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The Sign of the Human Angel

draw human angel
draw human angel

The first time I saw the sign of the Human Angel, it was brought to my attention by a good friend Lorena Solinger, a powerful healer and also a member of Lightworker’s board of directors. In early 2001 she was preparing a “Goddess” workshop and had a telephone conversation with one of the participants. During this conversation, she thoughtlessly began to draw this symbol on the rug.

After putting down the phone she was spirit guided to go upstairs to her library where she was taken to a book by Dianne Stein. Lorena found that the symbol in that book was mentioned without an explanation just with the word Len-So-My and that it was a non-Reiki symbol. Thinking nothing further about it, she continued her work for the seminar.

At the end of that seminar, she felt she should have a ceremony with the symbol she had seen on the carpet. That was the first time she started setting people up for this symbol.

During that first time, she heard spirit say very clearly the words “Welcome to the family of Human Angels.” Some time before that, Lorena had been given a Michael crystal that she always carried with her. When the ceremony was over she noticed that her Michael crystal had broken into several pieces which she promptly gave to the participants upon their departure.

It had started.

It was then that Lorena called me very excited about her discovery and gave me a drawing of the symbol from the book.

I was immediately drawn to it and the Group told me that it was in fact the sign of the Human Angel and that we would start working with it when the time was right. At that point they warned me not to put it on the website too conspicuously. They said that at that point in human evolution, the sign could only be given to the one who asked for it.

They said the time would soon come when we could make it available to everyone but not do anything with it at the time. From then on, I saw the sign constantly, everywhere I looked. This made me aware that this was part of my alignment that the Group was carefully arranging.

In October 2001 we presented a channeling of the Group in Veldhoven. In front of an audience of 850 lightworkers, they told the story of the Circle and the Light, which describes the evolution of the sign of the Human Angel. In story form, this illustrates the evolution of “all that is”.

In the Group’s first book, “Remember ~ A Handbook of Human Evolution,” the Group provided the illustration of the circle and the infinity sign to explain from a higher perspective why we are here on Earth. The Group says that now that we have entered the fifth dimension, the second, vertical infinity sign has been added to us, giving us the sign of the Human Angel.

After the story of the Circle and the Light, they called it the sign of the Human Angel. In the “Wings” seminar we present we use this symbol. At the end of the angel walk I ask everyone if they are willing to be a Human Angel. If they answer “yes” to that question, I ask them the three questions and then use a crystal to outline the sign of the Human Angel about their energy field.

This symbol can now be seen in many places on this site. The sign itself now being openly displayed, and the very existence of this site, are proof that the evolution of humanity is moving forward at an incredibly rapid pace. The Group then simply says:

“welcome home”


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