The Spiritual Meaning of the Dog

The Spiritual Meaning of the Dog
The dog is the most faithful companion a person could wish for. A friend. Always there. Always wagging his tail. Some have nice and rough hair, others are soft and fluffy. Enthusiastic and always eager to please you as the owner. Dogs walk with humans for nothing. They too are allowed to grow and learn in their lives. You can also learn a lot from the dog yourself, in this article you can read what.

Essentially pure

In the soul, a dog is always good. It is a man who can make a completely different being out of this and distract him from his original BEING. By crossing dogs (too much, too often, and/or not with your right intentions) and by stimulating and rewarding aggressiveness. In that case, the dog knows no better than that is the most normal course of events on this planet. His soul, however, always remains pure.

A very nice parallel can be drawn here. Are you 5 th dimension person, you will encounter this duality in the flesh. Often in relationships. How is it possible that your partner(s) do not seem to suit you? Often you only find out after about three months, because that is the average time it takes for the other person to show their true face. Well, then you’re already in it and you don’t just give up. This can also take longer. It all depends on how both develop and continue on their path here on earth.

Destructive Relationships and Expectations

The Spiritual Meaning of the Dog

Some relationships (friendships or business partners) can even develop in the direction of destruction. For yourself, but also for others. Don’t forget that part. You suddenly no longer understand the other or vice versa. Yet you know for sure that you really looked very carefully before you got into this boat. There can also be an enormous physical attraction. How is that possible?

The great difficulty in this story is that there are three things that you perceive as integrated. First you see what you want to see. Your truth. Your selection of who you want as a partner and its projection onto the other, including all your deepest desires and expectations (oh, there they are again, see the moth for this ). Can the other actually comply with that? Or do you hold yourself an illusionary carrot? What you wish for does not have to be the truth.

Seeing the true essence

Furthermore, you see the true essence of the soul of this flesh and blood human being. That is to say the light frequency, the unconditional love to which this soul may eventually return if it would now leave the planet and as a soul has then lived through the pieces/energetic layers that he or she has ‘left behind’ while alive. There are often pain points for both of you on this energetic level. Shared sorrow shall we say. That is something that the soul carries with it to be resolved. Maybe that’s why you are in each other’s way? This is not to say that you will be happy in this relationship.

Because finally there is the real personality, which fits the flesh and blood story. It may be that this other in his present appearance and in this life here on earth has a different soul attunement than you. Driven by ego (money and power are part of this and then also the old-fashioned story of the role of man/woman).

This person may ‘need’ that he or she be number 1 and would like to remain on that pedestal (narcissistic traits). There is also often a bit of ‘dependency’ in it. That has, often unconsciously, to do with power, perhaps in a mild form, but still. This is then explained in the context of ‘taking care of’. And you, from your pure BEING, believe this… until…

Wagging in hopes

You are going to grow. Because this other one somehow suddenly gives you the space you need for that. A gift from heaven, but perhaps no guarantee for a happy future. The moment you become more empowered in any way, it means that for the other person the ‘I am on the pedestal’ position starts to lose. What you used to do everything for the other in a swoon, you no longer have that. You begin to see through. Great, but often not fun at all, because it puts what you have in a completely different light.

Yet you remain confident, often much too long, in these relationship(s). That is because you see that whole integrated picture of this human being, where the underlying pure energetic frequency is always used by your head as decisive to keep believing and continue. While your heart has long known that as a faithful dog in this story you will not get any further. In fact, little by little, as long as you keep wagging your tail and thus hoping, you become more and more distant from YOURSELF.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Dog

Choose for yourself

It doesn’t matter, because apparently, you have a lesson to learn here. Namely, those who take good care of themselves, do not let anyone cross your boundaries and to be able to fully come into your power. It is up to you to experience how far you want to get away from SELF before making a different choice. Dogs stay with their owners for the rest of their lives, if they have something to say about it themselves. People don’t have to be loyal to a ‘boss’, but especially to themselves.

So in the end you are less and less gently pressed by your SELF with your sniffer on the facts. “Hey Hello! How long are we going to keep this up? And who is kidding who here?” Dear human, if you KNOW (heart) that a relationship is not healthy for you, then end it.

