The spiritual meaning of the bear: Trust yourself

The spiritual meaning of the bear: Trust yourself

Brown or white, big or small, the bear is powerful. He is a protector and helper for those who sometimes lack courage or have that old fear of trusting. He often stands behind you or identifies with you. Why? Because he knows you can use his power well. Strength to carry on. Getting the right push, so that you dare to step beyond your own limitations. Without knowing where it will lead. When the bear’s strength is around you, it creates confidence. The feeling that you are not alone. And that is exactly the intention.

The bear has been seen as a powerful animal for centuries. Not for nothing. Masculine strength and feminine softness are combined in him in a special way. He is considered dangerous by mankind. We are in awe of him. Among the Indians, his skin is used by shamans in rituals to identify himself with his special BEING.

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Teddy bear

The spiritual meaning of the bear: Trust yourself

The bear comes into friendship. In love. He puts his big body behind yours and you can lean against him in his fluffy fur. Feeling safe in the knowledge that he is WITH you. When you stand together, you stand strong. In the merged moment, you suddenly feel bigger and more powerful. If the bear comes to help you, be honored. He comes for nothing. He already knows that you are worth it, now all you have to do is feel it and trust it.

The bear’s strength also works without being physically present in our lives. It is not for nothing that it is the favorite stuffed animal in the world. From an early age, bears have played a part in many lives of beautiful newly born souls on this planet. Did you also have a teddy bear? How nice did that feel?

Focus on yourself

The spiritual meaning of the bear: Trust yourself

The bear brings you the message to focus on yourself and what you can do for good on this earth afterward. It is not for nothing that the bear lives solitary and knows better than anyone that self-reliance comes first, in order to be able to share afterward. He doesn’t “need” anything or anyone else to be in his element. He asks you to see that your focus may have been on unimportant things for a long time.

Things outside of yourself. Focus on love. Focus on inner knowing. Focus on unseen power. Focus on your heart. When the bear goes hunting for fish, he can’t just hop around in the water and let his claws mow haphazardly through the surface of the water. That is pointless wasted energy. Do you see the metaphor with what you are doing every day?

YOU, dear human being, are the most important thing in your life. That’s not selfish, that’s very simply cherishing yourself. See how much you are worth. Loving yourself. Let your heart flow with love. The bear asks you to pay attention to this. First inside than outside. YOU and you alone must be in balance, live from love and light in all facets of your life. If you are out of balance how can you take good care of others? Then it becomes a half-baked mess with all the mirrors needed to see this.

Food for thought

The spiritual meaning of the bear: Trust yourself

In his daily life, the bear needs to concentrate and not for a few minutes. He can’t swipe, tag, like, or order online just what he feels like. He is not fulfilled and happy from consuming lots and lots of images, updates, articles, books, and so on. He will have to put in all his BEING to make the jump at the right time, slash his claws and grab. What he catches serves him as food for both his physical and energetic body. Organic (ie purely organic) and also raw.

How about you? If you want to come more and more to yourSELF, everything you do in your life has an impact on your whole life. If you buy craft food, it adds nothing to your BEING. Do you order a lot of food online? Do you know where that comes from? This does not mean the company where you order, but the one where this company gets its ingredients. What are those products? That is never mentioned on the receipt.

Actually quite strange that you eat things of which you do not know the origin, especially if it is also cheap. It’s stuffing, sweet person, stuffing with lots of sugars and salts and all kinds of other artificial stuff in it. That cannot serve you. Stop it. Your growth is partly dependent on this.

The bear already knows this. He just shops in his backyard. Or if it’s a bit sparse there, he looks for it regionally. He always eats the best of the best, fresh straight from nature. The message to you is to do the same. The bear prefers to eat less than to be thrown off balance by food with a low energetic frequency.

That makes him lazy and groggy. As a result, he no longer feels like hunting and will only get more and more lust for stuffing. A vicious circle that many people have ended up in. His energy is only momentary, and therefore his focus, and he pollutes his pure BEING. As a result, his powerful energy can no longer flow as it is intended. That is also the case with you. Being pure has EVERYTHING to do with what you take in.


