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The soul seeks its way to connection and love

Part personalities

In voice dialogue  (that is a way to get into a conversation with yourself) we talk about the different ‘selves’ that are present in the human being. Selves are persons, energies, parts in you and me that determine how we stand in our lives.

For example, at work you can be confident, structured and efficient, at home in contact with your partner you can feel clumsy, emotional and insecure. In both cases there is a different ‘person’ in you at the helm.

We all have parts that allow us to feel safe in the world. Ambitions, goals, success, power are ways to protect our vulnerable core. Sensitivity is a neglected child in our world.


If you can’t keep up with society, there must be something wrong with you. You get medication or follow all kinds of training so that you can function again. You belong again and count. At its core, nothing resolves. Fortunately, this is being seen more and more and attention is also being paid to the sensitivity that many people have to deal with today.

The sensitive and vulnerable selves, also called child parts, may be met and seen. If you are highly sensitive, then you picked up and felt a lot as a baby. As a baby you are already sensitive and open to the atmosphere and energy of your environment.

Highly sensitive people are mentally more open and pick up even more and more deeply the energy of the environment, which is usually coarser. That’s where a split begins. Splitting means that you lose contact with yourself.

Spiritual Atmosphere

There lives in us a spiritual sphere that is attuned to love, light and harmony. In the books of Jozef Rulof this is called the first sphere or the ‘higher sphere up to the summer land’. In this sphere there is harmony, unity, connection.

Being here on earth is frightening for the spiritual sphere. That very refined atmosphere in you feels threatened by coarser attunements. Subconsciously it causes you to get out of your body, more in your head or that you shift to another energy in order to survive. Disconnected with yourself, doing what is expected of you, pleasing or critical, hardworking or depressed. There are many ways to avoid feeling that fear.

If you would connect with it, you can feel the beauty and love, the harmony and desire for connection with all that lives. BEING, in which nothing is necessary and everything is allowed to be. It stimulates your spiritual thinking and changes your perspective on the world and your life.

Take time to be with yourself and gently tune in to that frightened creature inside. Let it be there and surround it with your consciousness. Feel more and more who you are deeply.

Losing contact with yourself

When you come here on earth and are attuned to the spiritual love sphere, it is difficult to stay in it. That is because you have to deal with people, attunements around you that are less refined.

You can no longer hold on to being connected with yourself, the source and your refined degree and degree by degree you lose contact with yourself. Slowly you shift from the spiritual to the material. You attach yourself to the other (mother) and develop different selves to survive and conquer your place in the world.

Many of us lose touch with ourselves and no longer know who we are.
Highly sensitive people with their spiritual mission cannot meet the demands that the old world (society) demands of them. The search within is a requirement and that takes courage and strength.

How do you do that, back to yourself and your refined attunement?

In my practice I see more and more people who go inward and where a distance is visible, palpable between the spiritual and the earthly. The intention to be in love, to do what comes from the heart and to live consciously are paramount. The spiritual energy can be strong, making them very open and not grounded and connected to their feelings.

What I make clear is that there is a split between head and feeling, heart and belly. The spiritual energy is not connected with the emotional world that is connected with the child, baby and spiritual sphere. Being allowed to be with what is, attention, care and love for the ‘children’ inside opens the way to a deeper contact.

Recognition for very refined fear, unrest in being here on earth. Learning to deal with the grosser energies. Connecting with your deepest self and becoming more anchored. By creating an atmosphere really energetically, a very young child or baby can make themselves known without words.

This baby has often become detached from ourselves very early and carries the pain of abandonment and fear of being alone. By tuning in, that baby can feel heard in the fear and distress that no one is there.

That baby atmosphere needs contact, love, empathy from you as an adult and also someone who can tune in and serve as an intermediary. Clearing the way, back to yourself and your independence, connected to the source.

Relationships, dependence, independent and connecting

Relationships are the place where you can learn a lot. Also the place where we lose ourselves, feel confused, hurt or misunderstood. We relive our deepest pain and trauma from this and past lives.

The child and baby in you who are looking for the lost love attach themselves to the other. This creates opportunities and growth if you become aware of the interaction between you and the other. The hope that the other person will save or fulfill you will sooner or later shatter. The love you seek, the other cannot give you. We all know that well.

In practice it turns out to be a bit more complicated. Subconsciously, the attachments and expectations can be very strong. Images created from needy and distressed children, to which the other must comply. To see this, without judgment, and to break free from the bond, that is the way to freedom.

That can be intense when a very young child, baby inside you, sits on the other’s lap and you have to bring it back to yourself. That can be heartbreaking with all the fears it provokes inside. The fear of not being able to live without the other. The fear of being alone. It can be felt and with help and love from yourself and/or others it can be returned to you. You recognize the connection with yourself and the source again.


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