The Spiritual Meaning of the Earwig: Trust, Listen and Accept

The Spiritual Meaning of the Earwig: Trust, Listen and Accept
The earwig tells you about trusting the invisible. When it comes to not being able to foresee what the effect or impact will be on something that you create from your deepest motivation in the long term. If you trust your intuition and act on it, the universe will put everything in motion to make it successful.
The fact is, the universe won’t tell you this beforehand. That is not possible, because as you know, dark always listens in. It would then be too much in the spotlight. If the earwig comes your way, then it’s time you took the cotton wool, the figurative earwigs (no, they don’t really crawl in your ear), out of your ears, come out of your hiding place and start listening.


Everyone knows it. A song you hear and don’t want to get out of your head. They are often irritating songs, such as the theme park tunes that surround you all the time. Such an unwanted song, which you just can’t get rid of, is called an earwig. The universe works in a similar way: by softly whispering in your ear what you should be doing or what you should be focusing on. Intuitively you KNOW this too, but relying on this might be a bridge too far for you. That, when you actually have nothing to lose.

There is an essential difference between what your head instills in you and what your higher SELF, the universe or guides whisper to you. You can only learn to discern this by FEELING. What touches your heart and what doesn’t?

Voices from the light and the dark

The Spiritual Meaning of the Earwig: Trust, Listen and Accept

Your head usually doesn’t whisper or give you hunches that come to you out of nowhere. Input from the great shared BEING from light energy sources always comes in a soft form. If you hear something very loud in your head, either in your own voice or someone else’s, know that it is not coming from high frequencies of light.

Send it away to where it came from and clearly indicate that you do not like this. Everyone who follows the path of CONSCIOUSNESS has experienced or is experiencing this. In any case, it is not something that you should follow or believe as ‘good advice’. Whispers, that’s what it’s all about. And even then, you have to FEEL. You can! Trust that.

Play hide and seek

The earwig is a scavenger, an omnivore. His or her shopping basket includes fresh and decayed leaves of plants and flowers, but also aphids, mites, and larvae of parasites (which plunder your garden, admittedly simply because they also want to eat, but too much of this often cheerfully crawling scum is also again not necessary).

A very handy and beautiful animal that helps Mother Earth to stay in balance and BE. If you come across one and you have a vegetable garden, it is better to nurture the earwig and let it act as a natural predator and guardian.

For you, you should take a closer look at your diet: varied and minimally organic is the motto. “I can’t pay” is no longer an excuse. The universe has no money. If you take (the first) steps to help your SELF and Mother Earth further towards healing and recovery, you will receive all cooperation from the Universe. The universe does not know ‘deficiency’ either – prosperity and abundance do. You can rely on that.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Earwig: Trust, Listen and Accept

During the day, the earwig hides between the slightly folded leaves of plants, under old leaves or wood. The best hiding places remain slightly moist, even in summer. It literally ‘worms’ itself into the smallest cracks and crevices and only shows itself in the evening and at night.

How are you? Where are you hiding? Or do you wallow in ‘invisibility’ for the big bad outside world? Being invisible and untraceable is nice, but it is NOT why you are here on this planet right now. Deep in your heart you KNOW that too, but now the action. Stepping out of that familiar, but often suffocating or recurring circle, that is now your focus.

Difficult, difficult, difficult? Well, nobody said growing would be easy, right? You secretly create all the barricades that you seem to see yourself. Dear human, stop it! Focus on your deep inner trust, which IS there, but from which you are distracted. Through the world around you and therefore also through all the ifs and buts that your head keeps throwing on your plate.

In the pliers

The earwig has a kind of pincer with scissors on its abdomen. That is why many people consider it a ‘scary beast’. He uses these pliers to scare off any enemies. He flips up his pincers, just like a scorpion does when danger threatens, but he can’t sting. It’s his defense mechanism. In addition, these pincers are functional during mating to ‘keep the female in the pincers’. This is not a rape ritual, but a natural process. Even if he catches slightly larger larvae, these tongs come in handy. There is a duality here.

What about your defense mechanism? You probably know your light sides better than your dark sides. Yet KNOWING that both ARE there is necessary to keep you in balance. Everyone has dark sides. It’s all about HOW you use it. Since you have also once been a first and second dimension soul on this planet and perhaps many more dark ones in other energy systems, you have learned a lot about dark and were allowed to experience it for yourself. NOW, you have grown.

The earwig shows you that applying your dark in ways that no longer suit your soul attunement will not get you any further. You better leave this out. Anger, resentment, anger, distrust, disbelief, fear, hatred, judgment, and lingering sadness and lack, are just a few emotions that only bring down your energetic frequency of unconditional love. They no longer belong to you in this life, even if you are sometimes tempted to do so.

Use your pliers

Knowing that you possess dark powers is enough. Flip-up your pliers as a deterrent, shall we say. You can use the tongs to indicate your boundaries because you choose to be that unconditional source of light and love and not tolerate any infringement by anyone or anything. There are also learning moments for you.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Earwig: Trust, Listen and Accept

There may come a time when you must be able to fall back on your dark powers. Not to join the dark (which the world is now trying to ‘lock in’), but to BE a light in the dark on a much larger scale than you can even imagine. At that moment it will become clear that these forces are necessary to achieve better, more beautiful and healthier for the greater whole. So it is not scary to look at your dark, but to examine it with curiosity, take note of it and KNOW that it is part of you.

Hidden treasure

Do you know that the earwig has wings? Beneath its front little leather-look-like wings are hidden beautiful semi-circular translucent wings that are up to 10 times the size of itself. They unfold in an origami-like manner. The colors of these wings are mother-of-pearl and in the light they have a fantastic rainbow effect. What a surprise, that this apparently colorless creature has something so beautiful hidden within itself. So it is with you!

The earwig asks you to show your ‘invisible’ talents, to contribute to a better world in your own unique way. Not in a third dimension straitjacket, but from your BEING.

If you have the courage to show your color splendor, which, like the earwig, is 10x bigger than YOU, what could arise? You do not know. That’s not what it’s about.

It’s about starting, trying, going for it, and making an effort, without being able to reason (head) what the long-term effect will be. That’s where the magic of life lies. So let go of your fear of the unknown or uncertain and see what happens when you listen unconditionally (ie without expectations) to your intuition and actually take action on it.

Giving unconditionally

The female earwig is one of the few insects that take care of her young. She can lay up to 50 eggs per nest. When they hatch as larvae, she watches over them, brings them food, and licks them clean to protect them from fungi and bacteria. She does this until the second molt and the earwig has assumed the earwig shape. Then her job is done. You will understand that she is then completely exhausted and weakened and dies. Her young then eat her and so the circle is complete again.

The question is what you are currently contributing to the bigger picture. Do you cherish our planet? Mother Earth is the basis of our existence. How do you protect her? How do you watch over her, so that she (and you and/or your offspring) can continue to live? It is important to use your unique BEING. You can start with that in your immediate environment.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Earwig: Trust, Listen and Accept

Simply by taking care of nature and everything it produces. Clean up clutter. Whether it’s yours or not. Choose consciously what you buy and consume. See where it comes from and to what extent that origin (the country, the store) contributes. FEEL, dear human.

Zoom in on the frequency of products, countries, stores, and so on. Never condone, even if your head says it’s okay for once. You maintain the fungi and bacteria that are destroying this beautiful planet. Refuse to take it, whatever it is, and in any way, if it DOES NOT contribute. The larvae of the earwig only have a chance of survival if their mother is committed unconditionally. The same is now being asked of you.


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