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The Song of the Pearl. a lecture by Hans Stolp

In a legend, it is said that Abgar fell ill and sent a letter to Jesus asking to be healed. Jesus promised in a letter that he would send an apostle after his Ascension. That was the apostle Thomas. Incidentally, Abgar was already healed by the letter of Jesus.

Another legend tells that Abgar had heard all the stories about Jesus. He wanted a portrait of Jesus. He found a painter who actually met Jesus, but the painter was blinded when he made a few strokes on the canvas. God then painted the portrait of Jesus in the blink of an eye.

This is an inner portrait of Jesus, which must be made in yourself. God completes the portrait. The atmosphere of Edessa is an atmosphere of deeper knowing.

The Song of the Pearl is an explanation of the story of “The Prodigal Son”. From the Bible. Barbesanus probably wrote the song.

The song is about the most important task of your life: Have you awakened, ie awakened spiritually?

How do you know you are awake?

Ø You know that life goes on after death.

Ø You know that our reality is auctioned and represents only a fraction of the great truth.

Ø You know it’s about unconditional love.

If you start to feel this, you have woken up.

Often people have to go through a crisis to wake up. It is true that more and more “awake” children are being born during this time. Thomas found it difficult to wake up. He had to learn to know from his heart and not from the evidence of the mind.

You come to earth with a burden on your shoulders. What is your karmic lesson?

This song is also about karma, that is to say that you keep getting one step further in your development, in your spiritual growth. You come to earth with a burden on your shoulders. What is your karmic lesson?

Since evolution we have strayed further and further from the spiritual world. For a very long time mankind has been clairvoyant.

About 5000 years ago the veil closed, people became less and less clairvoyant. That curtain is now opening again at a rapid pace, you notice that many young children are clairvoyant. We are becoming more and more connected to the spirit world at this time.

The song of the pearl teaches us that we can take the pearl through the serpent. The pearl represents  consciousness . The snake represents dangers and crises.

The soul has left its Royal Robe behind in its descent to earth. From the Divine world a small divine spark has descended and incarnated in a human being. Most of them have stayed “home”, but they do speak to us through conscience. This is where our feeling of homesickness comes from. Only the one who knows (gnosis) can find the way home again. We can then reconnect our lower self with our higher self.

Jesus could absorb the whole Divinity, the Higher Self, the Royal Robe in his material body. Jesus became a fully realized man. The goal is to become aware.

You can compare it to the following story, which actually happened.

A native of Malacca is taken to a large city. Everyone was curious what kind of wonders and new things he would see. All he saw was what he knew, namely a trailer with 12 bananas.

You can only see what you know, what you have become aware of.

For example, if you have developed unconditional love, you belong to the consciousness sphere of the angels. You can recognize that atmosphere.

archangelAccording to an old tradition, Judas Thomas, the “twin brother of Jesus” traveled to India to preach the gospel.

We can read about his adventures there in The Acts of Thomas, an apocryphal book from the third century. In some places these acts refer to two other texts dedicated to Thomas, The Gospel of Thomas and The Book of Thomas.

Like these two texts, the Acts are strongly ascetic. The Acts are not really Gnostic, with the exception of a few parts, especially the two hymns. For in addition to the “Song of the Pearl”, the text of which follows below, this writing contains another poetic hymn about the wedding of a King’s Daughter.

The “Song of the Pearl”, which in the original text is called “Song of the Apostle Jude Thomas in the Land of the Indians”, tells allegorical images of the descent of a messenger who sets out from the Pleroma to pick a pearl. find.


When I was a little kid in the

palace of my father, enjoying the riches

and the wealth of my educators,

my parents provided me with the necessities,

and sent me away from the east, our home.

From the abundance of treasures they made

a burden, great and yet light,

that I could wear these alone:

gold is the burden from on high,

and silver from the great treasuries,

and rubies from India,

and pearls from Kustan.

And they armed me with diamonds,

that iron can cut.

When we were at the beginning of evolution, we were like an unconscious “child”.

Who are the parents? God the mother and God the father.

God the Father has been magnified in the Christian tradition. Catholic tradition has filled the gap of the feminine with Mary. The Protestants have deleted the feminine. That’s why Christianity has become very rational and masculine.

The secret name of the feminine is Sophia.

We have all left paradise, we have left the East. The East is the place where God dwells, where the sun rises.

goldThe burden that the parents give to the child is the karma. They are tricky “presents”; you grow in wisdom through everything you experience. Through the dark you can grow to the light, only then can you feel that karmic lessons are gifts.

Our ego says; “Why?”

Don’t push things to God. We have violated the earth, we are responsible for what happens.

They took my cloak, full of precious stones,

covered with gold, which she in love for

had made me,

also the gown, gold in colour,

which was custom made for me.

