The Spiritual Meaning of the Dolphin

The Spiritual Meaning of the Dolphin
Joy, the conscience of the earth and the universe along with the whale, healer and so much more. You, dolphin, represent the liquid, invisible, energetic like no other. That’s because of your sensitivity. Somewhere along the way to the heart of Mother Earth, we meet you, as guardians of pure energetic light cords and unlockers of wisdom.

Not only do you see to it that heavy energy can properly reach the heart of Mother Earth to transform into something else. You also ensure that pure energy flows back through humanity towards the Universe. Being a traffic controller on all those two-lane roads of every soul here on earth takes enormous dedication.

Humanity will be happy with your dolphin. You always look radiant and always have a smile on your face. Humanity can learn a lot from that. The great thing is that when you think of a dolphin, you automatically get a happy feeling. A smile maybe. That immediately activates something in your BEING. The positive energy that your cells may be eager for so that they vibrate just a little higher and can release heaviness. Humanity should therefore think more often about the dolphin in order to be better in balance and not to take life so seriously.


The Spiritual Meaning of the Dolphin

Dolphins are highly sensitive. They can help you. You don’t have to physically meet them for that, although very nice results are achieved. Energetic lines that are disturbed and therefore cause physical or mental complaints are detected in great detail by the dolphin. The dolphin, therefore, places its snout directly on the sore spot from its BEING.
Do you have that too? That you see through? That you KNOW intuitively?

Those people find it difficult to hide things from you, perhaps even though they say that nothing is wrong? Or do you always see a bigger picture than the people around you? That you can see beyond other people’s noses? An annoying feature, huh? Yes, especially for those who cannot understand you and structurally misinterpret and misunderstand you. For example selfish or whiny. “There you have him or her again with her objections or comments.” While you only have the best intentions and can already see where things will lead.

Let it go

Your dolphin gift is beautiful. You just have to learn to deal with it. Sometimes it’s better to let things run their course than to squeeze your nose in everything to prevent this or that from happening. Sure, you want to protect and save. That is simply in your BEING. But don’t forget dear man, everyone walks their own path. Whether that is a person, animal, organization, workgroup, or whatever.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Dolphin

It is better to see your gift as something for you. Something that gives you insight. Often others have something to learn and protecting them from that doesn’t help them. Just like the dolphin, try to be the guardian of the energetic lines that run there, even if you see that some lines will not achieve the best result that you have in mind.

Perhaps the result that is achieved for that or that is sufficient or teaching. In any case, you don’t always have to (want to) say: “You see, I told you so”. Because you don’t make friends with that in this 3D world either. That is by default interpreted as a know-it-all and you don’t want to be labeled that way at all.

Waiting for the request for help

See that nature also just goes her way and does not start pulling and pushing to get something done because that has the opposite effect. Also your well-intentioned unsolicited advice. In fact, it’s best to only open your mouth when asked. That sounds crazy, but it’s essential. Why? If you throw your truth into people’s laps unsolicited or if they look for a listening ear in you and you immediately start spraying solutions, then you spend energy on ears that are closed.

Did that person ask you for help? Perhaps offering a shoulder or just listening to someone’s story in silence is what the other person needs. As dear human beings, from our heads, we have become programmed to immediately come up with advice. As a result, we take away the space that is allowed to feel well what the other REALLY needs.

It’s a kind of volatility. Problem -> you MUST do this then you are rid of it. Indirectly this indicates that you will quickly get rid of that person, whether or not it is, consciously or unconsciously, your intention at that moment.

It’s about the short-slap principle of wanting to save someone. You throw 10 life buoys and hope the other person grabs one of them. But if that person is not ready for that, then all those life preservers will remain untouched. Someone will only grab your life preserver if he or she believes YOURSELF that what you share will bring him or her further. So it is literally and figuratively open to it.

Not before and not later. Stop with unsolicited advice. The dolphin already knows this. He helps anyone who turns to him with any question. And since his conscience spans centuries and ages, his answers always offer comfort, love and also the conscious muzzle in the sore spot. Not to hurt the other or you, but to show what can be worked on. So you get a buoy thrown, but you can swim yourself to reach the shore.

