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The Secret of the Two Jesus Children, by Hans Stolp

A Priest Messiah and a King Messiah



or; how divine love was born on earth.

In John 21:25 it says:

There are also many other things that Jesus accomplished. If those were to be written one by one, the world could not contain…the books that could be written.

So much can be said about Jesus that the world cannot comprehend.

In Hebrews 10:5 the Christ says to God,  Thou hast prepared my body….

This sentence contains a secret on a deeper level.

Jacob Böhme says that the mystery of the man Jesus is even more difficult to understand than the mystery of Christ.

There is a man of 30 years who could absorb the highest cosmic spirit. The Sun Spirit is the highest cosmic spirit of love. The sun was his body. He decided to descend into the body of a man so that through his death he could fertilize the earth with his spirit. This power must have been so great to bear! What person could do that? That’s the secret.

Matthew and Luke tell in their Gospels about the birth of the man Jesus, Mark and John do not, they start with the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan, the birth of the Christ in the man Jesus.

Matthew and Luke each tell of a child Jesus, who together became one child.

There are also two Marys, a Queen Mary, the mother of earthly wisdom, a Mary who was incarnated many times in order to carry the Jesus child within herself and a Spiritual Mary, the mother of heavenly love, who has never before incarnated and who hero sacred power.

Mother Mary was built from these two beings.

It’s an old secret

Why are we only finding out now?

First there had to be an awareness of karma and incarnation. You should be aware that we have had multiple bodies. Thirty years ago 5% of the Netherlands was interested in this, now it is more than 50%.

This realization had to be born, because the secret of the two Jesus children needs this foundation to understand. In our time it must be revealed. You see that several people receive this revelation at the same time.

In itself it is not a new secret. In 1909, Rudolf Steiner already revealed this secret.

Looking back, we see that Leonardo da Vinci already knew the secret of the two Jesus children, just like Raphael and Michelangelo for example.

Madonna with Child-painted-by-RaphaelIt was also known to the Essenes (Dead Sea Scrolls, 1947): they speak of a royal Messiah to come and a priestly Messiah. The royal Messiah prepared the way, and the priestly Messiah sacrificed himself.

In addition, this secret also appears to be known in early Christianity (Nag Hammadi 1945, see also church father Hippolytus); It is written that Jesus Christ will come forth from two enlighteners, when the two become one. Only then can salvation come into the world.

From the 4th century  , however, it went underground, because it was declared forbidden knowledge by the church. It is also said that in addition to these Messiahs, a great prophet would arise at that time; in this prophecy we recognize John the Baptist.

It is said in the apocryphal Gospel of the Egyptians that salvation will come into the world when the two become one.


There is a Matthew child and a Luke child.

It cannot be otherwise than that it is about two different children.

Luke talks about the king’s child and Matthew about the priest child.

The stories always contradict each other.




The family tree starts with Abraham. The family tree goes back to Adam
There are 15 kings mentioned in it. Only King David is mentioned.
In addition, King Herod and the 3 kings from the East After that, unknown names are described in it.
The grandfather is Jacob The grandfather is Eli
Lived in Bethlehem, birthplace of King David, home of Jesse Lived in Nazareth, a settlement, (similar to a monastery) of the Essenes
Father Joseph is the uncrowned king. He takes charge and gets a message from an angel in his dream three times Father Joseph is a modestly withdrawn carpenter, he comes from the humble middle class and hardly plays a role. Maria is more prominent here.
Here the kings are central and the Jesus child is therefore a descendant of David and Solomon, so a king’s child Here the temple and the priests are central. Zacharias is in the temple and Jesus is teaching in the temple every day. The disciples also returned to the temple in Jerusalem. So it’s about a priestly child. Nathan comes into the picture after David, this is the priestly line
Jesus was born before Herod’s death. Jesus was born after Herod’s death.
Matthew tells about the infanticide and the flight to Egypt So Mary, Joseph and Jesus don’t have to flee
It’s about a king’s child, a Solomonic child It is about a priest child or the Nathan child
Hebrew is spoken and Jesus is called Yeshua here Greek is spoken and Jesus is called Jesus here


Conclusion: in the Gospel of Matthew and Luke it seems to be about two completely different children…..


Madonna of the Rocks
Madonna of the Rocks (1495) painted by Leonardo da Vinci

The Story of the King’s Child Jesus

(also called the Matthew child or the Solomon child…)

Father Joseph, the uncrowned king of Israel, dwells in Bethlehem, in the house of David, of Jesse.

He was closely associated with the Pharisees and Sadducees. They knew that the Messiah would soon be born and be a scion of the house of David and so must be a child of Joseph. Often they remind Joseph of the text of the Old Testament book of Micah:  Out of thee shall come the ruler who shall shepherd my people Israel…

Joseph was a high priest, an elderly man and a widower, he had no sons. So the priests sought him a wife and they chose the Temple Virgin Mary as his future wife. Mary was 15 years old and she was the daughter of Joachim and Anna; a childless couple of distinguished descent, who at an advanced age, as if by miracle, still had a child: Maria. Joachim and Anna were pious people.

