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The Secret of the Seed: Harness the Energy of Summer

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To grow a beautiful flower you have to provide the best possible conditions to achieve the best possible result. You think in advance about which flower you want, where you can get the seed, and what this flower needs in terms of water, heat and nutrition. Then you’re going to make sure it’s all there.
Described in one sentence: What you do is think of your final goal (to grow the most beautiful flower ever) and then take several steps, from start to result.Does that sound logical?

What would you do if you want to make a tour through a beautiful country, where you want to see the special sights and travel to in a certain period?
Then you start saving and planning. And you will find out what you can do and where, and then plan again, etc. In other words: you create a journey, your own personal journey based on your wishes, dreams and ideas. You always ask yourself: what do I want to do, see and achieve there?

Again you can say in one sentence: Think of your final goal (a tour) and then take different steps, from start to end result.

What do you do if you want certain work because that work interests you? Then you will figure out which training you need for this, where the school is and what the costs are, how long the training lasts and what the growth opportunities are in this work. In short, you come up with something and map out a plan, based on the question: ‘what do I want?’ A plan with which you will grow with the necessary steps towards an end result.

Thinking in possibilities

In all these examples you can read that you focus your attention on what you want. You create the conditions, development and growth, aimed at the ultimate goal. So you think in possibilities. In ‘whatever you want’. Not in ‘what you don’t want’. Because then you would be doing very different things. Things to thwart your wishes.

In daily life you create all kinds of things without even realizing it. Because what you pay attention to , it grows. What you feed and treat in the right way, you create the best results. Agree? It also works the other way around.

If you want to become a car mechanic, you don’t go through management training. And if you want to make a special tour, do not book an all-inclusive trip in a resort. You focus your attention on what you want. Your attention is your thoughts and your thoughts are the seed. That is the secret of the seed. Your thoughts!

Unnoticed, you often focus your thoughts on what you don’t want. That’s what I mean by ‘it also works the other way around’. You worry about your finances, health, relationship and what not more. You see bears on the road and you don’t believe in yourself.

The pink elephant effect

You know the phrase, “Don’t think of a pink elephant”? When you don’t want to think about something, you do think about it; you will even see the image appear immediately on your retina. When you don’t want to focus on something, focus on it.

Realize that every thought, even the thoughts you don’t want, is seed with which you create your life. And in every thought, every seed there is an incredible creative power hidden.


Can you visualize a chestnut tree? An incredibly large tree can grow from one chestnut, yielding kilos of chestnuts every year. That’s natural creative power. From the right circumstances, nature automatically creates something very fertile. Think of your life as a chestnut: your life too can grow into something huge, inspiring and fruitful.

What do you need for that? Time, trust and the right nutrition.

When you think about your company, your relationship, your holiday or your renovation: focus on what you do want and not on what you don’t want (anymore). And grow towards that. Plant the seed (create the thoughts) that you want to be the outcome. Nurture it properly, with confidence, and focus your attention on a fruitful outcome. That’s the secret of your thoughts. The secret of the seed…

Which seed will you so this summer?

What fruits do you want to be able to reap in a while? Positive flow, growth and development? Whatever you focus your attention on, grows! Focus your attention on what you do want instead of what you don’t want anymore. Then be open with confidence to the synchronicity on your path and the opportunities that you will create as a result.

You can continue to focus indefinitely on what you do want. That’s the best you can do. That is sowing the right seed in the right soil with the right care. Only then will what you really want grow out of it. Let go of the ‘how’. And let the big bears in your path run away.
You don’t ask a chestnut tree ‘how’ it grows, do you?

That’s synchronicity. The nature and the conditions that are created, that is a matter of trust and being focused on what you do want.

Success with it! Use the energy of summer to create the most potent seed and expect the most beautiful fruits. How will this come about? That’s the miracle of life!


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