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The rainbow children, the next generation after the crystal children.

There is a new generation of psychic and sensitive children, who are slowly coming to Earth.

We call them The Rainbow Children . The rainbow generation is here to give us rainbow healing energy.

It starts with the light. The sunlight is an important catalyst for the brain that also produces the Serotonin . Serotonin is an important chemical in our brain, responsible for the electrical transmissions that regulate our mood, appetite, and energy levels.

Every night, when we sleep, the brain produces serotonin for the next day, as this substance cannot be stored further. If we have made enough serotonin that night, we wake up refreshed and full of energy. But if we haven’t produced enough serotonin that night, we feel broke and we are easily irritated. Low levels of serotonin can also cause: menstrual pain , bedwetting, mood swings, carbohydrate cravings and depression .

Too much sitting indoors, too little exercise, consuming alcohol or other sedatives can also disrupt the production of serotonin at night. Due to an unhealthy lifestyle we wake up with difficulty and we first need coffee and sugar to wake up properly in the morning. We use stimulants all day long and then in the evening we need sedatives and/or medication again to be able to fall asleep again. This vicious cycle of chemical dependence has become the most natural thing.

Many people fail to see that this vicious circle can be the trigger for depression and anxiety. So they take drugs that increase serotonin levels to counteract depression and anxiety. Millions of adults and children use drugs such as Ritalyn and Prozac, while it is better to use natural remedies to achieve better results without side effects.

Enough sunlight and exercise is important, because it ensures that the brain produces efficient serotonin. The sunlight that hits our skin converts melatonin into serotonin for our brains.

My guide came to me, the angels of Atlantis told me the following: Many people are East Indian deaf to the angels, they think that the angels are only there to control them and take away from them the pleasure. They don’t want to hear how they can improve their eating habits and take better care of their own bodies.

rainbow children are often born to older crystal children

Yet the guardian angels give a certain guidance that will increase the flow and regulation of serotonin . If they ask you: eat more healthy food, get closer to nature and exercise more, then this is to improve your condition and energy level naturally.

At one point the angels of Atlantis spoke about the rainbow energy. This band made of natural sunlight is composed by the colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and finally violet. You have probably seen the colors in a prism through a water drop and clear quartz crystals.

Rainbows represent happiness and joy, because the human body is made to absorb and assimilate (process nutrient) rainbow energy through sunlight. Everyone has a rainbow in them, we also call them our chakras. The chakras are our natural connection to the divine light and the physical sunlight. With enough sunlight and rainbow absorption, you will naturally feel happy and alive.

But then… the air is getting more and more polluted and people are spending more and more time indoors. Rainbow energy absorption is greatly reduced. This leads to aggression and suffering in people. Instead of acknowledging this and simply solving it simply (by going outside), people prefer to use (more and more) medicines to find their happiness and peace again.

The first answer to your prayers for happiness is that we send you the rainbow energy you so desperately crave and need in a new way. We have asked the dolphins to swim closer to shore and play with you more. Dolphins emit rainbow energy, just like humans did in the past. That’s because dolphins swim regularly in the sunlight, are not bothered by the urban pollution and move incessantly. Because of these components, the dolphins are in a happy position, which will always be clearly visible.

The second answer that we have given you has been to pay more attention to energy healing. Rainbow energy is concentrated in reiki, chi gong, pranic etc. All let the rainbow energy flow through our hearts and hands again. The crystals also give us rainbow prisms, by allowing the light to fall on this colored band.

Their words reminded me of the atlantic healing temple pyramid of light. We priestesses direct the colors of the rainbow prism of the pyramid into the chakras of our patients. Simply put, the healing powers of the rainbow light are very powerful.

The angels pursue. Now we bring the rainbow energy into you as well, through the birth of rainbow children. Many of you have sensed the birth of these children, who have only just arrived on this Earth.

The angels explained that the rainbow children is the next generation of the crystal children . Rainbows are highly sensitive, loving, forgiving and magical just like the crystal children. The difference is that rainbows have never been on Earth, so they have no karma to balance either. The rainbow babies choose a completely peaceful and functional household. They do not need chaos or challenge to balance their karma or to grow.

For this reason, rainbow children are often born to older crystal children (the explorers who initially came to Earth around the 1980s). As the crystal children grow older, they will become peaceful and loving parents and give birth to rainbow children.

The rainbow children that are born now will be scouts, and the great influx of the rainbows will take place from 2010 to 2030. So this follows the 20 year pattern that we have just seen with the indigos that were frequent in the 1970s to 1990s. have emerged, followed by the crystal children in the period 1990 to 2010.

Rainbow kids are absolutely outspoken and love unconditionally. That distinguishes them from crystal children who only expose themselves to those who have won their trust, the rainbows, on the other hand, love universally. They heal us with their huge heart charkras and blanket us with a rainbow colored energy that we need so much. They are literally, really the angels on this earth.

We are living in exciting times right now and it will only get more exciting as the crystals and the rainbows mature and more and more of them are added. We are entering a time of great peace, cooperation and healing. We are entering a time when the earth will again be surrounded by rainbows.


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