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The Simplest Solution For A Happy Life!


Before you read this article, let me ask you why you are going to do this. What is the exact reason why you want to open this text? Are you looking for something? Solutions to your problems? Answers to life questions? maybe inspiration? Or to not have to face your shit? diversion? Now stop reading. Close your eyes. Center yourself. And ask: ‘Why?’

Hypnosis and Magic

You will probably read on anyway. And that’s exactly what I want to save you from. There is a good chance that you will be influenced by this information. There is a possibility that I may hypnotize you. And you get sucked in. With all your being. Words can have a magical effect. Since you’re here for a reason, I know you’re looking for something. That can be tricky.

The truth

If I grab your attention from the start and charm you, then I could tell you anything. Who you really are. What your assignment is here on Earth. Where did you originally come from. That from now on it is better to eat only organic food. Or think positively. Don’t push away bad emotions, but embrace them completely. Stay away from Tinder! And blah blah blah. It can go either way. So why read on? Why not rely on your own inner strength and wisdom?

outside help

You are probably one of those individuals who has been ‘awakened’. And I don’t need to tell you that in this restless, haunted and often hazy time, more and more people are waking up. On the one hand, that’s a good thing. You realize that it can also be different. That it must be different. That you want it different. But you think you need help with that. From something or someone. external resources. A gentle push in the right direction. Or a hard kick in the butt.

Like minded people

You decide to take other paths. And then you meet ‘like minded people”. Sometimes you have the most wonderful connections with people. It’s almost inexplicable. A twin soul! Your cosmic brother or sister! Just like that. Suddenly. Out of nowhere. Boo! You feel such an intense click with this creature. It must be someone from a past life. Or so. But could it also be because the other is also a seeker? And tries to find. Are you sometimes like-minded seekers? And is that why the match is so intense?

Anxious Dependence

The search continues. You read books, articles and blogs. You watch inspiring documentaries and motivational videos. Sometimes you still watch a meaningless series. But what does that actually get you? You go to workshops and lectures. Coaches, gurus and healers galore. The offer is bizarrely large, you will notice soon. You feel a strong resonance with certain people. It seems as if they are fully illuminated. They have all the answers. That’s how you want to be too! And before you know it, you’re dependent on it.

The first step

Of course it is sometimes nice to be presented with a mirror. But apart from the question ‘which step has priority to move forward?’, you don’t need anything. Just be careful not to end up in that dangerous prison again. This time from a person and the services offered. Instead of drink, drugs, sex or buying behavior. Did I mention your phone and food? You are ‘not free’. Oops… am I now in the guru role myself? Got caught!

Research yourself

That’s why I hesitated for a long time to write this article. Because again; I don’t want to influence or manipulate you. You put me on a pedestal in no time. Suddenly I am the new messiah. That doesn’t feel good. I’m only human, too. Just like you. Deep valleys and pleasant peaks. You know, right! And yes; I have also been a seeker for a long time. The more information and truths I encountered, the more alienated I became from myself. But when I found it, I saw it. How did I manage that? Shall I tell you? The ready-made solution? Are you sure? Because the truth can be viciously rude and extremely raw.Well come on, here it comes: find out for yourself!


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