The secret of a simple life

The secret of a simple life

Are you ready for a simpler and happier life ? Give away all your unnecessary things and you will enjoy a happier life with more Peace, Security, and Freedom . A simple life means less stress and anxiety. You value what you have instead of wanting more and more. A simple life is also a frugal life. This leaves you more to save and invest for later.

Simple living for sufficiency

The secret of a simple life

Are you ready for a richer and more meaningful life? The most important step to a happier life is living a simpler life. People who live simply have less stress, less anxiety, and less worry. Living simpler means getting rid of things, leaving you more time for the important things in your life. The people and things you love.

Being happy is not having an abundance of stuff. Happiness is a life with an abundance of friends, family, and experiences that you share with the people you love. Things perish. Your iPhone gets stolen or breaks. You let water fall on your laptop. Tearing clothes. But your happiness doesn’t have to depend on these thingsHappiness sometimes means exchanging short-term pleasure and pleasure for long-lasting and deep satisfaction. You can read how to do that in this article.

What does a simple life mean?

What exactly does it mean to have a simple life? We live in a consumer society in which you are constantly encouraged to buy more stuff. Every hour on the radio or TV you get 20 minutes worth of commercials. All for products we don’t need. Or products that we don’t even want, but that we buy on impulse anyway. Purchases we inevitably regret. This pursuit of ‘more’ brings stress, although you may not be aware of it. You are always on the lookout for more or better products to satisfy your needs.

And you are constantly on your guard not to lose the things you have. That’s no way to live. A simple life, a life with less stuff, is a happier life. By being satisfied with less, you experience less stress and worry. Make a conscious choice to settle for less. Live a simple life, a frugal life with less stuff, and you will experience more happiness. The benefits of living a simple life are immense. Below are a few examples of how a simple life brings happiness.

The benefits of living with less stuff

  1. Less stress – Living a simple life means getting rid of things. Your happiness does not depend on your things and you are not the sum of your things. You are not your house, your nice car, or your library of French literature. Those are external things. Happiness comes from within yourself. As long as your happiness depends on stuff, you will always feel stressStress of losing things. Stress that things break. Stress that things are no longer hip. I’m not saying you have to live like a Buddhist monk to be happy. Some things do contribute to a happy life, such as healthy food and warm clothes. But you don’t have to go to a star restaurant or a Gucci store for that.
  2. Time for important things – What really makes you happy in the long run? What are your best memories from recent years? The people in your life. By focusing less on things, you have more time and energy to spend on the people you love. Your family, your friends, your acquaintances, your colleagues. You also have more time and money for your hobbies, interests, and passions. Those are the things no one can take away from you. A simple life means less stuff and more relationships and friendships.
  3. Retire years earlier – An additional advantage of a simple life is that you have more left to save and invest for later. If you live a simpler and more frugal life today, you can retire years earlier. If you save 50% of your income today, you can retire a year earlier. Your living costs are only half of your income. So for every year you work, you can live for two years. Save on stuff , build up a buffer, and you have more peace, security, and freedom in your life.

How do I get a happy and simple life?

The secret of a simple life

Choosing a simple life is the first step to a happy life. Read below how to put this into practice. Simple living is a lifestyle. Eating less is not enough to lose weight successfully. You have to live healthier. That means eating healthier, but also exercising more and snacking less. So it is with simple living. It requires a completely different view of things. You should not only consume less, but also become less attached to your current stuff. Here are four steps you can take right now for a simpler and happier life.

Simple life in 4 steps

  1.  Give things away – Give things away. Make an inventory of the things you really need, and give the rest of your stuff away. Giving things away is not only nice for the recipient, it is also immensely rewarding and liberating for yourself. Give away your clothes, books, movies, and furniture to those who do need it. Consciously give away your belongings for a simple life. Don’t just leave your stuff in a box at the thrift store. Make it a meaningful occasion. There are few things more rewarding than giving a good book or movie to someone you know would appreciate it.
  2. Postpone your purchases – Use the 10-second rule for small expenses. If you want something that’s not on your shopping list, wait ten seconds before adding it to your cart. We make a lot of purchases on impulses, and that’s how you avoid a lot. For larger expenses, use the 30-day rule. If you want to buy something, write it down first. Then wait 30 days. If you still want to buy it after 30 days, buy it. However, most of the time the urge has long since passed. This way you will make fewer purchases that you later regret. You will find that you live just as happily with less stuff.
  3. Determine your poverty line – Your poverty line is the minimum amount you need each month to make ends meet. For many people this limit is much lower than they first think. What would you save on if you earned even more 1000 euros per month? Or 500 euros? With a lower income, you have no choice but to settle for less. Set a poverty line for yourself. Anything you spend above this limit is a luxury or a special occasion. You learn to appreciate the things you have more. Things you used to appreciate (dining out, a massage, going to the movies) become new and special.
  4. Save and invest the money you have left over for later – If you save 50% of your income today, you can retire a year earlier. On the Mango Dream Blog  you will learn everything about saving and investing for a financially free life. Learn to settle for less and invest your money for later. That way you can retire years earlier, and live a more meaningful and richer life.

Why a simple life makes you happy too

The secret of a simple life

In this article, you learned about the immense benefits of living a simple life. Focusing less on stuff and more on friends and family will greatly increase your happiness. Because you spend less on stuff, you also have more money left for later. If you invest your money wisely, you can retire years earlier. Apply the above four practical steps and your happiness will depend less on perishable things. Stuff breaks or gets stolen, but that doesn’t mean your happiness has to break too. Focus on the things you do have (friends, family, a roof over your head) rather than the things you don’t (neighbors’ greener grass). Being happy is about being happy with what you have. The first step is to settle for a simple life.


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