The spiritual meaning of the bear: Trust yourself

Your purity and honesty are called upon. Where has it gone? Pure BEING starts with BEING honest with your SELF. You are originally pure nature. You have become polluted along the way in your life. From the inside and the outside. It’s okay because that’s how you’re taught. But every day you have a choice and it is urgently called upon by the bear.

Cleaning, purifying in all facets of your BEING. Body and soul. First from the inside, then from the outside. And this does not mean literally washing and vacuuming windows, but figuratively. Wash away the haze before your eyes (3 pieces), like the raccoon. Suck away the dust by focusing on breathing deeply in oxygen and light.

Blow away impurities when blowing out. Purify your body. Get rid of toxins that you put in daily. Rogue, like the bear, with your back against a tree. Do happy bear dances. Purify your heart. By feeling love for your SELF. It’s okay. Nothing or no one can influence this. You are the one who decides. Put YOURSELF in the light. Open the doors to your heart and let it in, so that all the pain, sorrow, disappointment,

Clear your head. Turn away from the outside input that we are so distracted and influenced by. If you let yourself be led by your heart because that is where the real wisdom you need in this life is, your head will literally become silent. The more you focus on living from your heart, the more your head will be filled with loving, happy, positive thoughts. You will find that there is no more room for the yes, buts, the ifs, the bears in the road that your head always tries to create and thereby tries to sow doubt and undermine your confidence in your SELF.

The bear’s strength makes short work of this because it consists only of love and light. Call upon his help if you feel you can use it. Aha, there’s that head again: “That’s crazy!” “No, I’m not going to do that.” “What will others think of that?” “That is not possible at all.” FEEL, dear human, the bear comes your way for nothing.

You couldn’t have imagined that in advance, right? In a world where everything is energy, NOTHING is anything crazy, weird, or worth being disapproved of. Simply because none of this exists there. There is only love and light and everything is possible. So call for his help. Of course, you can also choose another animal or light energy or Mother Earth, the Universe. Just what you FEEL will help, heal, purify, etc.

Ice cold is the best

The spiritual meaning of the bear: Trust yourself

As long as its environment is familiar and everything that is taken for granted is present, the bear is simply the best ice cold. Like you probably. But what if the ice under your feet suddenly starts to melt? What happens then? What do you fall back on? In nature, this actually happens. The ice caps are melting, and the original habitat of the polar bear is faltering. What he has been used to for years is becoming unattainable. He can no longer move from area a to b because he knows from his lore that his food source roams and he must follow it to ensure his survival (and that of his descendants).

The moment this figurative ice melts in your life. The basis that you have always trusted and that you expected (dangerous word) would always be there and remain, even then you can call on the power of the bear. The bear, or polar bear in this case, really doesn’t give up. His primal instinct and inner strength are much stronger than that. He won’t get bored. Staring at screens uselessly. He doesn’t have time for that at all. He MUST live. Looking for what he needs to keep his BEING in balance.

In his case, that’s food. For you too, only food to restore your connection with your SELF and everything that lives. He will have to overcome fears, make bigger jumps from one floe to another, and swim more and more often. He will have to use all his skills and be creative. He will have to gain new wisdom about new and different routes or perhaps a whole new country. Wisdom, which he passes on to his progeny and them again to theirs. His inner drive will help him with this. And you too MUST fall back on your SELF when the apparently paved road suddenly crumbles.

The spiritual meaning of the bear: Trust yourself

You can do that. Just like the (polar) bear, you are prepared, even in new situations. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be in this life right now. You will learn to trust your OER. On all that is and always will be. To overcome fearsGiving space to create from love and light. Discover what the way is to your heart and how you can propagate and share it with others. Make the jumps, my dear.

Dive into the deep and discover new roads and routes. Connect with and unlock the wisdom you’ve always had WITHIN you. Trust this wisdom to guide you in finding your right path and leave the path of illusion for what it is. The bear is with you, so go…


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