The spiritual meaning of the dragonfly: transformation is in the air

The spiritual meaning of the dragonfly: transformation is in the air
Fairytale you flutter around with wings that resemble those of fairies. Your colors are always magical. From yellow to bright red, to metallic blue-green or even black, but secretly not when the sun is shining on you. The dragonfly is one of the wondrous creatures that represents transformation. Sometimes suddenly appears out of nowhere like a helicopter maneuvering through the air. The dragonfly is the sign of lightness. Do you perhaps need that right now?

Take a moment to catch your breath. Who doesn’t know it? Just come to yourself. Wanting nothing to do with anyone, just fluttering around in your own bubble. How nice is that? Do you perhaps do that too little, dear person? Are you always involved with others? With things outside of yourself? While the answers you seek lie beneath your own surface. By filling your time with what is outside of you, you don’t have to look at yourself.

You do not have to dwell on what is in your deepest depths. Don’t you have to discover how powerful you are as a human being at your core? The dragonfly knows better. He goes for it. Besides the fact that he believes in fairy tales and can therefore create what is nice and good, the dragonfly knows very well how it works.

Watching your BEING is not always fun. Anger and aggression are reverse forces, you got caught up in because things ‘happened’ to you. Forces that you can bend into love and compassion. Imagine being able to let your anger about anything come out with the same force but in a stream of love. What would that do?


The spiritual meaning of the dragonfly: transformation is in the air

We look at the dragonfly with admiration. Just like the butterfly, Both herald a period of change if you dare to really look at yourself. To what you like and what your life should look like. Apart from everything that is customary and what has been imposed by whoever and whatever. Do the norms and values ​​that you have been taught suit you? Do you look up to people and forget to look up to yourself? Where is your pedestal that you can place yourself on? Take a look at yourself in the mirror with admiration.

Look into your own eyes and see. Do you see the depth? Do you see your beautiful soul? That soul, or your higher self, needs attention. If you come across a dragonfly, you’ll soon say, “Ohhhh, a dragonfly, how beautiful.” When you see yourself in full nudity can you say to yourself, “Ohhhh, here I stand, look at this beautiful?” New? There’s work to be done! How so?

If you consider yourself beautiful right now, as you are with all your flaws, pimples, pits, scars, blubber belly and so on, you have found the opening to healing yourself. By no longer being bothered by what society imposes as how you should not look completely, you can just be YOU. By disturbing yourself, you prevent the flow of the beautiful energy that is completely available to you. You cause blockages yourself.

Instead of bothering about your curves, for example, and listening to your ego that really thinks you’re too fat (or something else), embrace it. Nobody, absolutely nobody has the right to push you into a straightjacket. Take off your bra, if it fits much better. Go out without makeup. Leave the tie for what it is, it only separates your head from your body like a literal noose. Feel free to flutter in whatever way feels right to you.

Helicopter view

The spiritual meaning of the dragonfly: transformation is in the air

When you take a step back, it’s nice to take a look at where you are now and where you want to go. Try to take off like a dragonfly and look at your life from above. What does the picture look like? Are you completely satisfied? Are you intensely happy with your life? Fantastic! But if it isn’t, or isn’t quite the case, what does it take to make it even better? Does your deepest core, your BEING, give signals that you should take a different path? Or maybe you try all kinds of side roads every time, while on the main road you have to follow your soul mission.

Are you afraid of the enormous (creative) power that can be released? Do you secretly bury your head in the sand or do you find it scary to really go for your passion and do you always come up with other things to do or are you therefore always busy with things outside of yourself? Or do you sit defeated in a chair? Have you chained yourself? Are you passively waiting for the big happiness? The dear human being, YOU create. YOU are the creator of your own life.

Seize the day

In other words, live in the moment. Do you sit with your cup of coffee or tea in the morning and are you already busy in your head with what needs to be done? Stop it! Look or go outside. Look around you. Be grateful that a new day has presented itself, a day in which you can contribute to this wonderful planet. You as a small link in the big picture, who positively or negatively contributes to that big whole, consciously or unconsciously.

You are as much Mother Earth as she is you. When you feel that and admire what nature brings around you, do you also feel the peace and tranquility that comes within yourself? Do you see the rat race that we humans are running completely into? Nice! Then you can also make other choices.

the dear human being, by enjoying and being grateful daily in your full splendor for everything that is and everything you are (and therefore not for everything you HAVE), you will become more and more powerful. Realize that everything you have been able to experience in your life has always been pure and alone to create growth experiences for you. Nothing is bad, because every situation has not done you anything, but has brought you something. For example, perseverance, being creative in finding solutions, or knowing exactly who you can and cannot trust.

Bright future

The spiritual meaning of the dragonfly: transformation is in the air

If you can see positive lessons from your ‘bad’ experiences from the past, if you can live in the moment, then you can also create the best future for yourself. Whatever phase you are in right now, start opening yourself up. Discover your powers. Converting your mindset from negative to positive, seeing your future as if it were already a reality. Put nice and good things in your ‘cloud’ every day. Not only for yourself but also for your loved ones, your environment, and the whole world.

Even if the situation is not there yet, you will see that the universal laws work. Step by step you will get closer to that future picture if you are willing to work on yourself. Don’t be afraid of your primal power. You got it for nothing. It propels you forward. All you have to do is accept that you are YOU. As the dragonfly predicts, transformation is in the air. It is up to you to shape this. Believe in yourself, trust yourself and the universe and the possibilities are endless.


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