They made a treat with me,

and wrote it in my heart not to forget,

and they said, “If you go down to Egypt”

and from there bring back the one pearl that is there,

surrounded by the blinding serpent,

then you will put on your cloak full of precious stones,

and your gown that falls around it.

And with your twin brother, our neighbor in rank,

thou shalt be heir in our realm.”

005_higher-self-posterThe cloak is the Higher Self. The undergarment remains behind in the spiritual world. The treaty made with us is imprisoned in our knowledge, we only need to remember it, by becoming aware of our own knowledge. The descent into Egypt symbolizes captivity. If you take the letter value of the word Egypt, the number symbolizes duality, for matter. Try to remember what is etched in your heart.

In Egypt we have to pass the serpent to find the pearl. The twin brother is Jesus Christ. In the first verse of the Gospel of Thomas, Thomas is referred to as the twin brother of Jesus Christ. Whoever finds the pearl is the twin brother of Christ, that person is realized as Christ just like Jesus.We all become Christ, for we are heirs to the Kingdom of Heaven.

I left the East and along a road,

bad and dangerous, I traveled

accompanied by two guides,

for in travel I had no experience.

I went beyond the borders of Maisan,

where the merchants gather from the east.

I reached the land of Babylon,

where I entered the town of Sarburg.

When I came to Egypt

my guides left me.

The guides are the angels.

So when I came into the material world the angels left me.

I went straight for the snake

and stayed in an inn

near his hiding place,

waiting for him to slumber or sleep

then take the pearl from him.

And since I was a loner, I was a

stranger to my fellow guests at the inn.

But I saw one of my family,

a free man, from the East, a young man,

lovely and fair, the son of kings.

And he came to me and joined me

and I made him my companion,

who I told my mission to;

a friend who accompanied me on my journey.

He warned me against the Egyptians,

and against dealing with unclean people.

I dressed in their clothes,

so that I may not be a stranger to them,

like someone from outside who came to fetch the pearl.

Otherwise the Egyptians would kill the serpent

wake up from his sleep and stir up against me.

The first person thought for a moment to grab the pearl. A loner is a human being who has not yet fallen apart in duality, he has not yet descended into matter. The son of the Kings is your own angel who guides you, he comes from the spirit world. Angels come to us in the prime of their lives to assist us. So become aware of the angel who is with you. This angel warns the first person: you can’t pretend, if you want to get the pearl you have to go through Egypt as an Egyptian.

But for some reason

they discovered that I was not their countryman.

They took me in, mixed my drink

with their wiles and gave me their food for food.

I forgot I was a King’s son,

and I became a servant to their king.

And I forgot the pearl,

why my parents sent me.

And by the heaviness of their food

I fell into a deep sleep.

PharaohChildren often remember where they came from. As we get older, we increasingly forget our origin. We have then become Egyptians.

We have to go through forgetfulness, through sleep, and then wake up, become aware.

But what had happened to me, my parents noticed   and they were sad for me.

And a proclamation went out in our realm that everyone should assemble at our gate. 

And the kings of Persia, and the ministers  , and all the chiefs of the east  made a plan for my sake,  that I should not tarry in Egypt.

They wrote me a letter,  signed by those in power: 

“From your Father, the King of Kings,  and from your Mother, the Mistress of the East  , and your brother, our neighbor in rank,  to our son who is in Egypt.

 peace. Rise and awake from sleep  and listen to the words of the letter. Remember you are a King’s son,  and behold the man you now serve. Do you remember your pearl  why you were sent to Egypt.  Remember your robe overlaid with gold,  that you may wear it and adorn yourself with it,  that your name may be mentioned  in the book of life,  and that you may become heir with your brother our ambassador  in our kingdom.”

Humanity is sinking more and more into matter. How can the angels help to awaken humanity? The plan consists of this: The cosmic Spirit, Christ, descended and committed himself to Jesus on January 6. Christ descended into the earth energy to save us from selfishness and hardening.

christ light

Father is God the Father

Mother is God the Mother, the Holy Spirit

Brother is the Christ

Son is man who is awake.

“Arise and awake” is a saying of the 6th  initiation. In the initiation rite, the priest calls out “Arise and awake from the dead (sleep)”, this is the age-old wake-up call for someone to return to his body Lazarus was recalled by Jesus and was thereafter called John,

the awakened one. In songs and prayers you often find phrases and words that have an esoteric meaning, the meaning of which goes back to the old knowledge. “Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, for Christ will watch over thee.” In the “book of life” are recorded all the awakened people.

And the King, as a sender, sealed him

because of the evil Babylonian children,

and the tyrannical demons of Labyrinth.

And the letter arose in the form of a

eagle, king of all feathered people,

and flew till he landed by my side.

Then he became wholly Voice.

And I awoke from sleep,

because I noticed his voice.

I received him and kissed him and I broke his seal

and started reading.