No whining and whining. No bears on the road of “yes, but and where am I going?” “What about the stuff, the kids, and what else there is to divide.” If you choose for YOURSELF, you will discover that solutions suddenly appear that you cannot come up with. You will “survive” it one way or the other. Trust that, because if you choose for YOURSELF, you have learned a lesson. Check!

Out of your underdog position

For many it is difficult to truly believe that you are here to make a difference. That magic exists and surrounds you. That ‘not confident’ being able to stand in your power is a very logical consequence of the many times that you have had the lid on your dog’s snout, that you have been kicked into the corner, that you have warned others barking from your own vigilance but they would not or could not listen, that you have offered all your love with your tail, but others who have not been able to receive, as you feel it deep in your heart.

So you’re actually standing with your tail between your legs. Every now and then he wags his tail gently. Could it really be? Can I really? Yes, you can! Get out of this underdog position all the way. It is a journey of discovery, where you can just follow your nose, just like the dog. Enjoy sniffing what resonates with you. Strolling through the woods and fields, in other words for you as a human being, following your intuition with everything that is already available, whether online or not. There ARE signals, there ARE inexplicable things, that help you further on your path. Follow them… that’s all that matters. The dog knows this better than anyone because it has followed its primal instinct for centuries. Now you.

The dogs don’t like bread

The Spiritual Meaning of the Dog

What are you eating? And what do you feed your dog? To what extent does that match? If you eat organic and you feed your dog one of the common dog food brands, then that is not in agreement energetically. Know that your dog is piggybacking on you. You are, as it were, a kind of energetic unit.

If you pay attention, you will experience that too and it is not for nothing that your dog is with you and has a role to play here. The connection has everything to do with your growth and energetic BEING. That means he or she will definitely benefit from food that has the same energetic frequency and nutritional value as the food you consume.

That’s not to say that if you’re vegan or vegetarian you should reduce your dog’s meat needs. Dogs are carnivores. Their system is designed for that. The cells, the DNA and everything that goes with it. So if you feed yourself extremely healthy, then it might be a good idea to take a look at the packaging of your dog food. What’s in it? Where does it come from? Meat from animals from the meat industry? And what is the energetic frequency of that? Do you eat this yourself? New? Then why do you feed it to your animal(s). Of course, this also applies to cats.

Better choices for Mother Earth

If you want to help Mother Earth, she too can benefit from your better choices. All food that may or may not contain manipulated maize and soy, meat from the conventional industry, artificial colorings and flavor enhancers and other special pulp and fillers will also be (partly) pooped out by your dog. True? On Mother Earth.

And what can she do with this? She cannot process everything that is artificial, and neither can all the animals that peck in the poop: birds, beetles, and even flies (Mother Earth’s cleaners). Since all smaller animals are also eaten by other animals, they also ingest all kinds of artificial substances and that does something to their system. So you are, as it were, and probably unconsciously so far, unbalancing the ecosystem.

Please stop with that Denta stuff too. With which you supposedly brush your dog’s teeth. Really, it’s all very sweet of you, but these things are full of sugars and they also contain low-frequency industrial animals. You can extend this to everything you give your dog. From candy to chewing bones or whatever.

If your dog ingests artificial substances, the body cannot process them. There is a good chance that this will ‘stick’ somewhere in the body. This can lead to allergies and even illnesses and thus has an impact on the ‘lifespan’ of your faithful companion. The rest is, as said before, pooped out. Of course, this also applies to you.

Let your dog grow to the maximum

The Spiritual Meaning of the Dog

From this perspective, the dog asks you to give your animal the opportunity to get the most out of its growth during this life and to go with you on the road. Mother Earth is a total and pure ecosystem with everything that lives in and on its benefits from organic natural products. It affects the recovery of the earth, a better immunity of your animal, and the animals that feed on what your animal excretes or literally shits.

If you grant yourself the best of the best, grant everything that is with you the same. You will really notice a difference in BEING your dog(s) if you include them in your lifestyle. A very nice walk lies ahead.



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