Set out and monitor your own energetic lines

The Spiritual Meaning of the Dolphin

The dolphin teaches you something else. Just like nature. Go your own way. Put your energy into what you want to achieve. Don’t be afraid to choose for YOURSELF. Do not be afraid that you will be lonely and alone. It only brings you more in balance and from the balance you radiate more serenity. The great thing is that this automatically creates attraction.

Perhaps what you’ve done so far has been exactly the opposite. Align your energy with others. Helping others, taking care of others, and always being there for others at the strangest moments and times. In principle, there is nothing wrong with that, because you are committed to doing better is a nice characteristic. However, if you do not properly put away and monitor your energetic lines, there is a good chance that you will run out, despondent, lifeless, and passive.

By keeping the energy with your SELF, you keep control of your life, your BEING, in your own management. You can perceive much better, in any way, what serves you and what does not. What gives you energy and what drains you. It is possible that others are piggybacking on your energy without being asked. If you are too busy with everything outside your SELF, you will notice it less well than if you, like the dolphin, are guardians of your own energetic lines.

If the dolphin crosses your path, it is more than important that you learn to deal with it properly. You develop further on your sensitivity, your feeling. It has everything to do with giving your SELF the self-esteem it deserves. The dolphin KNOW how much you are worth and will help you see it for yourself. Trust that.


Once more in balance with the energy put into the right things, you will see that you feel better and more powerful, and happier. You suddenly feel like dancing, singing, jumping, running, or whatever. Your energetic BEING becomes a magnet that attracts others. Often more like-minded.

Because what if you have worked on your inner self, then you radiate different energy and that energy attracts people who are better suited to you at that moment. There is also a but. Some people will pretend to be better than they really are. But, because you have now practiced guarding your lines, you now immediately notice that. No more tanking with you, unless you think that’s ok.

And then the sun breaks through. The smile on your face. Dolphins love to play. Tumbling around on, over, and under each other in a kind of weightlessness that the water brings with it. Can you feel this wonderful feeling? The dolphin shows you that this is also for you. If you are experiencing it in your body right now as you read this, you KNOW it is there. If you take the dolphin’s advice seriously, the sooner you reach the same state of BEING. You can play together outside, with people, animals, plants or all the other beautiful things that nature brings us.


The Spiritual Meaning of the Dolphin

The intricate energy that the dolphin naturally carries with it has a healing effect. His pure BEING heals. He really doesn’t have to do anything for that but just BE present. Don’t you automatically get that smile on your face or that happy feeling when you see him? If you can BE, like the dolphin, then you heal automatically.
If you are too much in your head, your face will be (too) serious, tense, frowning, and perhaps also frustrated. What are you actually radiating at such a moment? Look around you, at people who are cycling, in the car, on the train, on the bus, on the street. WHERE ARE those people? How are their faces?

If you look around, and probably you yourself sometimes or regularly, you mainly see faces, which are kept busy from their heads. Completely lost in thought, distracted by toys to occupy the mind like PCs, phones and earplugs with whatever pops out of the speakers. There’s an ‘absent’ sign around their neck and that person’s aura is just like that.

There are exceptions to the rule. The one who waves, smiles, says hello, asks a question. He is here in the NOW. Who sees, brings people back to where they are at that moment. Perhaps a smile will appear on the other person’s face, a surprised look, a goodbye that comes back. Are you the one who shines like the dolphin? Which simply brings healing by BEING in the NOW. Just by your presence. Whether you’re doing something or not, whether you’re alone or with others, it doesn’t matter.

By simply BEING YOU, also described as fully in FLOW, you already contribute greatly to the bigger picture. You are at that moment the link that is calm, serene, and stable. Which offers a natural counterbalance to the chaos that is created around us. So you don’t have to do huge antics to help the world.

Help YOURSELF. Be in the flow of the moment, because there arises the space that unlocks inner wisdom and the magic of life, which makes everything possible. Not by forcing everything with your head and twisting corners, following structures, models, and what else or reading yourself completely dull. Only BEING complete, that really gets you the farthest. The dolphin is living proof of this. That’s DOLPHIN, isn’t it?


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