be right suddenly doesn’t make sense anymore.

You may feel like you’re in a bad movie. Feelings such as confusion and fear are unfortunately part of this process and may be lived through. These emotions are necessary to come to your own core of love. My advice is, be patient with yourself and have faith, you are well on your way and ask for help because you don’t have to do it

I see the way to transformation, to your Authentic I, just like a big puzzle. First the puzzle of your current life, which is not based on your truth and therefore no longer fits your vibration, must fall apart and then make room for the puzzle pieces of your Authentic I that is based purely on love. During this process there is also an appeal from the Universe to our inner strength.

We are allowed to discover these more and more and from this power become our own authority and thus make ourselves less dependent on, for example, the opinion of others and find security in ourselves instead of in the outside world. In pursuing this, we become more and more grounded in our own truth of who we are and that is essentially love.

How is all this happening? Very simple. Naturally! You don’t have to do anything for it because the moment you choose to live more from a heart-borne consciousness, so more from your truth and love, the process is set in motion. When I look at my life now, I notice that I place question marks everywhere. Does this still make sense for me?

Do I feel a real yes inside or do I feel a definite no. My body indicates to me whether I live from truth and love because if I decide something because it is not right for me, I feel a cramp inside. On the other hand, when I decide something out of love, I feel an expansion in my heart as if my heart opens more and dances with joy.

Our body flawlessly reflects the truth and we are allowed to listen to that more and more. Our body cannot lie, our mind can. This process of listening to your body requires absolute honesty with yourself and that is not always easy especially if you are not used to looking at yourself that way.

If you decide on something that feels completely right, your mind may start to sputter. Do not heed this because the ego wants safety and changing patterns in behavior creates insecurity for its feeling. Letting go of everything that is not right in your life can be difficult because you are used to certain habits, people and situations. Trust that your heart knows the way and points the way.

If the Yes follows from within, you will encounter more and more pieces of your true self. It can’t be otherwise because your core of love is released from everything it has covered and that can vary from beliefs, patterns, certain work etc. It could just be that you really liked something that you liked before you started this path from walked the heart did not like or vice versa.

Even if you don’t know the way, your heart does and you can trust it more and more and that one day the puzzle pieces of your True Self will fall into place.


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