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The Rainbow Children- the energy of balance

Beloved Ones brothers and sisters, we bring you this message of Joy and Strength at this time as we bring a powerful new energy to the planet now. It is the power of the HEART, and as the Venus passes your sun, the masculine and feminine energies mix in the prism of the Rainbow light, and we, the Rainbow Children , begin to radiate our power into the Collective Consciousness.

Our message is simple – but it needs you, our brothers and sisters, to make a deep shift in the way you think, feel and live. We want you to know that we, the Star Children , have come to your planet in waves of incarnations since 1970. We have come to show you how you have become unbalanced and how to get back into balance so that your planet can can come into balance.

The Indigo Children showed you how immobile, inflexible and destructive you had become. The Crystal Children showed you how closed and desensitized you had become, and we, the Rainbow Children, are here to teach you how to open your heart and truly feel the Great Heart beating at the center of the Universe.

With each radiant knock, the Universe vibrates with the energy of the Holy Father/Mother, and each of you receives these waves of Gold and Silver light. These waves of beautiful energy are the keys to opening your heart to the truth about who and where you are.

Living in Abundance

People have forgotten to live in abundance. You have created a world where your idea of ​​abundance is material abundance. We want to let you know that this is not the case.

Abundance is a state of the Soul and the Being. It is defined as Contentment and Peace and the knowledge that you will always have enough. It is an INNER state of TRUST and BALANCE that manifests as outer balance in the material world.

here to teach you how to open your heart

So many of you have enough to meet your needs, and yet you are still unhappy because you feel you should have more. That you should have enough to satisfy your desires as well. But most of you, right now, are so cut off from your real nature that you don’t really know what your desires are.

You envision wishes being fulfilled through material manifestation, and indeed this is sometimes the case. But wishing is a movement of the Soul to self-examination, to know yourself as a piece of Divine Power. It really has nothing to do with money or material possessions. Wishes is an adventure of the Spirit based on an Open Heart.

We urge you now to let go of your need for abundant material consumption and learn the art of simple living. And because of that – learning to share your resources.

Because indeed, this is not about money, but about resources. And a planet is a system where resources must be balanced and shared so that they support all that lives on the planet, as the Creator intended. It is a Universal Law that a planet only allows populations that can support it. Your planet can support all people, but you yourselves have created disease and poverty because you cannot manage the resources.

You have closed your hearts and have fallen into fear. And fear causes greed and anger. And so – on this planet there are a few who possess enormous wealth that they cannot possibly exploit themselves, many on earth live in deep poverty and despair. It is time to WAKE UP and open your hearts. No one needs to live in poverty, we repeat, the planet supports any form of life that chooses to embody here.

We, the Rainbow Children, bring back the energy of balance. Together with you we will balance the earth, and re-create the oceans, the skies and also the hearts of man, and a state of abundance.

Poverty or Simplicity


We know that many of you say that the Universe is infinite and that all of you must experience great abundance, meaning great material prosperity and comfort. But this is not necessarily so.

All the wise civilizations that have walked this planet have understood the need to “walk lightly” on the Earth, inflicting as little damage as possible and to share resources with all living things. They understood that while the Universe is infinite in energetic terms, planets are limited on the material plane. But planets are self-renewing systems, and if properly managed and cared for, they will continue to provide for all that lives on them.

Simple living is not poverty. It is purely an awareness of how your decisions how to live and act are not only personal but affect everything around you. If you blindly consume and accumulate, you upset a balance by taking more than you need. Others will have less than they need because the first planetary law of balance has been broken.

And if the others have less, you will also have less in some way, perhaps emotionally or spiritually. This is how imbalance creates unhappiness, as ALL experience the imbalance, as all are part of the planetary system. We implore you to start thinking about this and see yourselves as planet inhabitants – no longer as inhabitants of your country.

You can still feel safe right now, but you will never really feel safe until all on the planet feel safe. Begin to become aware of the mission that you began before you were born, to be a steward of this planet and take care of this planet. Think in terms of the planet, not just your own personal well-being. For indeed, only by being aware of the planetary well-being can you be sure that you are creating personal well-being at all.

For the two are intertwined, they are part of the UNITY that exists between all things. only by being aware of planetary well-being can you be sure that you are creating personal well-being at all. For the two are intertwined, they are part of the UNITY that exists between all things. only by being aware of planetary well-being can you be sure that you are creating personal well-being at all. For the two are intertwined, they are part of the UNITY that exists between all things.

The Simple Path of Compassion, Beauty and Love

The Rainbow Children come to teach you to follow this path. Learn to love and realize your self-worth. Live as if you are valuable. Nurturing and loving yourself, with good food, exercise, play and love. And when you see this wonderful value in yourself, learn to see it in others. ALL are expressions of the divine energy of the Great Universal Heart.

And if you value others, you will feel their needs and feelings as if they were yours, and they are. They are expressions of the One Heart that also beats at the center of your Planet. And that is YOU, dear human brothers and sisters.

And if you feel the needs of others, share what you have. This can be material, but it can also simply be energy – a blessing of your time and love, or the blessing of your consciousness that you are no longer contributing to suffering on the planet through ignorance, indifference, fear or greed. It is a consciousness—an awareness that you are not a single individual, but one of a myriad of coexisting expressions of divine essence.

Just meditate every day on contentment, peace, joy, and that your needs are met. Be thankful – and ask that this be true for everyone on the planet. And live in harmony, as far as possible for you, with your needs. And when you live in a state of consciousness and harmony, you follow the path of simple beauty, integrity and love.


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