The sparrow teaches you about food, cleaning up and being less of a control freak

The sparrow teaches you about food, cleaning up and being less of a control freak

You little animal, which is the most famous bird in the Netherlands and is indispensable in our streets. You little sparrow with your cozy chirping and fluttering, you prefer to be with others of its kind. Small groups fly from one bush, hedge, or not too high tree to another, chattering about what you have not experienced. Tuut, tuut, tuut, could it be a little less?

Versatile glutton

The sparrow has a varied diet, which is useful if you depend on what nature brings you. Berries, seeds, grains, flower buds, bread, peanuts and are very important and essential for the survival of the species: of insects. Especially during the breeding season, these are eaten and given to their young because of the proteins they contain to give the offspring vigorous growth. Fortunately for mankind, the sparrow has 2 to 3 nests a year and all those little scum are always hungry. The sparrow is therefore an ideal natural insect fighter. A bird to cherish, because it saves a lot of pesticides.

What about your diet?

The sparrow teaches you about food, cleaning up and being less of a control freak

Are you getting enough vitamins and minerals? Do you eat varied enough and are you guided by what the season brings you? Do you cook fresh or do you opt for craft food, full of ‘thickeners’, sugars, and artificial ingredients, so that it still tastes like something, whether or not pre-cut and wrapped in plastic or aluminum? Do you eat ready meals, soups, or sauces? Do you regularly put something in the microwave? Have you forgotten that food is not a necessary evil to rake in energy?

Eating offers a moment of peace. It is an ideal opportunity to share stories when you are sitting at a table with others. Do you cook with love? That starts with the preparation. Are you grateful for the food on your plate? Dear people, natural food is the motivation to stay healthy. To keep your immune system strong and keep diseases, defects, and viruses at bay. Perhaps the sparrow is trying to tell you that you should take a closer look at your nutritional behavior in the broadest sense of the word and that you can come into more contact with your body.

That means that you first have to recognize what you eat, what is in it, or not, and you have to detoxify. Make yourself more pure nature, so that you can come closer to the origin of your BEING and feel better about what your body really needs. Fill your shortages with what nature brings you at this point in the season. Try it. You will notice that it will make you feel much better because the body you have is part of nature and therefore moves with the seasons.

House sparrow

The sparrow does not like to pull. He prefers to stay close. Nice on the base shall we say. Nothing wrong with that, because his environment is known and it offers him everything he needs. Because of this steadfastness, the sparrow got its name. Are you a house sparrow? That can go both ways. Either you become lonely due to your lack of confidence in yourself or you enjoy a maximum of your own strength and make a cozy home wherever you are.

The sparrow also does not like neatly laid out gardens, it may all be a bit messy with a lot of variety of plants from low to high. But not too high, because if the trees provide too much shade, too little will grow and the sparrow can no longer rummage through all the crops.

The sparrow teaches you about food, cleaning up and being less of a control freak

How are things at your house? Do you have too much stuff and can’t see the forest for the trees? Has your house literally grown a bit overgrown and become overgrown? Then it’s time to clean up, create some nice space, and create air so that you can again rummage through what really makes you happy. The more you detach from stuff, the easier it will be to outgrow your home sparrow status.

Do you spend a lot of time at home because this world does not understand you and vice versa? Time for action! A dear human being, expecting everyone to understand you are an illusion. It is simply not possible and even better, it is not necessary. You ARE the way you are and that is really not for nothing. Do like the sparrow and see where your interests lie. There you will find people who may be more like-minded. The universe also helps you. If you have faith in yourself and accept yourself as you are, people will automatically be put on your path.

People who help you, who confirm by their BEING that you are not the only one in the world who is like you, who accept you unconditionally. Everything has to do with how you yourself view life because the universal law of attraction always comes in handy. You attract what you send out. So get started. Believe in yourSELF, listen to the chirping of your intuition, and follow the loving directions you are given.

In your element

Where are you best in your element? If the sparrow comes your way, you probably feel most comfortable in small groups, preferably with like-minded people. But that is not always possible in everyday life. At birthdays, parties, cinemas, or other places where many people come together, you prefer to put on your gray sparrow suit, so that you do not stand out. You make no sense at all.

The sparrow teaches you about food, cleaning up and being less of a control freak

Not only because you have experienced that people do not understand you, but also because many people around you worry about things that do not matter at all. Let’s just say 3rd dimension matters. It’s about money, power, and egos. There is a lot of judgment and some tend to always force their opinion on others because they themselves have an issue with their inner BEING.

Your view of the world is really very different from that of others. Choose carefully where you do and do not want to go. Stop pretending. Don’t go if it just costs you energy. Or go for a while, because it is quite difficult to let go of what you have been doing for years on end. Listen, be loving and polite. Don’t be tempted out of your tent. It sometimes hurts when you see what others are doing and what their view of the world is like. If you want to make people aware of your loving BEING, you often run into the battle of ‘being right’.

But what is the truth? That one is very different from the other and actually, both are good. Everyone has a truth that corresponds to his or her soul attunement and the motivation in life that goes with it. Don’t lower your energy to connect, because you don’t have to. You also don’t have to share your view of the world. It can be understood that you want to push through your ‘opinion’, that you are trying to persuade people, but that is not your intention at all. Only the others can’t understand that.

If you feel things are going the wrong way, don’t join the fray. Stay close to YOURSELF. You are never meant to lower your energy. If you do, it will only make you feel bad afterwards, because you have not acted in accordance with your higher SELF. So choose carefully what you feel like or what you are capable of. Doing nice things to please others doesn’t get you anywhere. Do not forget that.

Control freak

The sparrow is quite cheeky. They sometimes suddenly dive into something and the little black prickly eyes see everything. You can also suffer from that, certainly from a higher consciousness. We call that too many incentives these days. Hearing, seeing, and feeling everything, is often combined with perfectionist behavior. The sparrow doesn’t have that and you can learn from that.

The sparrow teaches you about food, cleaning up and being less of a control freak

Perfectionism has to do with wanting to do good, finding a connection, keeping control, and, last but not least: you get tired of it. No matter how well you try to spell everything from A to Z, there will always be variables that throw a spanner in the works. Variables that you have no influence on and that you cannot (yet) see when you are busy responding to all those stimuli around you.

Dear person, you don’t have to know everything and jump in on everything. That is an issue of the head, not of the heart. This drive only distracts you from what you should really be doing: feeling. Just like the sparrow, take a looser approach to life. Life is fun and adventurous. By acting like a control freak, you erase some of the fun.

Did you know that every situation is good as it is? Even with the imperfections spelled out in your head. There is no such thing as imperfection. Everything is perfect and happens at the right time. Accept situations more as they are and don’t let your day be ruined if something doesn’t go well, as you had planned, because perhaps that was the intention in the first place.

Perhaps this is the mirror you keep looking into but have not yet been able to see through. By worrying about what didn’t go well, finding things Pity, or being dissapointed, you take your beautiful energy down, and then you have to pick yourself up every time. Are you tired of that? And, you also feed the low energetic frequency that the 3rd dimension wants to keep. The words no, sorry, and disappointed all have a low energetic vibration that feeds this field. Waste of your time in this life on this beautiful planet.


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