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The rest of your life

An interesting thing about today’s adults is the number of things they do with their lives. In my life, I have had several careers/careers and my life direction has changed dramatically several times.

While I sometimes wish I could do one thing forever, I know I would get bored and lose interest over time. We cannot look at our life path or purpose in terms of ‘the rest of our lives’ because our energy is constantly changing. What we can do is look at what interests us today and be open to change in the future.

We are the first generation (those of us over 40) that have not enjoyed the benefits of lifelong labor (note: a job where you start and end in retirement), multi-decade marriages, or a life of stability and predictability . Sometimes that’s a good thing, other times that can be more than a little scary.

Many people I know feel that they are financially unprepared for retirement, are creating new careers and professional opportunities when they are 40 or 50 and don’t think about stopping work when they are 60, 70 or older. But we’re also unsure how to progress in these areas because we’re the first generation to have virtually unlimited options for choosing what to do with the rest of our lives.

Personally, I’m glad no one is forcing me to retire when I’m 65 or 70, and knowing that I can use my talents in whichever way I choose is exciting. We can look at our uncertain future with doubt or we can see it for what it is,

an opportunity to choose what suits us instead of trying to fit ourselves into a professional model that doesn’t suit us and lacks freedom or expression allows. We are so talented that we have to use our talents in the best way possible, and that means choosing a professional path that brings us joy.

What do you want to do with the rest of your life? You may not be able to answer this question and that’s okay because the question you should be asking yourself is the one you do know the answer to, which is, What do I want to do now? because the answer changes over time.

So take an ‘inventory’ of your talents and intend to use them in the best possible way. Move forward on that path and when you arrive at an intersection, take the next path that gives you the most joy. We have unlimited options available when we want to express ourselves as a gift to the world, and share our energy with the world in ways that matter to us.


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