The Spiritual Meaning of the Crane Mosquito

The Spiritual Meaning of the Crane Mosquito
Flutter the flutter, a bit directionless, no straight lines, also a bit helpless sometimes, that’s how the crane fly flies around. People are shocked by the courseless flying because the crane fly is quite large and you never know which way it will come. As far as his doings go, he looks a bit like a butterfly. Also in the natural process from egg to adult animal. How are you emerging at the moment?

The crane fly is a very interesting animal. You see them mainly in the twilight and at night. When it starts to get dark, they are attracted to light. Like you probably. The world and the agenda that comes with it are increasingly showing its darkest sides and that makes you want to stay as close to the light as possible in this strange twilight time. That you, like the crane fly, want to hide in a safe environment, where lights are on. Dear human, you always know safe the moment you follow your light path. You are truly taken care of and you are protected.

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You are probably faced with a number of choices. Which direction do you choose? Or are you fluttering around a bit rudderless, without following your deepest wish? Get caught up in what’s going on. The next relationship, the next job. Will you become the butterfly hidden inside you? Or does the crane fly? Both are good and the choice is yours. But if you know deep down you’re settling down for less than your highest good, what does that do to you? Will you keep the old alive? Carry on like you always did? Or do you opt for broadening, expansion, deepening, challenge and adventure.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Crane Mosquito

The crane fly invites you to think about this. What suits you? Are you ready for the manifestation into the reality of your mission, your life purpose? Or are you still a bit afraid of what is to come and do you opt for a stopover, for now, an intermediate phase to get your picture clearer and to develop your gifts even further? Really, everything is fine. Feel where you stand and see what the universe is offering you. Staying a crane fly for a while, before you are really ready to BE your butterfly, is not a bad thing. The road before you reach it just takes a little longer.

If you have the power to go directly for your highest good, BEING a butterfly, know that manifesting faster also involves higher obstacles and more intense processes. Are you ready for this now? If the answer is yes, then nothing stands in your way. If not, follow the path of the crane fly and take your time.


The crane fly has an inconspicuous appearance. Not for nothing. This makes it easy for enemies to overlook it and keeps the species alive. You probably see that what is happening in the world is not the very best you could wish for. If you have gifts that can see, feel or hear further, then you also see what is at stake and how the game is played. You’d rather get up. Shouting from the rooftops for humanity to beware.

That you want to wake them up by literally and figuratively pulling their ears to get to the lesson that is being presented to them, but which they cannot (yet) experience sufficiently. Dear one, it is not time yet. The crane fly shows you that you may certainly come full in your strength, but to spread it widely in the world and to proclaim it freely,

Do you know how Mother Earth and the Universe communicate with you? Never directly! The ‘via via’ is always used in the most extraordinary ways (Yes, the Harry Potter series also contains truths between the lines). One thing leads to another. Not everything is interesting. Being selective, putting out your feelers well, is a requirement. Leave a lot of information for what it is, because the signal is usually in the first part.

Information can also reach you through different people. They say a word that triggers you somewhere, because you have encountered that word before in your life or very recently in a different way. Right now you can discover very important threads intertwined with your BEING that can give you direction for next steps or solving ‘quests’ that you struggle with and want to find the answers for.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Crane Mosquito

The crane fly shows that the ways that the universe and Mother Earth use to communicate with you and to help you further on your path and in your growth are constantly expanded, reaching further and further as you develop further.

Also know that the people who hand you that word, that image, that video belong to the new network that is allowed to unfold before it is time for it to show itself in public. Until then, the inconspicuousness of the crane fly is leading. So be patient a little longer… and work on your growth, the strengthening of your SELF and what you have to offer the new world.

How far does your reach extend?

If you don’t have ‘range’ on your cell phone, you can’t use it. If you close yourself off from your true BEING and your beautiful energetic gifts, you add nothing. Why are you here on Earth? The mosquito tells you about spreading love. The crane fly goes one step further. Its long legs can reach much further. How do you use your gifts to serve the greater whole, completely disregarding fear? Only create and spread out of love what is important for the entire awareness process of humanity.

Your energetic range is greater than you can imagine. Use your long legs to bring love into the world, in your own unique way. By visualizing the new world, by creating texts, paintings, sayings, a beautiful garden, everything is fine, as long as it contributes to increasing the energetic transformation of Mother Earth. Everything that inspires you, also inspires others. If the previous were not part of your job here, you would not be here now.