And as it was written in my heart

that’s how it was.

Immediately I remembered that I was a King’s son.

And liberated I longed for my parentage.

I remembered the pearl,

for which I was sent to Egypt.

The letter goes through all worlds to reach man on earth, also through the astral worlds. The letter is sealed so as not to affect the contents. The eagle is the symbol of John, the initiate. The first person heard something and realized: “I already know this”. The message was already written in his heart. Then the homesickness rears its head and the I figure remembers why he is on earth and knows that his mission is; find the pearl.

And I began to enchant him,

the terrible serpent.

I made him slumber,

for I called my Father’s name

and the name of my brother in rank,

and my mothers,

the ruler of the East.

And I snatched the pearl and went back to

to take him to my father’s house.

And the filthy robe I took off,

And I left it in their country.

In the power of the Spirit of God, man goes in search of his mission. He comes by the snake. That is the transformation and was able to get rid of the dirty cloth, his body.

I searched my way straight to the light

from our home in the East.

And my letter turned out to be ahead of me on the road.

And as the letter had a voice to

to wake me when I slept, so he guided me

now with his light that shone before me.

With his voice he encouraged me in my fear

and with his love he helped me

to hurry me forward.

I passed Labyrinth and left Babylon

left and came to the great Maisan,

which lies on the shore of the sea.

higher-self-51The first person remembers what he already knew: the light travels ahead of him.

What is your deepest truth? What is your deepest gift?

What is the treasure you found?

This is the gnosis that brings you home.

You go through fears, but the voice guides you. The inner insight takes you further.

Labyrinth and Babel symbolize the astral world.

The astral world consists of 7 spheres. The 8th sphere  is beyond the astral world, which is paradise.

The 9th sphere  is the waiting room with God. Here the cloth is put on again to finally enter the 10th sphere  , where God resides.

Maisan symbolizes paradise, the beginning of the light world.

Labyrinth and Babel together represent the 7 astral spheres.

While the royal silk dress that I

had taken off, and the gown, gold in color,

were sent ahead by my parents

through their treasurers,

who were in charge of this,

 I no longer remembered my brilliance,

for I was only a child and very young,

when I left it in my Father’s palace.

We have become so identified here on Earth with our ego, the fear, the shame, etc. that if we can “pull off” our ego you are complete love, we have forgotten its brilliance.

In our deepest being we are radiant beings.

But suddenly, when I saw the cloth,

like in a mirror,

I saw myself in it entirely.

I saw the whole within myself.

That’s how I knew and saw myself

separated from, but emanating from, the One.

And also one with one figure.

One royal mark was written on both.

The treasurers had money and wealth

in their hands, and they gave me my wages

and the beautiful garment,

that was beautifully decorated in gold

with gems and pearls

in accordance therewith.

These were confirmed in the high

and the image of the King of Kings

could be seen everywhere.

And in the high were sapphires

harmoniously attached.

And I saw further that through all this

movements of gnosis trembled.


In ancient times there were only mirrors made of copper, in which your appearance was distorted.

In the real mirror you see your true Self, then you are a whole person. You then know that you are beyond the 7 spheres and are with God in paradise. You are then one with the One.

The garment you have on has been made more beautiful by the gems you have conquered, by the pearls you have found.

In essence you have acquired insight (gnosis).

And the robe was ready to speak.

And I heard say:

“It’s I who acted in the deeds of Him,

for whose sake I live in my father’s house

had been raised; and I became inside myself

aware how my stature got bigger

according to his deeds.”

I noticed his figure.

And all his royal moves

rested on me and poured themselves completely

about me.

And from the hands of those who gave it to me

made haste for me to grab it.

That love drove me to run

and to meet him and receive it.

And I stretched to get it.

With the beauty of its colors

I decorated myself.

And I surrounded myself completely with his royal gown

or brilliant colours.

This verse is about the desire to become one with whom man is already essentially.

And when I had it on, I was lifted up

to the place of peace and tribute.

I bowed my head and worshiped the brilliance

of the Father who sent me this

and whose order I had carried out.

And He also did what was promised.

And at the gate of His palace

I mingled with the princess as usual.

For He was pleased with me and welcomed me,

and I was with him at his palace.

All his servants sang with

melodious voices.

And He promised me that I would have part

at the court of the King of Kings,

and that, having found my pearl,

together, beside Him, would appear.

pearl-in-shellHere the I figure has come into the highest light world.

All the servants, the angels and people who have already reached the light world, throw a party because another person has come home, with an extra dimension of the pearl that has been found.

The princesses are the angels.

In the court of the King of Kings, you take part in the control of the cosmos. This is the wonderful promise that comes to us when we have fulfilled our commission. The pearls found ensure that heaven and earth are renewed. Ultimately we transform together to the spiritual light world.


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