Mary was dedicated to God. At the age of 3 they took her to the temple where she would grow up. There was something radiant, something special about her as a girl. As a young girl she walked with an adult gait and prayed with such fervor as if she were 30 years old.

As a 3 year old child, Mary climbs the steps of the temple and confidently enters the temple. She is clearly an old soul.

Probably even the oldest, as she was a reincarnation of Eve! In the temple she learns rituals and the secret teachings of the temple and she developed a strong bond with angels. She was given much insight and nourishing powers from them, so that she could live for times without physical food.

At the age of 15 (at that time there was no puberty) she is chosen as a bride for the much older Joseph and the marriage is performed by the priests in the temple in a traditional way; in a different state of consciousness.

They were also physically put into a temple sleep, this is a deep sleep where you can step out of the body. Other beings could therefore move into their bodies and begot a child without passions. The Holy Spirit was the basis of this conception. So this is the Immaculate Conception as described in the Bible.

Joseph did not know what had happened in his body during the temple sleep and was shocked when he learned that Mary was pregnant. An angel explained to him what had happened.

Their son Jeshua was born 9 months later in a palace in Bethlehem.

They are soon visited by three priest-kings from the East, they were magicians and astrologers. They knew that their spiritual leader Zarathustra or Zoroaster (= golden star) would incarnate in a royal child and become a spiritual leader in Israel.

Guided by a star they go in search and first come to Herod and do not find this king’s child in him. When they find the royal child in Bethlehem, they found in him their great initiate.

Zarathustra envisioned 5000 years before Christ that he would descend to earth and be born. The people then understood that the earth was important to live on and in Mesopotamia, the Persian culture, from that moment on they started working the earth and taming horses and lions, who became their service.

Our western culture emerged from this Persian culture.

The 3 priest-kings took gifts with them:

Gold, as a symbol of thinking, it strengthens the thinking power

Incense, as a symbol of willpower

Myrrh, as a symbol for feeling

Thinking, wanting and feeling were lifted to a higher level with this.

This is the Star that would rise in Israel.

The kings are warned not to go back to Herod. Joseph had a dream to flee, because the life of Jesus was no longer certain in Israel.

Joseph, Mary and their child flee to Egypt, to Heniopolus, which means city of the sun. Here was a temple dedicated to the sun, the spirit of supreme love.

After 3 years Joseph has a dream that Herod has died and so he can return. He goes with his wife and child to Nazareth, to the settlement of the Essenes.

They live there quietly and unobtrusively. Their Jesus child resembles his mother; intelligent, questioning, awake and aware. The priests soon felt that he was their teacher.

Here in Nazareth, they meet the other family; the Joseph and Mary of the Gospel of Luke.


The Story of the Priest Child Jesus

(also called the shepherd child, the Lucas child or the Nathan child..)

In Nazareth, in the community of the Essenes, a certain Joseph and Mary (her secret name was probably Sophia) live as lay people. Central to the Essene way of life were simplicity, servitude, modesty, the preservation of innocence and childishness.

Mary radiated everything: she was an angelic being, pure, innocent, pure and full of true love. No records, legends or stories about her origin have survived of this Mary; apparently her heavenly descent is more important than her earthly origin.

The Essenes also expected the Messiah, but different from that of the Priests, who thought he would become an earthly king. According to the Essenes, the Messiah would renew the mind of man.

It was customary for the Essenes to know through oracles and spiritual inspiration who would marry whom.

Maria was pristine and pure and she had a deep faith in what had to be done. She lived from her soul and was clairvoyant. She has never incarnated before. She is the wife of women, the world soul is embodied in her.

This world soul is also called Isis or Sophia and in Christianity the Holy Spirit. In Mary the higher self of Eve before the Fall was embodied, for the higher beings of Adam and Eve had withdrawn into heaven after the Fall.

Maria married Jozef, the carpenter, when she was about 12 years  old. Galilee is in the spirit of the Spring Festival when the Archangel Gabriel comes to visit and bless her. He announces the birth of a son who will bring salvation to the world.

He tells her that her cousin Elisabeth is six months pregnant. Mary goes to Judea, to her cousin Elisabeth. When Elisabeth sees her niece, her child jumps up in her womb for joy. After the birth of John the Baptist, Mary returns to Nazareth.

Mary and Joseph must report to Bethlehem for the census. They leave Galilee and pass by Jerusalem to meet all the descendants of David in Bethlehem. There is no room in an inn to give birth, so they go to a rock complex, where the birth takes place.

There Jesus was born. The shepherds, who are close by with their flock, are illuminated by the light of the angels and visit Mary, Joseph and the child. The Buddha worked through the angels to the shepherds, he spoke to them of peace and bestowed his powers of peace on this child.

This child Jesus resembles his mother: angelic, dreamy, as if lost on earth, full of pure innocence and true love. Never incarnated before. When people saw this child, tears ran down their cheeks with emotion.

