The shift to a higher consciousness: we go from head to heart

The shift to a higher consciousness: we go from head to heart
“Only the bravest souls have chosen to be on Earth during this special transition period,”  This article reflects on the shift we are making together: to higher consciousness, unconditional love, and unity. From head to heart…

Collectively, we become softer, more sensitive, more intuitive, more powerful and wiser, as ancient knowledge that was previously inaccessible reawakens within ourselves.

It is a special time in which we live. It is no coincidence that you, your children and other loved ones are now on this planet. Together we shift to a higher consciousness, unconditional love and unity. Everyone has a unique contribution, task and mission. One does not notice much of this, while the other feels a deep soul mission to make the world more beautiful and loving. It’s all good. One is not better or worse than the other. Everyone matters and can be there in love.

A paradise on earth

Thousands of years ago, in the time of Lemuria, the feminine and masculine energies within ourselves, on Earth and in the cosmos were perfectly balanced. Like yin and yang. The earth was a paradise with lots of greenery, water and beautiful flowers and a very high vibration. People and animals lived in peace, harmony, unconditional love, surrender and unity. There was no duality. Everything was energetically connected in love. As the Maya said: In Lak’ech . That means: ‘I am another you, you are another me.’

The world out of balance: power and greed

We all have both masculine and feminine energy within us. The feminine energy is about the heart, nurturing, compassion, unconditional love, unity, safety, care and protection. The masculine energy is about the ratio, decisiveness, manifestation, focus on the individual, vision, stability, and clarity. Due to evolutionary and galactic developments and integrations, the male energy on earth and in the cosmos became more dominant at a certain point.

Humanity started to focus too much on masculine energy, which resulted in the suppression of feminine energy. Thus duality arose; the masculine and feminine energies were no longer in balance. This caused all kinds of tensions and disturbances, such as power, greed, control, focus on reason, individuality, and weakening of the intuitive and emotional side.

The shift to a higher consciousness: we go from head to heart

Men became the ‘strong and superior’ sex and women the ‘weak and inferior’ sex. Many women today still experience feelings of inferiority, neglect their family, work or friends and adapt too much to others at the expense of themselves. For centuries this program, which is out of balance, has been played in both women’s and men’s lines.

The Power of Forgiveness

Many women have had violent past lives because of this imbalance, in which they have been neglected, humiliated, abused, and raped. Brave women who remained true to themselves proclaimed their truth, and/or engaged in spirituality and healing had a hard time. Many died on the gallows, at the stake, by stoning or drowning. Fortunately, this has changed in large parts of the world, but the suffering suffered has left deep marks in the soul. Many women still (unconsciously) experience fear of men and feel inferior and not good or beautiful enough.

But what if we look at the past with love, compassion and forgiveness? What happens then? The power of forgiveness is enormous. Without forgiveness, no healing.

Feminine energy increases: from head to heart

The tide is turning. For years, the feminine energy has been increasing in strength, in women, men, and on our planet. As a result, a balance is slowly restored between the male and female energy. The energy of the ascended masters Mary (mother of Jesus) and Mary Magdalene is growing stronger and awakening in more and more women and men – regardless of any faith or the church.

The feminine Christ awakens. We collectively become softer, more sensitive, more intuitive, more powerful, and wiser, as age-old knowledge that was previously inaccessible reawakens within ourselves. Men and women return to their primal power, as it is essentially intended.

We make the movement from head to heartHearts are opening and many are awakening spiritually and multidimensionally. We experience that there is more than just our planet. That we are a soul with a body, instead of a body with a soul. And that there is much more than we can physically perceive in our reality.

The collective increase in energy

The shift to a higher consciousness: we go from head to heart

There has never been so much light and love on Earth as there is now. Every day the energy frequencies continue to rise. This evolution of consciousness is directed from all layers, earth, cosmos, and humanity. The vibration of the earth is increasing; the Schumann resonance shoots up. The sun (‘the light’) is getting stronger and in recent years more and more lightworkers are incarnating to contribute to the consciousness shift.

Many of these lightworkers or conscious souls are already adults. In addition, since 2011/2012 children are born with an increasingly higher vibration and wider multidimensional consciousness. These children provide an enormous increase in consciousness, just by being born.

The 3 Keys to Unity Consciousness

When there is a balance between your masculine and feminine energy, it is called divine union. Then you clear the way for unconditional love, for yourself, others, the earth and the cosmos. And for unity consciousness, also called the Christ consciousness. The earthly duality is disappearing more and more, so the division between right, wrong, light and dark…

And especially the resistance against it. Because you increasingly experience that everything is connected. Every action affects the whole and we are all one. As the sense of duality diminishes, life automatically becomes lighter. The keys to unconditional love and unity consciousness, as I experience them, are self-love, surrender, and trust.

Self-love: being who you really are

The shift to a higher consciousness: we go from head to heart

When you love yourself unconditionally and accept yourself with all your strengths, weaknesses, and imperfections, you come into harmony with yourself. You can be who you really are. Only then can you truly love another? Unconditional love is love for yourself and the other without conditions and expectations.

You give love to others or the world without getting anything in return. That is so much more than love in the romantic or sexual form. Unconditional love is the purest form, for the highest good. For example, think of a smile, a compliment, a helping hand or a loving message.

Surrender: all feelings may be there

If everything, so fine and less pleasant feelings, is allowed to be without judgment and self-criticism, then life becomes so much lighter and simpler. Surrender to what is. Imagine: you feel unrest, uncertainty, sadness, or anger and this feeling should not be there for you. You go into the resistance and try to suppress it, like a balloon trying to push you underwater, making this feeling come back even stronger. Resistance makes everything harder. Just let feelings and emotions be there, in loving acceptance, as you give comfort and love to a child.

Trust: go with the flow

On Earth we have some free will. You can avoid or ignore situations or lessons, but they still come your way in a different way. Through events, encounters, or experiences… Everything goes exactly as intended; some of which events and encounters are predestined.

What may be learned repeats itself. And you are wherever you are allowed to be at any time. From this thought, nothing ever comes too early or too late; it will come when you are ready. There’s absolutely no point in trying to force something. Trust the divine timing of the universeGo with the flow and take it easy.



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