You may also have noticed that you receive much more than usual. The roll-out of the 5G network is also happening at a universal level and the network that we see here with the masts and the like is only a weak reflection. It sometimes happened that you thought of someone and that they suddenly call you or send you an app. It goes much further now. The same words, the same thoughts, the same things. What already ran parallel to each other is beginning to reveal itself. Learn from this, dear one. Watch what unfolds. Practice your telepathic skills. It’s not a coincidence what happens.

Transformation on all fronts

The Spiritual Meaning of the Crane Mosquito

The crane fly is not harmful. At least in his adult phase. From egg, to leatherette (larva), to pupa, to adult cranesbill, that process is completed. Where are you? In the larval stage you will tend to ‘feed yourself’. Not only with all kinds of information, but also with everything that is edible. In this phase you can deal damage. Both energetically and literally because of the choices you make in the field of nutrition. The larva is in the soil and mainly eats waste. You could see that in the human world as the craft food that many of us ingest. As your CONSCIOUSNESS grows and your development continues, you will also need to adjust what you feed so as not to stagnate the process.

Once grown, the leatherback moves on to eating roots and parts of grasses and plants that protrude below and just above the ground. These parts contain much more nutrients. Think of it as switching to organic products, preferably not from a factory. Honest products that contribute to the recovery of the earth and therefore also to your BEING. The purer what you ‘take in’, the purer your BEING becomes. And that on all fronts.

The moment the emelt turns into a doll and withdraws into its cocoon, a kind of reflection begins. Questions like: “What am I doing? Who am I actually? What am I doing here?” are often recurring. Patience, dear human being, it will ‘unfold’ by itself when the time is right. All you need to do is turn INTO YOURSELF and absorb and accept the transformation. Wow, that’s hard isn’t it?

Yet, if you remain determined and trust that your path is a path of light and love, the insights will come naturally. In this phase, you will see more and more red threads in your life. Things that once triggered you, but you didn’t know why, suddenly fall into place in a kind of chain of events. If you take the time (not unimportant, because most forget that), you gain more insight into what happened and what could possibly unfold.

It is up to you to give it the right energy in this cocoon phase. Even if you regularly feel paralyzed and tired. That too is allowed. Just take your time. It is also not nothing to transform from sleeping to a fully-fledged loving being. So you can also be kind to yourself and not always set the bar so high, or be too hard on yourself,


The Spiritual Meaning of the Crane Mosquito

Dear one, that is simply not possible. Do you believe that the crane fly larva is spinning in its cocoon? That he’s busy worrying about how he’ll get out? Not at all! It is a natural process to which he surrenders with full confidence. Are you going to try to do the same? Just surrender to the transformation that will bring you the best result? Who, without you secretly saying anything about it, can let your most beautiful BEING develop? There in that cocoon, all you can do is visualize your most beautiful being. Put your best intentions in your cloud.

Creating the most beautiful world that you will be a part of. Leave the rest to the universe and Mother Earth. You will find that this gives you so much more peace of mind if you just accept that a day is not going well, that you have a pain here and a complaint there. It usually goes away on its own, if you do what you do is in line with your highest good and trust the forces of nature.

Time slot

Once hatched, the crane fly has come into existence. He’s in some sort of time slot. In this timeslot, he only has a few days to mate. He, therefore, does not eat or hardly eats, because he has no time for that at all. If you draw the parallel with humanity you could see this phase as the time slot of our life here on earth. We have been given a certain ‘time’ to create something beautiful. To live. All the way from our hearts. To enjoy the beautiful things and make no more harmful contributions.

The crane fly is not harmful at all in its adult phase and it does not sting either. He uses all his energy to share what he has to offer. Very basic in his case, because this is about reproduction. In humans, this can literally be the case, but here also figurative reproduction is meant.

What will you pass on in your time slot? Typing behind a screen all day? Do you want to buy or sell destructive products? Putting energy into others or using your energy to work for others, who then benefit from it, but you really don’t? Do you continue to see your gifts as unimportant? From this underestimation of your self-esteem you will not get the most out of your time slot. Take the crane fly as an example.

Find a way to spread what you have to share in the world. That can be wisdom, but also something creative. Via the digital highway or in personal meetings. Follow your heart, dear human being, you crawled out of that cocoon for a reason to be able to flutter around in complete freedom, even though the world around us leads us to believe the complete opposite. Believe in your SELF, because by following that path, happiness and joy do not only find their way to you. You also become an example for others and so the global wheel of transformation is set in motion even faster.


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