The search for your true identity, self-love and purpose in your life!

The search for your true identity, self-love and purpose in your life!
Your true identity, self-love, and purpose in your life! Isn’t that something we’re all looking for? 1 of these 3 characteristics that ensures, or that you think will ensure that you will find or get true happiness. I can’t remember how long it has been, but as far as I know, I’ve been looking for some time.

If you ask which of the 3 characteristics, you will get all 3 answers from me. It has also become a common thread in my life and in addition, the statement has always been: It is all or nothing. How aware I am of the fact that there is also a gray area and I shouldn’t think so black and white in everything. It’s a part of me, a quality, a pattern.

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Something we all want

Over the years I have broken many patterns, unmasked illusions, and gained true self-knowledge. Life is of course also a search for your true self and how you stand in life and how you want to live life, which can eventually ensure that you are happy. Isn’t that something we all want?

Because of experiences, social influences, and influences from everything that comes from outside, it is so difficult in this fast-paced time to have and keep a grip on your life. You want to live so badly, but in the end, you are lived with the end result that you get burned out, get depression and become so far removed from yourself that you don’t even know how to love yourself anymore and have no purpose in life anymore.

The search for your true identity, self-love and purpose in your life!

Demands too high

At the moment I am at home for the second time in 1 year. The first time a burn out and this time it is because I recognized the signals in time and stepped on the brakes in time. This is due to a too-busy life and always wanting to meet the demands of society. Because the demands of society are so high, you will also set very high demands on yourself. That is precisely the trigger that ensures that you are so far removed from yourself, because you can no longer muster the ability to love yourself in the state of being, of how you are now as a human being. So full acceptance!

The search for your true identity, self-love and purpose in your life!

A person can achieve a lot and has a lot of potentials to surpass himself in every possible way. And if a person has fallen over, it often also has the strength to recover. This is not always the case, because in some cases a person just needs a helpline or handle to hold up the mirror to you and give you that insight into what it is really all about. But I believe that a person has the most potential to really shine if he or she lives according to his or her standards. By that I mean to say at his or her pace, with love for what you are doing, and without pressure or expectations.

Where did my self-love go wrong?

Where has it gone wrong in this society that everything is so much about performance and pressure and speed, and no longer really about the people themselves and how people have the ability to use their talents at their own pace and therefore shine more? One is faster than the other and indeed there are people who work well under pressure, but even then I think it should go with proportions, to protect people from themselves so that it does not go too far.

Too far across the border is something that happens very often, that has brought me back to where I am now and there are so many more besides me. Some are aware of it and some are not.

Those who are aware of it still have the opportunity to step on the brakes in time like I do, but for those who are not aware of it, illnesses and ailments run rampant. Some will say it is hereditary and some will see it as something that can happen to anyone. But people are so oblivious to the fact that we are making ourselves so sick. And not let ourselves be the way we want to be and that we are so far removed from ourselves that self-love is hard to find. Of course, there are certain things hereditary and experiences also have to do with it.

Flee or fight

The search for your true identity, self-love and purpose in your life!

I have experienced enough in my life that I have not processed a lot and therefore always tend to think negatively faster and carry depressive feelings. But if you always go on living your life, without really listening to your feelings and giving your body the rest you need, then you are, as it were, fleeing and you will never confront your true feelings and your true feelings. I, through which you could process everything and also give room for that bit of happiness and self-love that every person is looking for.

When everything is more in proportion and in balance, you also have more time to process things, good or bad. A person needs time to process everything and give it a place because if you don’t, the bucket will slowly fill up and it will somehow come out.

The path of self-love

In my case a burnout, but because I am now aware of the pitfalls I know how to get out of them quickly enough. Doing fun things, exposing yourself, and going out into nature. Helping other people, so that you give your life purpose again, is wonderful! That gives the zest for life and self-love that a person needs.

Pick yourself up again and step by step back up that ladder. Because every person has the potential to recover on their own or with help. I see burnout as the best thing that happens to me because then you can come to that resting point and put everything in order. As a result, balance comes back into your life, and you slowly end up on the right path of self-love.


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