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The Seven Streams of Energy

Like the colors of the rainbow, there are seven streams of energy. These seven rays of energy each have a different tone, color, vibration and frequency. The colors represent the beauty of pure light. In themselves, the currents have their own vibration and unique color. The colors represent the consciousness frequencies of our soul. Our personalities also have seven basic energies that correspond to a specific color.

Through these seven energetic flows we enter our consciousness. Our soul literally comes alive through these frequencies of consciousness. One ray is always dominant but you can express the qualities of all seven. The “themes of our soul” that we always work so hard on are rooted in these frequencies of energy, they represent the wonder of our growth as beings of light.

When you look at the societies we create on Earth, it’s clear that each group shows differences in strengths and weaknesses. The goal is to work together and bundle the good qualities and let go of our judgments, fear and passivity. Through development and growth, we learn to respect the good in each other and we learn to gain insight together.

Just think of the amazing power and beauty of crystals . They resonate at different vibrational levels of healing energy, depending on their size (at frequency level), color and location. Like us! We can use them to communicate and heal because they can conduct pure vibrating energy through us.

The first frequency is Red : People born under this color are the energy receivers. They are courageous, fearless, emotionally unmoving, have an athletic and strong build. They are also arrogant, proud, critical and often think they know everything better. They have the power to save and help others physically, but their challenge lies in learning how to manage emotions and spirituality.

The second frequency is Blue : This color is one of the ones that can transform energy. They are spiritually very sensitive to energy, because they feel everything, positive and negative. These are the compassionate and trustworthy people who have to be very careful that their energies are not drawn away from them. They must learn to convert lower energies into higher frequencies. These are souls that, as they evolve, have the ability to channel large amounts of healing energy through others. They are channels of healing energy and psychic mediums with a pure heart.

The third frequency is Yellow : this color represents soul lessons for those who are intelligent, careful and sincere. They must learn to accept others and manage in social situations in order to make a change in this world. They are challenged to come out of their shell, not to be modest to make their own contributions. They can learn to develop their self-confidence and inner calm so that they can teach others to think before acting.

The fourth frequency is Indigo : This color represents the souls that are present, warm, warm and cheerful. They have good intuition, are empathetic, sympathetic and love color. Their major challenges lie in self-confidence, decision-making and self-control. As they develop their metaphysical abilities, they develop into great counselors and spiritual advisors.

The fifth frequency is Orange : This is the color for scientists and engineers. They tend to be very independent, emotionless and very into detail. They can be very judgmental and have a hard time forgiving and dislike mysticism. If they would further develop in spirituality and awareness, they could really help humanity further with their knowledge and their dedication in finding answers.

The sixth frequency is Green : These are the committed believers with a rock-solid confidence. They can be loving, but when their emotions take over, they can be jealous and rigid. They can be quite firm in their faith, even letting go of their own ideas about their faith and holding fanatical ideas when they are out of control. They will have to learn to be more open to others, to accept others while learning to rely less on the help of others themselves.

The seventh frequency is Violet. These people can regulate energy. They are charming, talented, attractive and very organized in their lives and thoughts. They tend to be snobbish and judgmental of others and will have to learn to be human and to be one with others. When these people develop spiritually, they can manifest anything they want.

Good! Is it so surprising that we have so much trouble dealing with the human brain! Those who are focused on one frequency will always be hurt and those on another frequency seem to have no compassion at all. And to think of the ‘snobs’ on the seventh frequency! How do we learn to respect each other in all our differences and inspire each other to heal all our challenges? Understanding our strengths and capabilities and the reasons why we do the way we do is a good start.

Knowing that we are not the only ones struggling with myriad ways can help us wonderfully. We can really unlearn ourselves from judging and remembering how we were able to accept others as children. It brings out our forgotten knowledge that brought us all here.


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