The soul knows no age: aging is a process of humanization

The soul knows no age: aging is a process of humanization

We all want to get older, but we don’t. However, there is nothing wrong with being old. It doesn’t mean saying goodbye to being beautiful, to feel strong and powerful. Aging is precisely a process in which we increasingly find out what suits us best. It is the goal in your life: to become who you essentially are.

The first signs

You may not realize you’re aging until you discover gray hairs or realize you can’t run as fast as you used to. These early signs of aging can be quite disturbing at times. They might just make you pay more attention to aging, or look at how old your friends actually are.

However, the first signs can also develop into concerns about illness and loss of mobility. Any concern can quickly grow into something bigger. This one can escalate into the thought that our lives are over. Aging even leads to an anxiety disorder in some people that controls them emotionally.

Coping with aging

It is important to find a way to calm the fear of aging. Realize that aging is necessary. As you grow older, you stand more firmly in the world, as an adult who is able to enter into his or her relationships and make a contribution. It’s more than adding up the years. It is a process of humanization, of becoming more spiritual and social. It allows you to do things that need to be done and life becomes worth living.

Be who you are

The soul knows no age: aging is a process of humanization

Ultimately, being who you are is the best way to age. Don’t try to prevent aging by imagining how it could be different. Don’t think that people younger than you are better off and don’t long for your youth. Be exactly who you are and the age you are. Being who you are affecting all areas of your life.

You cannot live and become a real human being until you become who you are. Simply acknowledge how old you are and ignore the fears and temptations that indicate how you feel about aging. In this way, you will be able to keep your youth in complete freedom. Keeping your age and maintaining your youth at the same time is the deepest secret of aging well.


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