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The secrets of the womb!


What do we actually know about the uterus? Strange, isn’t it, that the very place that makes new life possible is unknown territory for many. You can read why this is the case and what you should know about the uterus in this blog. It is about creative power and daring to be a woman in full.

The womb on a physical level

It’s the place where an embryo implants, right there in your belly. But where is it exactly? It lies behind the pubic bone, behind the bladder. When you’re not pregnant, it’s roughly the shape of a pear. It consists of two parts, “the body” where the embryo implants and the cervix, which is connected to the vagina.

The womb at an energetic level

Your womb is an enormous power source , it is an infinite reservoir of feminine wisdom, love, universal life energy and sexual energy.

Even if your uterus has been physically removed, it is energetically still there. In addition to our physical body, we also have an energetic body. On an energetic level you can bring healing. The word says it all. After such a healing, women regularly say “I feel like I’m whole again”.

The womb is the magnetic center of the woman, the place from which the law of attraction works . Electromagnetically, the womb is a negative pole, the woman receives the life energy and love with it. The woman gives love from her heart. With men this works the other way around , they penetrate love from their genitals and their energy center (the Hara) and they receive with their heart.uterus

The womb on an emotional level

Unfortunately, the womb absorbs not only life energy and love but also emotions. All emotions, including negative emotions, are stored in the womb. Emotions should be fluid just like water, when we suppress our emotions the water can no longer flow freely and we get sick.

When you are aware of your womb you can clean this place of trapped emotions. It then forms your safe base from which you may be soft and in bloom, open to the infinite depth. The energy can then flow freely through your body and from your heart you dare as a woman to radiate your strength and your love into the wide world.

The womb on an intellectual level

Did you know that your uterus also has a brain? You cannot comprehend the intelligence of this with your normal brain. Your womb gives you access to a wisdom that is connected to the entire universe. We also call it our gut feeling, your inner voice.


The inner voice speaks from the silence. The silence, the emptiness, the zero point energy, the sacred, the black hole, there are many words for it. The answer to all questions is here, here lies peace, abundance, trust. There is no time, space or form in the void. Here is only an infinity of possibilities. Creation arises from the void. Your womb is therefore not only for carrying a baby, but also for bringing all creations to life.

sexual energy

Sexuality is a gateway to divine energy, the void. To prevent this power from becoming available to many, those in power have labeled sexuality as something wrong and dirty. As a result, both men and women have little awareness of their bodies and ignore the wisdom of the body.

All the abuse surrounding sexuality is stored deep in the cellular memory of humans. Fortunately, the uterus has a regenerative capacity. It transforms your fears and pains so that you dare to open and share love.couple

The womb and the self-healing capacity

The restorative power is only effective when it is addressed. It demands your attention and awareness. However, we have not learned to be present in this area. The good news is that awareness of the womb is on the rise. The Rite of the womb plays a major role in this. This powerful ritual, which originated in the jungles of Peru, can now be passed on to the world.

Rite of the Womb

There is a line of women who, through the medicine of the jungle, pass on to us the 13th rite of the Munay-Ki: The Rite of the Womb. Once you have received it you are a wombkeeper and you can pass this on to as many women as possible. You raise your arms and invoke the line (of women who have liberated themselves) by saying: 


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