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The soft part of you

Last week I was talking about it with a friend and today I come across it again: People often don’t dare to show the vulnerable part of themselves. Don’t dare to discuss what they really feel and think because they are afraid of being judged or hurt. Vulnerability

I myself increasingly show that “soft part of myself”, as I often call it. I have found that if I show this part of myself, I often get to experience this beautiful part of someone else and that makes me very happy. It gives me energy to make contact with people in that way.

If you always keep your armor on, if you always protect what is vulnerable about yourself, you can be hurt (a little) less quickly (but even a good armor has an open, weak spot, so you can never prevent it completely) but you also cannot let the energy flow freely between you and the other. That hinders me, I like to make real contact with others, especially if I care about them (and for that I don’t even have to know someone very well). In this way the most beautiful conversations arise and you can experience the most beautiful, loving part of the other.

Of course it is scary, but if you really feel beforehand whether it is possible with a person, really based on your intuition and “gut feeling”, you will notice that you are (almost) never wrong. This person is then safe and worth making real contact with.wings

There are enough people who are so afraid of what might come out of this that they don’t even dare to express their deepest feelings to their own partner.

If anyone should be worthy of seeing that part of you, it’s your partner. And if that person doesn’t feel safe enough, then he/she isn’t the right person for you either.

My husband and I can have the most beautiful conversations if we open up completely and I also have these kinds of interactions with my family and a few girlfriends. Those are wonderful moments.

Beautiful and scary for some, because what may seem most frightening in the beginning is the love you experience for someone you really connect with and the joy that can unleash in you.


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