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The secret of abundance: work on your blocks!


How often do you think something that turned out to come true? Fifteen years ago I drove past a house every day and then thought: I would like to start here as a starter. In addition to thinking it, I said to my mother, “I’d like to live here.”

Then I let go of the thought of the house and three years later I lived in that house! The power of words and thoughts is great. In this article, I’ll share with you the secret of abundance so that you can create abundance in every area of ​​your life today.

What is abundance?

Abundance is a feeling. When you experience abundance, you experience a sense of happiness and well-being. You then feel happy. This is independent of money, material and immaterial things. Even if you have a lot of money, you can feel lonely or, for example, think or be afraid that you are short of money.

Living from abundance is living effortlessly from flow, pleasure and ease. This means that thinking from lack or fighting does not occur in the thoughts of abundance. Your mindset and experiences that you have experienced play a major role in this.

In addition to your thoughts, your feelings and your daily intentions play a major role in experiencing abundance in your life. Zoom in on your emotional life. What does an abundant life mean to you personally?

Your intentions in everyday life

The Secret of AbundanceWhat exactly is an intention? An intention is a drive to really want something. Your intention directs what you do. Everything you do in life you do with an intention, through your actions you want to achieve something.

You are not always aware of your intentions. This is because of ingrained patterns and situations that you have experienced as a human being and labeled in your brain. I’ll take you with an example…

Jasmine is a successful lady. She has a positive outlook on life, she has a good job and many friends, is married, but deep down Jasmijn feels unhappy. In terms of material, Jasmijn has everything she could wish for. Emotionally, she feels misunderstood by her husband. In fact, she can’t express herself because of his tantrums.

Only with her colleague Daisy, who had a similar situation with her boyfriend, can Jasmijn talk about her feelings. Jasmine feels safe and understood. Before Jasmijn goes into the day, she always tunes in to her intentions. She really wants to bring her talents to the world, so that she can help people to make themselves visible.But soon everything goes wrong: customers get angry, the director who is not having his day,

The secret of an abundant life

In Jasmijn’s example, it is clear that she has good intentions. Jasmine craves emotional support from her husband. But because she is constantly seeking it and not experiencing it, she thinks and acts from a shortage. Unconsciously she constantly radiates dissatisfaction with the situation and the shortage is therefore reflected in all kinds of ways, for example at work.

The secret of abundance lies in awareness through personal development. This means that you tackle the blockages that you experience (daily) at the core. Where you get to the core through self-insight. Through self-reflection you know where beliefs, actions or emotions come from.

Jasmine doesn’t think she’s good enough. This belief comes from her childhood, because her father had tantrums. Because of this, Jasmijn constantly felt that she could not live up to her father’s expectations. Through self-insight, Jasmijn understands where her behavior and shortcomings come from.

She decides to treat herself lovingly, no matter what her father said in her childhood. As a result, she has learned the lesson and the blockage (also known as the core problem) can really be tackled. So it starts with self-reflection: what thoughts do you have?

Everything is energy

And everything you think is energy. Every emotion you feel has its own frequency. These frequencies can be measured in Hz. There are different kinds of emotions. Lower frequency emotions that we prefer to hide.

Think of guilt, shame, anger and fear. There are also positive emotions that have a high frequency. Such as love, gratitude, enthusiasm and freedom. To create abundance in every area of ​​your life, it is important to have as many positive emotions as possible. This automatically attracts higher frequencies.

Become a magnet

The Secret of AbundanceTo attract abundance like a magnet, it is important to feel the right emotions on a daily basis. The more positive the emotions are, the more you become a magnet for attracting what you really want. It is important that your unconscious patterns and thoughts align with your intentions.

If your patterns and thoughts deviate from your intentions, then this is out of sync. That means that lessons will come your way that will give you insights. It is important to see these lessons that way. Once the lessons are learned, the actual core problem can be removed from your system. As a result, you no longer have triggers or blockages and, for example, letting the theme keep yourself small, no longer comes your way.

The Secret of Abundance: Lessons Learned

Once the lessons are learned, the actual core problem can be removed from your system. As a result, you no longer have triggers or blockages and, for example, letting the theme keep yourself small, no longer comes your way.

The most important step is to start with your awareness and which themes come your way every day as a common thread in your life. This is where your personal transformation begins. In addition to discovering which phase you are in, do you have a question that keeps you walking around? Go to:

During the process of creating abundance in your life, as a human being you go through 3 phases. In the next article I will tell you which phases these are and how you can recognize them for your growth.


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