The legends tell that animals that were injured went to this child to be healed. This child was unfamiliar with the terrestrial world. In this child the Higher Self of Adam was incarnated. The Higher Self was embodied. (therefore the family tree of this Jesus goes back to Adam)

In the same caves Herod had practiced his demonic practices by sacrificing children. In this complex of deepest darkness the Light was born, the Highest Insight.

After 14 days, the child is dedicated to the temple, where the prophets Anna and Simeon greet Mary and Joseph and understand and confirm their child’s secret. They bless the child.

Simeon is an incarnation of Ashita, an Indian sage from the time of the Buddha: Siddartha Gautama: “This child will become a Buddha.”

This child connects the religions of Zarasustra and the Buddha.

The meeting with Anna and Simeon makes it clear to Maria that her child is very special.

After 40 days they return to Nazareth.

Then a new family comes to live in Nazareth and a deep friendship develops between the two boys and the two parents.

The Dispute in the Temple, painted by Defendente FerrariThe two families in Nazareth

After their stay in Heliopolis, it was not easy for the royal family from Bethlehem to adapt to the simple life in Nazareth, because they belonged to a considerable royal family and now had to adapt to the simplicity of a monastic life and subservience. learn to be. In Egypt a brother of Jesus was born: James and in Nazareth 5 other children are born. They speak Hebrew and Aramaic.

The Lucas family had no other children, they were simple and dreamy. They spoke Greek and Aramaic.

The two families clicked, there was a strong attraction between them.

The two Jesus children became deep friends. Jesua, the royal child, wanted to protect the dreamy Jesus. Jesus in turn takes Jesua into the fields and makes the connection between nature and the spiritual world. With this, the strength of the heart began to awaken in Jesua. They had a strong influence on each other. The royal Jesua was probably 3-5 years older than Jesus, the shepherd child.

When Jesus is 10 years old, Jesue’s father dies. The royal Mary is left with 7 children.

When Jesus is 12 years old, Joseph and Mary and Jesus decide to go to Jerusalem and take the royal Mary and Jesua with them. Maria, the carpenter’s wife has premonitions and is tense, she senses that something special is imminent.

After three days, when the party is over, they leave again. After a day’s journey, Mary discovers that her son, the youngest Jesus, is not there. If they don’t find him, they return to Jerusalem and finally find Jesus in the temple, surrounded by theologians, priests and scholars.

When Maria sees her son, she is deeply shocked; her quiet, dreamy, withdrawn son argues with the scholars on an equal footing. He uses difficult words and has insight that he previously lacked. To Mary it seems as if Jesua is speaking through him; for he is the learned, the knowing of both! Jesus then says to her, “Didn’t you know that I must be in my Father’s house!” Maria sees that other forces are involved.

What happened?

pigeonThe royal Jesua, was always focused on the Sun Spirit; his being, his energy was what he was looking for. Now he felt the sacred energies of the Sun Spirit surrounding his friend Jesus. Jesus had to absorb the Sun Spirit. It was such a strong energy that only a strong body could live, a body without karma.

Only the purest had to absorb the purest. Jesua drew with his longing for his friend and with all his being he was absorbed in his being. Eventually the desire became so strong that he left his body and united with his friend’s being. Thus the royal child Jesua was able to speak through his friend Jesus from that moment on.

From that moment on, Jesus was powerful enough to receive the Christ power, for that power was so great that only a strong body could receive him.

Then Jeshua, the king Jesus, withers away and once at home in Nazareth, his light of life is extinguished and he dies.

Maria, the Queen Mother then no longer had a husband and eldest son. James then became heir to the throne.

Mary the carpenter’s wife took 2 years to really understand that the being of Jesua had entered the body of her son Jesus.

After two years Maria the carpenter’s wife died, she was up and tired.

Joseph the carpenter survived and he married the royal Mary. So they continued as one family. Mary found in her stepson her own son and a bond of understanding developed between them. He spoke to Maria about his suffering, he saw how selfish people were. The powers of evil; Ariman and Lucifer were constantly trying to seduce and move the people to evil.

Then Joseph the carpenter also dies.


2 Jesus children
Quite a few books have been written about it. Yet it is not very well known, how is that possible?

The Secret of Baptism in the Jordan

Between his 12th and  30th  years, Jesus suffers more and more intensely he sees how man slips further and further into the lostness of his ignorance. So much so that only the coming of the Sun God can save him. An increasingly intense desire to be a channel for the Sun God, the Christ, fills him.

He goes to the Jordan and is baptized by John the Baptist. Again the Sun Spirit, the Christ, descends upon him and fills him. Now he becomes the bearer of the Sun Spirit, Jesus the Christ: Christopher. The Light embodied Jesus during baptism. This is the greatest secret of the Christ power. Over the next 3 years, the entire Christ power incarnated in the body of Jesus. “It’s finished,” Jesus exclaimed on the cross.

Finally the body that God has prepared for Christ is ready…

Finally, the highest Love can set foot on earth through this.

Finally, the first of men can now be recreated by true love.

Mary at Ephesus, is the royal Mary, after the unification.

She lived with John of Patmos for a long time. John only finished his gospel at the age of 90, in which the hidden secrets are described.


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