The road to higher consciousness

The road to higher consciousness

We are all accelerating towards higher consciousness and sometimes you need to catch your breath to see and feel what is happening around you. Partly you can become angry at what is going on in the world and partly puzzle pieces start to fall into place. Still, another part can gain more confidence. It all depends on what level of consciousness you are currently at. The more you do it, the more you learn and the more aware you become. The term “wake up” is also used herein.

We will see how the world really works and we will partly resist. But as you progress into higher consciousness, you will also notice that you are in control of everything. You can change the world. This can only be done by changing your vibration /frequency /consciousness. You might think: ‘hey, what crazy thoughts all of them.’ But eventually, you get to the point where you have incorporated several layers. They kept you asleep. Through your awakening process, you will automatically notice how the world really works. And that everything is an illusion.

I myself have been at that point where I found it strange that people said that everything is an illusion. Believe me, if you are in the process of awakening, you will notice how ‘reality’ works. Then you will find that everything does not matter, because you yourself create your reality. Also your worries and drama, and the path you follow. But for now it is only important that you are or become ‘awake’ to everything that is going on in the world. That you realize it can’t go on like this.

We can make a change, we can change the world starting with ourselves. We can have a better life by first starting to trust. By believing in love and above all by becoming and/or staying positive. There are the first keys, the rest will follow when you are ready.

The road to higher consciousness


On the path of awareness, you will notice that you will think and act and believe differently. Not everyone will be able or willing to go with you. Not everyone will understand you, or even think you are going crazy.

But nothing could be further from the truth and you can rely on the process. You’re going to lose people, but other people will come back for it. You will no longer connect with the people and situations that you have become familiar with for years and you will follow your own path. A few will still be able to keep up with you, but once you go into that depth of consciousness, there is no going back.

The road to detachment has begun and you are entering a new world. Keep faith in the process, even if you sometimes fall back into old thinking and old patterns. Throughout this process, you will become more and more aware of yourself and the life lessons that have changed and awakened you. You will heal and healing can be painful, but that too will pass. All is well and always will be if you just keep the faith. At the end of the ride, everything will become and be clear. And then nothing matters anymore, because it is good as it is.


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